Decorating interior doors - an original approach to interior decoration

Renovate the interior quickly and inexpensively using non-standard design. There are many design solutions, within which the door decor fits well into the design and gives the room a logical completeness.

Doing your own door decoration is not only an easy way to transform living space, but also an excellent method for eliminating minor design defects that appear during long-term use. In this article we will look at the basic principles of this kind of finishing work and give examples of the most interesting and affordable options.

Wrapping the door wallpaper

To date, the shops presented a wide selection of materials that are great for decorating interior doors. However, for quite a long time, the leading position is occupied by wallpaper. Classic wallpapers look advantageous both on the walls and on other interior items (including as a door decoration).

To use this method, you do not have to spend a lot of time and money on finishing work, and a wide variety of models of wallpaper allows you to choose the right style and shade.

Note that for the decoration of the doors it is not necessary to use wallpaper to match the walls; any pattern or color you like can be chosen (it can also be modern wallpaper).

Classic wallpapers

If you are going to produce interior doors with your own hands, then it would not be superfluous to note the need for proper selection of materials. In the case of wallpaper, it is worthwhile to give preference to more expensive products, since cheap options often do not lend themselves to smoothing and quickly lose their appearance. It is worth paying attention to the quality of the adhesive mixture.

Choose only high-quality wallpaper

As for the process of decorating the walls with wallpaper, then everything is simple:

1. First, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned from traces of dirt and grease with a degreaser or solvent.
2. In the presence of chips and other defects, use a special putty for wood.
3. It is necessary to dilute the glue to the desired consistency, according to the instructions on the package, and apply the solution to the door leaf.
4. Cut the required length of wallpaper strip and try on the door, then cover it with glue.
5. There comes the process of applying wallpaper - gluing the canvas, make sure that there are no bubbles on the surface.
6. To smooth defects, arm yourself with a roller or a wide plastic spatula.
7. The excess parts of the wallpaper are removed with a regular stationery knife.

the cloth

Decor of the doors with their own hands involves an independent choice of materials and unusual ways of decoration. One of these techniques is the use of fabric. The selected material can be as a solid decoration of the door leaf, as well as a partial decoration.

To decorate the door leaf can be as follows:

1. Measure the width and length of the part of the canvas that you want to decorate.
2. Make a pattern of fabric according to the size obtained and cut.
3. Along the perimeter of the door, glue the double-sided tape.
4. It remains only to stick the cut fabric on the door, after making the bend around the edges.

Most often with this kind of finishing work, whole pieces of fabric are used, but the decoration in the patchwork technique looks great in the interior - several fragments of different colors and textures are taken.

Liquid wallpaper

A universal option for the decor of old doors are liquid wallpaper. With their help, you can recreate on the surface whole pictures of incredible patterns. For work, it is necessary to prepare the following materials and devices: an alkyd primer or white putty on an oil basis, a dry wallpaper mixture, a set of spatulas of different sizes, a roller, a color coat and a clear varnish.

If color liquid wallpapers are purchased, then there is no need for color schemes.

Compared to classic wallpaper, the process of applying this material has a number of distinctive features:

  1. At the preparatory stage, the door leaf is covered with a layer of primer or white putty. It is important to wait until the coating is completely dry.
  2. According to the instructions from the manufacturer, you need to prepare a mixture of liquid wallpaper, adding water and color in the right amount to add color.
  3. Using a small spatula, the wallpaper mixture is evenly applied with a thin layer. If you wish, you can prepare a wallpaper of different shades and create a multi-colored composition.
  4. When the resulting decorative coating dries, it should be fixed with clear varnish.

Important! The main drawback of liquid wallpaper is the impossibility of their use in rooms with high humidity. This material is easily exposed to moisture and can peel off.

Door decor mirror

Another unusual way to design the door is to use glass and various mirror elements. This approach allows you to visually expand the space of the apartment, as well as make it more illuminated.

The door decor is quite simple:

1. First, remove the canvas and lay it in a convenient place. The surface is preferably treated with a degreaser.

2. Make a mark of the future location of the mirror, according to its size.

3. Apply glue around the perimeter and in the middle of the marked area (or better, a good sealant).

4. Attach a mirror and press it firmly against the surface of the door.

5. For additional decoration, the mirror can be decorated with a frame, and it is glued on the same sealant.

6. Until the sealant is completely dry, it is better to additionally fix the frame with adhesive tape.

Now acrylic panels with amalgam are also very popular among Russian citizens - they are distinguished by high reflectivity. The disadvantage of using a mirror panel is the high cost of production. However, high quality and unsurpassed aesthetic characteristics can not leave customers indifferent.

Buckwheat door decor

You can decorate the doorway with the help of buckwheat husks. This way of framing is very ambiguous, but it has a number of advantages: it is a non-standard approach, and material universality, as well as low material cost, ease of application and the ability to create a variety of patterns. The downside is the fragility of the coating.

Work order:

  1. From the door it is desirable to remove the old finish, whether it is paint, varnish or any other coating.
  2. The surface is degreased and covered with a layer of dark brown paint. In the presence of glass inserts - on the perimeter of their best protect masking tape.
  3. When the paint is dry, PVA glue is applied on top, after which all buckwheat hulls or the whole grain are sprinkled.
  4. It remains only to fix the resulting decor acrylic clear varnish.

To give the composition of completeness, the masters recommend in the same way to transform the frame of the picture or other interior detail, located next to the door.

Vintage decor

Recently, vintage style has become especially popular. It is used to decorate living rooms, bedrooms and other living spaces. The special atmosphere of such interiors sets up a cozy and homely mood. As the masters point out, the vintage style is capable of “bringing old doors back to life” and filling the space of the apartment with unique charm.

For finishing work you will need: coarse sandpaper, PVA glue or special assembly mixture, baguette, light-colored paint (better than pastel), rollers and brushes, fixing varnish, additional decor at your discretion.

The work of decorating:

  1. The main stage of decoration involves painting the door in a neutral color. Next, you need to wait until the paint dries.
  2. Using sandpaper, the cloth is slightly sanded. Traces of natural wood will come out through a layer of previously applied paint, which will give the surface an aged look.
  3. Upon completion of the rough treatment, the decoration of the central part of the door begins. To this end, the selected baguette is coated with glue on the back side and firmly pressed to the canvas.
  4. Additionally, you can decorate the composition with the help of old music notebooks, posters, geographical maps and any other vintage images - they simply stick to the surface. You can install accessories and antique (for example, a handle).
  5. In order for the decor to play fully, the baguette is painted, and two layers of clear acrylic lacquer are applied over the pasted pictures.

Decorating old doors

New interior doors and entrance doors are quite a lot, which is why in the presence of small defects on the surface of the door leaf, the best solution would be the restoration and subsequent decor of this piece of furniture. This approach is applicable to old furniture, which eventually lost its original appearance.

The procedure for decorating the doors of wood is as follows:

1. The door must be removed from the hinges and replace the old accessories with a new one. It is desirable that the locks, latches and door handles were made in the same style.

2. Once you have removed the door leaf, you must remove the old paint. To do this, you will need a construction dryer and spatulas of different sizes.

3. It is very important to thoroughly seal all microcracks and scratches on the surface of the door. This can be done with putty and special putties.

4. When the surface of the door is completely dry, you can begin to grind. At the same stage, it is necessary to apply a layer of linseed oil on the canvas, which will prevent the coating from deforming under the influence of negative environmental factors.

5. There are many ways to design the door leaf - you can use paint or apply a layer of varnish, create an interesting composition using stencils or mimic moldings.

Decoupage technique

Decoupage technique can also be used to decorate the door leaf. This method is easy to do with your own hands, which allows you to recreate exactly the design that reflects the interests of the tenants of the house. The decoupage technique perfectly complements the vintage style, decorating it and giving it a modern look.

The decor is carried out with the help of napkins, which are fixed on the surface with the help of decoupage glue or PVA.

Before you glue the composition of napkins, the door must be treated with a putty (to align the surface), first cover with dark paint, wax, and then paint with white acrylic paint and lightly oshkurit. This will create the same effect of antiquity.

Door renewal with self-adhesive film

Self-adhesive film is also used to decorate old doors made of natural wood, glass, metal and even plastic. A distinctive feature of this material is high elasticity, which makes it possible to frame the door in many different ways (around the painted surface). That is why self-adhesive film is perfect for decoration of furniture, door leaf, windows, window sills.

If you do not have additional material resources, but strive for a radical transformation of the interior or front door, then the purchase of this material would be an excellent solution.

Use of paints

You can update the interior and using the standard painting of the door. The advantages of this method include: accessibility, long service life, elimination of defects and stains, a variety of color options and ease of care for the coating. However, this decor today is not enough to surprise anyone. It is reasonable to decorate the doorway with paints in the children's room, especially if you involve the child in this process.

When buying paint, give preference to acrylic products. These materials lie flat on the surface, leaving no stains and smudges.

Stained glass painting

For the design of glass doors are ideal for all kinds of stained glass windows. As a result, you get an original and spectacular interior, a visual expansion of the space and thematic zoning of the house. And all this with the help of one or two small stained glass windows. You can create a stained glass window with your own hands; for this purpose, sets of stained glass paints are sold in art stores.

In addition to paints, you will need a contour - the so-called metal border between fragments of different colors.

Decor using old geographical maps or posters

To decorate an interior door to a teenager's room, you will need a stack of old posters, excerpts from newspapers or magazines, and geographical maps. For a child, such a decoration will be a pleasant surprise, especially if the door to the room will be decorated in the style of his favorite musical group. You can paste the trim in the same way as in the case of classic wallpaper.

It is worth noting that this option is suitable not only for children's and teenage rooms. This decor will perfectly fit into the interior of a small country house: use posters and newspaper clippings for the verandas and bedrooms, and geographical maps and musical notebooks written by residents of this house for the living room.

Decor with stickers

To update the interior of the room, it is not necessary to buy acrylic paint, glass or rolls of wallpaper. A fairly simple and inexpensive way to decorate doors is the use of decorative stickers. Having decorated the door leaf with such elements, you not only refresh the space of the room, but also make it more modern and youthful.

Such a reception will definitely lead your guests into shock and make you constantly turn around to this element of the interior.

When making glass doors, decorative stickers are applied horizontally (or in parts) on both sides of the canvas, thanks to which the design acquires an original appearance. Specialized stores offer a wide selection of similar products of various shapes, textures and sizes.

The best option for interior doors can be called the use of vinyl stickers. They are distinguished by their durability and resistance to environmental factors (they tolerate high temperatures, ultraviolet rays and increased air humidity).

Glass decoration on the door

One of the most common design techniques in decorating doorways is the stained glass and sandblasting design. A simple version of this decor, which can be made by hand, is the replacement of transparent glass with colored or corrugated stained glass inserts.

You can also contact a specialized company and develop your own sketch of a stained glass window. In this case, the type and content of the composition you choose yourself.

Before applying the pattern on the glass, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface from dirt and dust, then slightly moisten the glass with water and wipe it with a soft cloth. The next step will be the preparation of the desired mixture of acrylic paint and applying the resulting solution in a thin layer. After the pattern is completely dry, wipe the glass insert with a cloth and enjoy the result.

If you do not have special artistic skills, then stencils will help you to decorate the glass door. Choose in the store several variants of images, arm yourself with paints and turn the old door into a work of art.

Interior door decoration with moldings

To change the door leaf immediately and without unnecessary finishing work allowed the appearance on the market of modern types of molding. The surface of this kind of elements can be both smooth and with an unusual texture. The decoration with moldings will perfectly fit into the classic and vintage design - this finish perfectly combines with baguettes, tapestries and furniture set from expensive woods.

A few years ago in the shops you could find only wooden moldings and models made of plaster moldings. Now produce options of foam and polystyrene, which are easy to install.

Making the door leaf is an effective and original way to quickly transform the interior of the room. There are a large number of options for the decor of the entrance and interior door designs. When choosing, you should take into account personal preferences and design features of the apartment. Then it will be easier for you to decide what to choose - one-color painting of the doors, highlighting of the molding, stained glass or wallpaper.

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