Interior doors for an apartment: design, color, design - how to make the right choice?

The interior doors harmoniously integrated into the interior simultaneously perform the function of separating the space, thereby providing additional insulation from noise. Today, the manufacturer offers products in an assortment of different colors and designs. To make the right choice, it is enough to apply the material presented in this article.

A variety of interior door design

The appearance of the paintings has some differences, so, for the veneer or laminate can be different filling. Based on their varieties, it is possible to distinguish designs by color, design, material used. There are several types of interior doors. Which of them is better to choose for an apartment is up to you.

Panel doors

By design, framed doors consist of a wooden frame with guides located along or across. The latter are inserts made of glass, wood or MDF, and the panels are the basis of the design solution and color. These doors have important advantages, such as high resistance to wear, color fastness and aesthetic appearance.

Layout of the door panel

Such canvases are quite heavy, and since natural wood is used, the cost is corresponding. Nevertheless, paneled doors justify their price and serve for many years.

Flush doors

Door leaf can be both deaf and made with carved fragments, inserts of glass. The first option is a constructive solution: a wooden frame and MDF sheets fixed outside the canvas, and inside the space is filled with cardboard or MDF waste.

Shield Door Design

To set the door color and decoration, veneer or lamination, covered by PVC, is performed. The cuts made in accordance with the template are filled with glass or plastic, the filling is done with a panel, and the inserts are fixed with a baguette.

The design of panel doors is very practical, while the market offers a large selection of colors, which allows you to choose the right option for any interior.

Flush doors - this multifunctional and excellent quality. They have a low weight, since in their manufacture a wooden frame and cardboard filler are used. The materials of which the doors are made require exceptional care and the use of polishing agents, but the color remains the same.

Doorside door

The basis of the tsar's door consists of two elements of the same type - in the manufacture of two beams are used, arranged vertically, between which there are several bars. Modern door solutions have a different look due to the use of wooden, metal or glass doors. The main advantages include strength and reliability, wear resistance and long-term operation.

Constructive features of the tsar door

Side doors perfectly fit into any interior style, are easy to assemble and disassemble, maintainable, but can have significant weight.

Molded doors

These doors are made in the form of a canvas, which consists of one-piece large glass and moldings, framing the glass only on the right and left. That is, the general view of the canvases is the same from top to bottom. If the style is set to classic, then instead of glass they insert one continuous wooden panel, and for modern solutions they use plastic.

Glass doors

Such doors are made of triplex or duplex. This means that when you hit the door the glass will not break apart, only small cracks are formed. The color of the glass can be different, and the surface - glossy or matte, it is possible to apply drawings. The design assumes both full and partial glazing, but the main advantage of such doors can be considered their good light transmission capacity.

You can install glass doors in different rooms, but the ideal solution would be to fit them into the interior in a modern style, for example, high-tech.

Ways to open interior doors

It is possible to open the door using different methods - it depends on the attachment of the canvas to the box. The opening mechanism is swinging, swinging, sliding or folding. Cloths can pass noise in different ways and provide space isolation.

Swing doors

At installation of door cloths the option known to many people is applied. Cloths are mounted on hinges, and on the other side is set lock. A threshold is provided to protect against noise. When closing such doors isolate separate rooms. If it is necessary to ensure greater tightness, silicone or rubber is used as a sealant on the cloths.

Of course, hinged doors are very reliable and have a long service life, but their opening requires free space.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors in the interior are comfortable and practical. You can choose them for a small apartment. You need to put the canvas along the guides relative to the wall, and their movement is ensured by moving on rollers. It is recommended to install a sliding structure to divide one room into separate sections.

These doors are popular for modern styling and resemble the principle of compartment doors.

Folding doors

The opening of this type of door is ensured by assembling into the accordion the parts of the canvas that are connected on hinges. To facilitate the weight of the construction panel panels are made of plywood or glass. This version of the door is suitable for a spacious living room, and small rooms.

Choose this model is recommended for small areas, and its installation is better to entrust professionals.

Swinging models

The principle of opening is similar to the swing type. But the main distinguishing feature of such doors is that they can open in different directions. Noise isolation in this case, of course, is not provided, but the swinging models are practical in use, have, as a rule, light weight, open easily and look unusually.

How to choose the color of the interior door

Another important point is the selection of the color of the doors, because the paintings should harmoniously fit into the surrounding space and be combined with interior items. Here it is necessary to take into account the color of the furniture and the flooring (laminate or parquet). How to choose the color of the doors in the apartment in different rooms? Are they the same color or different? These decisions depend on the wishes of the owners, but must be considered the rules for repairs.

Same door for all rooms

A simple solution - the choice of doors of the same color. This is especially true for paintings that will be installed in the hallway. Well, if the overall interior is made in the same style, then it will not be difficult to choose the same door. When choosing the color of the canvases, it is worth relying on the walls, or, more precisely, the color of the wallpaper - the doors must either contrast with the background or be combined with the decoration.

Different doors in the interior

The basic rule for installing canvases of different colors is acceptable for residential buildings with several corridors, the latter are independent of each other. You can install different color doors in the kitchen and in the toilet, in the bedroom and living room. There are many ideas - from bright color contrast to canvases of various designs, any reflection can be realized.

Light and dark

Light colors are great for installation in small rooms, so you can achieve a visual expansion of the space. A choice of sand, white or other pastel shades and colors to create antiquity or classics. It will look good light doors in tone to the wallpaper, although it is not excluded, and the contrast in tone or shades.

Dark tones of black or brown or another similar color as a result of selection should complement the color of the floor, chairs, sofas or other furniture or be combined with a shade of the walls of the room. Having a variety of color schemes, the appropriate design option will be implemented.


The best idea would be a choice given to a neutral color: gray, beige, cream, ivory, bleached oak. When naturalness is important in a general style, these are ideal solutions. Canvases can be absolutely light, emphasizing the texture of cherry oak, birch or pear.


To create airiness and lightness in the interior white door leafs are used. They are perfectly in tune with the color of window frames, white laminate or light colored furniture. Often these doors are used to saturate the French or Provencal style.


The choice of these doors is optimal for a modern interior. Transparent or made under metallic look unusual, but they are difficult to combine with furniture and other furnishings. They are more compatible with the design of a similar decor and provide freedom of space.

Under the color of the floor

Interior doors in the color of the floor - this is a classic solution. Linoleum or parquet board must match the tone. But if there are a lot of bright colors on the floor, for example, a carpet, then the installation of glass doors will be most suitable.

The color of the furniture

When interior design of the apartment, including the choice of doors, it is allowed to build on the color of the furniture. Especially good will look at the door leaf to match the closet, dresser or table. Best of all, if there is not only a match in color, but also in texture (it is more appropriate to talk about wood here).

Doors for the interior in a certain style

Doors should be selected in the same style with the interior to ensure the integrity of the design. To create coziness, canvases are selected that have certain characteristic features that correspond to a specific style. Consider a few common options.


Clear contours, strict lines, underlined forms at the same time with elegance - these are the main distinguishing features of such doors. The canvases are made of different types of wood, the upper and lower parts are separated by panels, there may be stucco and carving. If glass is provided on the canvas, the bottom is usually deaf. The main purpose of the door - reliable sound insulation and heat preservation.


These doors are especially luxurious, wherever this direction goes. They decorate palaces and special meeting rooms for state representatives. For the design of the corridor is often used form the arch on top. Refined accessories, gilded carving, rich colors, elegant contours - all this gives a special flavor and fills the space with luxury.


These doors fit perfectly in both modern and classic interior. Differ in the presence of smooth curved lines, unusual thread. Often there are inserts of frosted or clear glass, especially with elements of stained glass painting.

Eco style

Eco-style canvases are made mainly from natural materials, most often it is wood. Differ in simple design, lack of elaborate decorative elements, a modest color range. Execution of a secret cloth is possible.

Tips from professional designers

For independent decision-making on the choice of doors, the following indicators are taken into account:

  • Product price. Doors made of natural material (especially wood) are more expensive than artificial (MDF, plastic). Here it is worth relying on your financial capabilities.
  • Design and appearance. The choice in favor of a design decision is given, depending on the style in which the interior of the apartment is decorated, as well as on personal preferences.
  • Design. Door leaf can consist of several elements, be solid or have glass inserts. The most simple and light weight are panel doors.
  • What materials are preferred. Here, the choice is at your discretion, but the doors from solid natural wood win in terms of durability and quality.
  • Color design. It was already mentioned above that such colors as gray, white, beige and ivory are considered the most universal.

Where interior doors should open in the apartment

We list several important rules that treat where the canvasses should swing open, which should be considered when planning repairs:

  • If there is a transition from a small room to another (large), then the door should open to the side in the direction of the step.
  • When placing the box in the middle of the wall, plowing is provided in most of the room.
  • If two canvases are located close to each other, then they should not touch.
  • The location of the switch should not be obscured by the web.

What doors have better sound insulation

Soundproof properties have canvases made of wood, particleboard and fiberboard. Additional insulation is provided by silicone gaskets installed along the perimeter. Hollow doors with inner cardboard filling, as well as glass sheets do not have good sound insulation properties, which should be considered when choosing.

What to look for when choosing

Good interior doors - is the durability of the design. Recommendations of specialists:

  • The quality of the seal. It must be soft, if it is hard, you will not be able to achieve a snug fit to the box.
  • Pretense It is one of the important components that helps to ensure tightness and sound insulation.
  • Strained glass. When choosing a door with inserts such glass is most secure during operation.

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