Double-wing interior doors: types, sizes, variety of models

At registration of a drawing room in classical style double doors of swing doors are often used. Such designs differ in universal design, practicality and ease of installation. This is the central element of the interior room. Therefore, it is so important that the size and material of manufacturing a double interior door correspond to the overall style and entourage of the room. In this article we will look at the merits of this kind of products, their varieties and nuances of installation.

Advantages and disadvantages of double doors

Interior double doors are a structure consisting of a box and two canvases (often symmetrical). Designed for installation in wide and non-standard openings, when a single-door door does not fit in size. Like any other types of interior doors, models with two doors have advantages and disadvantages of use.

The main advantages include the following qualities that can significantly increase the comfort of housing:

  • Aesthetic appeal. Double doors as interroom harmoniously fit into spacious living rooms, can have an interesting design, be equipped with decorative inserts.
  • Division of space. Such models of doors are best suited in cases when it is necessary to protect one room from another, to create a private zone.
  • Versatility. Double doors are suitable for rooms with different functional purposes. They can be installed in a wide opening at the entrance to the living room, dining room or kitchen.
  • Good bandwidth. Interior double doors make it possible to easily transfer large items from one room to another.
  • Convenience of movement. Compared with the entrance door structures, interior doors experience constant mass loads, so the width of the passage should be as large as possible.
  • The presence of locking heck. In such products, a single flap fixation mechanism can be provided, allowing it to be used as needed.
  • Visual increase in space. Double doors with glass inserts visually increase the space of rooms, which is especially important for one-room apartments and studio apartments.

According to the designers, such models of doors will look great in any style design of the room (be it minimalism, hi-tech or Provence). Non-standard color schemes of the walls and ceiling will make the room surroundings even more modern and unusual. However, these products are not without drawbacks, they include the high cost and large dimensions (in the open position of the sash take up a lot of space).

Standard sizes

In Soviet times, in apartments and private houses, it was often possible to see double interior doors. They were installed at the entrance to the living room. Since the opening in the dwellings was the same everywhere, the doors did not differ much in size.

Then the following sizes were considered standard:

  • sash width - from 60 to 90 cm;
  • total width - from 130 cm;
  • web height - 200-230 cm.

Today there is the possibility of manufacturing interior doors to order. The width of the valves can be different, here the emphasis should be done on the parameters of the opening. Before you place an order, you need to measure it accurately.

Modern standards

Web height (cm)Size of each leaf and total width (cm)

Less common are such sizes


When choosing a double interior doors should take into account the parameters of the living room or bedroom, as well as the availability of free space in the room - many prefer either sliding or asymmetrical doors.

Types of double doors

Today, double doors are one of the most popular models on the market. The advantage of this kind of products is a variety of options, an abundance of colors and different materials of manufacture. Such doors can be classified according to several factors, one of which is the type of opening and the material of manufacture.

By type of opening

Based on the design features, experts identify four main types of double-wing interior doors according to the type of opening:

  • Swing. Such doors in the way of opening are no different from the usual single door. The leaves are mirrored in relation to each other, each of them opens only in one direction. A distinctive feature is easy installation and reliability. It is also worth noting that with proper operation, the door structure will become your faithful assistant for a long time (up to 15-20 years).

  • Pendulum. A special feature of these doors is a special turning mechanism. Due to this, the valves open in both directions (both inwards and outwards). Pendulum doors are also called "swinging", very convenient to use.

  • Sliding. Such door blocks are distinguished by the fact that the leafs do not open outwards (as in a hinged type), but slide along the guide to the sides. Rail mechanism can be installed both at the top and bottom. Big plus data solutions in saving living space.

  • Folding. Such a door system includes sashes that are able to fold in the "accordion" type. This is an unusual, and at the same time economical version of interior doors.

It should be noted that the sliding door systems may have the most unusual design. Look at the photo, these canvases completely repeat the shape of the opening and are not symmetrical in relation to each other.

By production material

They make bivalve constructions from wood, metal, glass, plastic. The most expensive models are made of natural wood. The budget options include canvases made of wooden frame, covered with veneer, laminated MDF, PVC film.

Highlight the main features of the doors of a particular material:

  • Tree. The doors are made of different wood species, the highest quality and expensive models are oak. They have good sound and heat insulation properties. Sash can have a different decor: inserts of glass, stained glass, carving, elegant handles. Such interior doors are more suitable for a classic interior.

  • Metal. This group does not include all-steel doors, and metal-plastic counterparts. Their main advantage is in durability, reliability and durability. Structures weigh no more than 20 kg, the frame of cloths is made of galvanized steel with a coating of MDF, plastic.

  • Glass. High-strength glass - triplex, which often either does not have a frame or is framed with an aluminum profile, is used as the basis of the door panels. Double doors can be made of transparent or colored frosted glass. They are recommended to be installed in small rooms where a visual expansion of space is required.

  • Combination of materials. Interior doors can be in different versions: to have a frame made of aluminum or laminated veneer lumber, sheathed with MDF or PVC panels, decorated with glass or mirror inserts.

Recommendations for selection

If you prefer natural wood as the main material of doors, then when choosing it is worth remembering that wooden models can vary greatly from each other in quality and performance characteristics. The best option is oak linen. Such wood withstands strong mechanical loads and is resistant to atmospheric changes (temperature extremes, high air humidity).

In the case of models based on metal or plastic, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the outer skin. It should not be any defects, scratches and dents. Glass doors should only be of high-strength glass with a special protective film - with mechanical shocks, it will not allow fragments to scatter throughout the room.

Quality fittings - not in last place. Buy door handles and locking mechanisms only from trusted manufacturers.

In Moscow, St. Petersburg and in some other cities, buyers have the opportunity to place an order for the manufacture of hinged interior doors of non-standard sizes. You can do this without leaving home. On the manufacturer's website, you must enter the doorway parameters, type of construction and other characteristics, then wait for the operator to answer and confirm the order.

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