Which lock to choose for the interior door: types of mechanisms and installation recommendations

In the process of repairing an apartment, the question of replacing an old door structure often arises, since this product acts as a central element of a living room, bedroom or other room. When choosing an interior door, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the fabrication material and the external design of the canvas, but also to the quality of the fittings.

Now on the market you can find a large number of door locks of different configurations: from simple metal to decorative elements in bronze. Door locks for interior doors perform not only their direct functions, but also are an excellent design solution. In this article we will look at the main types of locks, their advantages and disadvantages of use.

Types of locks for interior doors

If you are only planning to dismantle the old interior door and install a new one, then before going to the store, study in detail all the types and features of the castle products.

Depending on the scheme of operation of the mechanism, locks for interior doors are divided into four groups:

  • locks with latch (often the latter is made of chrome);

  • locks with key locking (installed in rooms where it is necessary to restrict access - office, workshop or bedroom);

  • Mortise locks for interior doors with an additional built-in lock;

  • magnetic locks (the principle of operation as a magnetic latches for cabinets).

Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, the most popular are mortise models. They have a long service life, high reliability and ease of operation. There are several options for mortise locking mechanisms: plumbing, cylinder, magnetic, ball or roller. Below is more detailed information about these products.


This is a standard locking system, which features a lock and a special latch (locking the door from the inside). Such a model is often used in bathrooms, in the kitchen or in the toilet. Some manufacturers produce products with a comfortable wooden or plastic handle, as well as a two-piece retainer, inside wrappers and a slotted washer on the outside.


These are lock systems with door closing inside and out. Most often they are used in industrial facilities, in warehouses and in offices. However, the cylinder mechanism is suitable for an interior door in the apartment. Due to its special design, the lock is distinguished by an affordable price, quick installation and ease of operation.

The principle of the latch is that the mechanism "type cylinder" and special return plates are driven by door handles.


Another type of locking systems for entrance and interior door designs are magnetic mortise locks, working through special wrapping and two convenient handles. Holding the structure in the closed position is provided by a magnet. This mechanism does not have a lock, but it can be equipped with a metal or plastic tongue.

Ball (roller)

These are the most budget latch options. The mechanism is very simple, while you can not be afraid that the product will quickly fail. By purchasing such a locking system, you will not only save, but also get a stylish piece of hardware. On sale you can find roller locks of bright colors, due to the mobility of the mechanism of the product does not need an extra handle and work on the principle of "pull-push".

Please note that the roller lock model is suitable for light doors of general use, not intended for locking for a long time.

How to choose a lock for interior doors?

If you want to protect your home from the illegal entry of thieves and scammers, then responsibly approach the choice of the entrance door lock system. However, reliable protection against opening is also necessary for interior doors, for example, in a study, where money and important documents are kept in a safe.

Mortise door locks are in great demand because of their versatility, strength and durability. They are easily mounted on structures made of different materials, without spoiling the design of the doors. The lock is installed inside the door leaf (serves as a body and mount simultaneously).

The installation process of the mortise lock involves drilling holes in the door leaf, in which the selected product model will be mounted.

When choosing a lock system in an apartment, there are many factors to consider. Pay special attention to the following criteria:

  • The material of manufacture. For wooden doors, any type of lock with a matte or glossy finish is suitable, for metal doors - steel with a more reliable mechanism, and PVC doors need plastic fittings.
  • The method of opening the door. An excellent option for swing constructions is the lock handle; for sliding doors, mechanisms locking the canvas on both sides are more suitable.
  • Purpose of the room. The choice of lock depends on where the door is installed (residential or non-residential room).
  • The way to open the lock. It all depends on the preferences of the buyer. As for locks with locking, they are more convenient than mechanisms with locking with a key.
  • Door design and apartment interior. If the room is decorated in neutral colors, and the door leaf has decor in smooth outlines, then locks with round knobs are more appropriate, and vice versa.

Recommendations for installing locks

It is impossible to install the lock mechanism without a screwdriver, screwdrivers and other tools. Therefore, before embarking on such work, prepare all the necessary materials and accessories. Depending on the method of installation allocate overhead, padlocks and mortise locks. Install them will not be difficult, for this you do not have to call the brigade of workers and spend extra money. Everything can be done by hand.

Professional advice to help you properly install the locking system:

  • Read the instructions and check the equipment.
  • Prepare all the tools and check them for faults.
  • To start installing the lock you need to markup, which is then transferred to the door leaf.
  • Before installation, it is recommended to disassemble the lock into main parts.
  • Remember that the distance from the floor to the locking system in the door should be 1-1.5 m.

The method of installation of the lock for interior doors may differ from one model to another. Therefore, before starting work, carefully read the instructions and watch a few training videos on this topic. If you do not want to waste your time, then contact the construction company. Professionals will do it in a matter of minutes, and the cost of such work is very low.

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