Interior doors with sound insulation system: how to make the right choice?

Interior doors are installed to divide the space in an apartment or house into certain areas, but also perform another important function - isolate the room from extraneous sounds. Noise is one of the problems for a person that interferes with a comfortable life. And such rooms in the apartment as a children's room, bedroom, study, require absolute silence inside.

Soundproofing interior doors will achieve maximum comfort. But manufacturers produce ready-made models with high noise insulation characteristics. Consider their main types, as well as deal with the question of the right choice.

Noise and regulations

Soundproofing is detailed in regulatory documents. So, this is GOST 26602.3-99, SNiP II-12-77, SNiP 2.08.01-89. Based on the numbers in these documents, the noise level in the residential area should be no more than 30 dB. The noise spreads through the walls, but if the doors are soundproofed, the apartment will be much quieter.

Most modern interior doors meet the requirements specified in the regulations. The only thing that should be considered when choosing is the design features of the canvases. Different door models are equipped with different soundproofing systems. For their manufacture can also be used various materials with a certain level of noise absorption.

Features of noise insulation doors

An ordinary door can protect against external noise up to 30 dB. However, if there is a need to increase the sound insulation of the room, you need to purchase and install a special door. Externally, the "quiet" canvases do not differ from the standard, but otherwise they are completely different. Inside these doors are sound-absorbing materials.

By production of interior doors with sound insulation apply:

  • solid wood;
  • fibreboard;
  • plastic, PVC panels;
  • metal (usually aluminum);
  • double glazing.

From a natural tree most often make usual swing doors, inside of which a soundproofing material can be laid. Sliding blocks are made of plastic or metal, but they have the weakest sound insulation characteristics. Also, low-performance noise protection differs shield models made according to the old technology, when the frame is sheathed chipboard or MDF. Inside these canvases there is a space that resonates when exposed to sound waves.

Solid wood

For the manufacture of noise insulating doors most often used natural wood, and this is one of the classic solutions. The design of this canvas mainly oar type. Only those wood species are used that have a sound insulation level of up to 32 dB. Such indicators are characteristic of conifers, as well as cherries, oak, ash.

The characteristics of the door are directly influenced by the thickness of the lumber used and the type of filler that is located inside the canvas.

Panel type doors

Characteristics of panel doors are significantly higher than other varieties. But they are not sufficiently reliably protected from extraneous noise. Sound insulation abilities depend on the design features of the canvas. The main role is played by the internal filling, the presence or absence of a sealant, as well as accessories.

In panel doors, carton in the form of honeycombs is used as a filler. This solution allows to improve the block sound insulation level. This is due to the fact that the elasticity of the cardboard is less than that of wood. The sound from the cardboard spreads and reflects noticeably weaker.

The level of sound insulation in such interior doors is quite high. It is possible to improve the properties with the help of an additional wooden frame around the perimeter of the canvas, a special nut, thickened platbands. These elements allow you to completely eliminate the noise that enters the room through the doorway.

An excellent solution to further soundproof the fabric, will also be a rubber seal.

Folding structures

Among the range of interior doors with noise insulation can be found and folding models of aluminum. The degree of protection from noise is low. These products most often have a roller shutter type design. So made doors-accordions.

Aluminum is too weak for serious sound insulation. Metal very well conducts any sounds and door blocks from it are not very suitable for creating comfort in an apartment or house. But a folding door can provide silence if it is made of wood.

Despite the affordable price, a folding wooden door will provide a greater level of silence than the aluminum counterpart.

Doors with glass

Glass door leaf is not in itself capable of providing a decent level of protection against noise. But there are models of sandwich panels with plastic lining. A good solution would be a door with a double-glazed window - two double-glazed windows are enough for a comfortable stay indoors.

Good sound insulation characteristics have wooden doors with glass inserts - they benefit even deaf solid wood products. However, the glass thickness must be at least 7 mm.

Soundproofing Materials

The internal filling of doors from solid wood, MDF and PVC has certain features. The degree of sound insulation of such canvases will directly depend on the type of filler used in the manufacture of structures.

In most models, high sound insulation is achieved using the following acoustic materials:

  • Corrugated cardboard is one of the budget materials with a weak degree of noise absorption, which eventually loses its properties.

  • Mineral wool - fire-resistant filler, providing a good level of sound insulation of the door leaf. However, such material often shrinks and cracks.

  • Foam plates - they have high sound and thermal insulation characteristics, do not deform over time, but are fire hazardous.

  • Polyurethane foam is perhaps the best, but also expensive option. The filler is well soundproofed door leaf, has a high resistance to fire.

Additional accessories for sound insulation

To the level of isolation from the noise of interior doors and boxes was even higher, manufacturers use a variety of technological accessories. These are flexible seals and smart thresholds. Consider in more detail the last option.

The "smart" threshold is made of rubber. The task of this element is to reduce the gap between the floor and the door leaf, while ensuring easy closing and opening. Such a threshold not only increases comfort during operation, but also significantly improves sound insulation, becoming an obstacle to drafts.

Smart threshold is attached to the bottom of the canvas. When the door opens, it rises. When closing the threshold is lowered, and then the gap between the floor and the door does not remain.

Selection tips and other recommendations

In modern interiors there is a need for the same modern door leafs. But glass solutions, although they have a stylish design, have the lowest level of sound insulation. It is good to “quench” sounds only natural solid wood is capable of being solid. If financial capabilities allow, then it is better to choose this option, but if not, then you need something exactly wooden, then choose models from MDF.

Choosing a door block with filling, you should definitely clarify the material that was laid inside. Mineral wool for sound insulation is rarely used. A good alternative is the basalt stove (it is often found inside the entrance door). This stove has excellent sound absorbing properties.

Hollow sheets of conifers will lose even plastic - the air inside will carry the sound perfectly. In this case, it is recommended to open the canvas and make soundproofing with your own hands.

Successful options

The ideal option today are the doors of the sandwich panels. As the finish is better to choose PVC. The thickness of this noise insulation door can vary from 18 to 45 mm. Available as a deaf, smooth, glossy doors, and more aesthetic with stained glass inserts and other decorative elements.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the compartment door. Soundproofing they are much better than swing bedding. There is no gap between the doorway and the door block as above, so below. But when choosing, preference should be given to expensive models, since budget decisions themselves often become a source of noise during their operation.

Products made from natural materials are always good at their tasks. Doors from solid wood, even from expensive oak or cheap pine, have high sound insulation. The effect of noise absorption is achieved both due to the properties of wood, and due to the thickness of the canvas. Such doors will also impress with their massiveness and spectacular appearance.

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