Choosing the front door to the apartment: design features and professional advice

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the apartment is the front door. High-quality door construction should embody the reliability, safety and good taste of residents. That is why it is so difficult to determine the main criteria for choosing the front door: aesthetic appeal or technical characteristics?

To choose the right option for you, you should understand the design features of this kind of product, price division and types of exterior decoration. In this article we will answer the question of how to choose the front door to the apartment at a reasonable price, and also consider the popular models of different modifications and manufacturers.

Highlights when choosing the front door to the apartment

Entrance doors for an apartment may vary significantly, depending on the manufacturer and content (materials and mechanisms used). The quality of the finished product depends on these two criteria. The performance of the structure is also influenced by the selected fittings, the type of thermal insulation and the lock mechanism.

Experts identify several key parameters that should be guided when choosing the front door:

  • Two-layer door leaf with a sheet thickness of at least 2 mm. Steel models of thin steel are not much more durable than standard interior ones (the thickness of the blade in this case is 0.7-1.15 mm).
  • The presence of anti-loops. In the absence of such, installation and subsequent dismantling of the door leaf is a very time-consuming and costly process (you will need to call a brigade of workers that definitely will not please your neighbors).
  • The presence of thermal insulation system. Suitable materials should be used, better if it is mineral wool or polyurethane foam spraying.
  • Reliable lock protection. To minimize the risks of breaking into the front door, it is best to install a model with a double locking system of the common type. If your financial capabilities allow, we recommend constructions with an additional lock protection system.
  • Quality exterior door trim. Metal elements should be covered with powder paint and a layer of anti-corrosion primer.

Design features

Metal doors in the apartment perform several basic functions: reliability, high sound and heat insulation, as well as an attractive appearance. All this is due to the use of seals and special fire-resistant substances (for warming the lateral parts of the structure). When choosing the same external and internal finishes manufacturers take into account current trends. But, the quality of metal products of particular importance to its design features.

The metal door includes four elements:

  • supporting structure (base);
  • constipation system;
  • decorative trim;
  • additional fittings and other components.

Entrance door design

How to choose the entrance metal door to the apartment? Before going to the store, check out the features of this type of product. When choosing reliable entrance doors to an apartment, it is worth choosing models that open outwards (those that open simply inwards can be easily cracked). Such protective metal doors will not allow thieves and fraudsters to enter the housing (the system defies a common type of hacking with a jack).

Increasingly, manufacturers are refusing to use such important elements as stiffening ribs due to their high cost. However, this approach leads to rapid subsidence and distortion of the product, which in no case should be allowed when creating such structures.

When choosing a metal door to the apartment, make sure that the model you like is equipped with all the necessary protective components. It will not be superfluous to equip the construction with several locks of different types. However, make sure that the distance between them is at least 25 cm.

Additional elements include anti-pins and all kinds of blockers that prevent the opening if the loops are deliberately damaged.

Steel thickness

The thickness of the steel products varies from 0.5 to 3 mm and is determined based on the width of the profile: 5-7 cm for residential premises and 9-10 cm for street objects. The use of the entrance door with a thick cloth provides high strength, safety and excellent insulating properties. However, increased inertia makes such a design more traumatic.

Experts recommend choosing models of the middle price segment. After all, too cheap door leafs (thickness 0.5-1.5 mm) are very unreliable and have a relatively short lifespan. A large thickness of the fabric threatens to increase the weight of the whole structure.

Remember, the ideal web thickness is two millimeters. If you are just going to change the door in the apartment, then look at the new type of product - products using one external metal sheet with a thickness of three millimeters.

The number of ribs

When breaking the front door torsional loads occur, only ribs can withstand them. The stability and reliability of the whole structure depend on the number and proper location of this element.

There are three stiffener systems:

  • Transverse - horizontal layout;
  • Longitudinal - top-down scheme, vertical layout;
  • Mixed (combined) - a combination of the transverse and longitudinal.

The photo below shows an example of the use of a mixed system, when the stiffeners are along and ahead of the door leaf. This option of the door is the most effective for protection against unforeseen penetrations of thieves, and also tolerates long-term mechanical impact.

Thermal insulation and soundproofing

Properly planned insulation of the door leaf should protect against heat loss, extraneous sounds and odors from the landing. In addition, properly selected insulation materials can enhance the appearance of the door, as they are used to trim the exterior of the structure and slopes.

At the first stage of isolation, empty gaps between the stiffening ribs are filled with mineral wool or other material with a complex effect (both sound and heat insulator at the same time). Additional fillers such as polyurethane foam and polystyrene foam are also used. However, their major drawback is fire hazard.

In the second stage, a suitable seal is distributed around the entire perimeter of the structure. The market leaders are rubber and silicone seals - with their help, you can not only improve the sound insulation properties of the door, but also save the apartment from unpleasant odors and extraneous sounds from the landing.

Exterior and interior finish

When choosing an interior decor, you should take into account only the personal preferences of the tenants, as well as the peculiarities of the room design. As for the exterior, it should be resistant to the influence of environmental factors (sudden temperature changes, sunlight, high humidity) and mechanical impact from the outside.

Popular finishing options for entrance doors and their features:

  • Powder coating. This method involves the uniform application of special paints on the surface of the door, the distinguishing feature of which is the possibility of the formation of an anti-vandal film under the influence of high temperatures. This is an economical option with excellent performance. The advantages of this material include low cost of coating, resistance to precipitation and durability.

  • Panels from a natural tree. They are the most expensive, stylish, beautiful and eco-friendly design option for the front door. Wood looks decent in any interior and at the same time it can be considered an excellent additional heat insulator. If you decorate the finished wooden structure with bronze paint and interesting carvings, you can get a real work of art.

  • MDF panel. Such a finish is very popular among Russian buyers. The panels are made of wood shavings, and then covered with a special paint or PVC film with a pattern in the form of solid wood. They are distinguished by high heat and sound insulation, a wide choice of decorative coating. They do not require special care, but they are much more expensive than powder-coated models.

  • Dermantin. A few years ago, vinyl artificial leather was widely used to finish the entrance doors, but now its popularity has subsided significantly. Externally, the material resembles natural leather, but has less significant performance properties (short-lived, fire hazardous).

The less expensive finishing options include plastic panels and laminating with PVC film (but the service life of such a coating is very short - no more than 10 years).

Attention to the loop

There are two types of loops - hidden and outer. The second ones are welded to the frame of the box and the door leaf, while the hidden ones are located in the sinuses specially adapted for this purpose, protected from both sides.

External hinges welded to the door frame

Front doors with hidden hinges are somewhat more expensive, but their anti-burglary properties are worthy of praise. In addition to the hinges, the design can be equipped with anti-detachable pins and bearings.

This is what hidden loops look like.

When choosing the front door, buyers also face the question: which version of the hinges is better - adjustable or unregulated. Models of the first type require the timely replacement of worn hinges, and unregulated for a long time retain their strength and reliability. To spoil unregulated loops is almost impossible.

Hidden adjustable hinges

Features of the choice of the lock

The main element of the reliability of the entrance doors is a high-quality locking structure. The more complex the mechanism, the harder it will be to hack. That is why when choosing a door should pay special attention to the locks.

There are two different types of locks for metal models, the breaking of which will take a lot of time from scammers:

  • Cylinder locking mechanism - different complex opening system, but unstable to mechanical stress. In order for thieves not to knock out a lock, it would be reasonable to supplement such a design with an armor plate.

  • Level lock - opening is possible only with the use of special tools and certain skills, however, it is resistant to the directed use of physical force.

To protect the apartment from hacking, it is better to give preference to the front door with two locks of different types. We recommend installing a lock with several bolts as the main locking mechanism.

Door Security Classes

For everyday installation, input blocks of seven different types are used, depending on the security class, but in most apartments they prefer to install products of the first four classes:

  • The first class is the most unreliable door construction with a simple shutter system. Anyone is able to open them; the easiest way to do this is by knocking out the door frame. Use of such products is worth it in the back rooms.
  • The second class - door structures of this type have a more advanced protection scheme. To open the mechanism you will need a special tool: a crowbar or a hammer. They are also not suitable for installation in apartments, country houses or office premises.
  • The third class - burglar-proof doors with excellent noise insulation properties belong to this category. The dismantling of this design is carried out with the help of a powerful power tool. Such models are produced in several price categories, but more often they are elite doors. This is the most common option for installation in apartments and small private buildings.
  • The fourth class - compared with the previous type of this kind of door designs are equipped with auxiliary side panels, and for installation using multi-mount installation. Due to the excellent protective properties of such doors are often called armored (in their manufacture used armored steel).

To avoid hacking, choose only reliable door designs.

Size of metal entrance doors

The main requirements for the parameters of the input metal doors and openings for them are set out in the rules of SNiP and GOST. Before installation, all products undergo a preliminary inspection, where their dimensions are determined. Depending on the results obtained, the product refers to a specific type. The table below shows the basic parameters of standard door designs.

Most modern construction projects are built on individual projects, and therefore have to make entrance and interior doors to order. The development of non-standard types of structures is also based on international safety criteria.

The so-called high entrance doors (non-standard size models) must comply with the following indicators:

  • For products with a height of 2.5 meters, a width of 60-100 centimeters is typical. The best option is the size of the door leaf is 900 x 2500.
  • For openings with parameters 1040 x 2550, doors of 940 x 2500 mm are suitable. Such proportions will perfectly fit into any premises and provide the owner with free entrance to the apartment.

Famous manufacturers

Where to buy the front door at an affordable price, which manufacturers should be trusted and which ones should not? Please note that large companies provide their customers with guarantees, as well as documents on products with an indication of all technical parameters. What can be said about the small domestic and foreign industries. Buying the front door in a dubious company, you will not be able to replace a worn part free of charge in the event of a breakdown.

In the domestic market, the rating of manufacturers of entrance doors is as follows:

  1. Guardian;
  2. Outpost;
  3. Condor;
  4. Torrex;
  5. Elbor

Top entrance doors

Today, in specialized stores, there is a wide selection of various modifications of entrance doors from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Particularly popular on the Russian market are the models of Italian companies, since they are distinguished by their unique design, reliable fittings and superb quality. To choose the best option for a specific situation, it is necessary to understand the features of various types of structures and the rating of the best manufacturers.

With thermal break

Thermal break is designed to limit the process of heat transfer. This is a special element of the interior of the entrance door with a low degree of thermal conductivity. This principle began to be used in the production of such structures relatively recently, before the thermal break replaced the porch (the second partition). The bulky structures, which were difficult to install because of the large weight, replaced the thermal break.

The advantages of such structures experts include long-term heat conservation, reduction of energy costs, durability and attractive appearance.The downside is the high cost of products - the initial price is about 22,000 rubles.

With thick canvas

The quality of the entrance door does not always depend on the thickness of the metal. Some manufacturers make canvases up to 3 cm thick, which indicates a low quality of the material used. Thus, in order to achieve suitable structural rigidity, thick, dense steel sheets are used. Such a burglar-resistant door is a complex mechanism with a special system of internal stiffeners.

Recently, there have been frequent cases where manufacturers, in order to save on the manufacture of products, use metal with a thickness of about 1 mm (double-sided paint). The strength of this material is comparable to the can. Low cost "thin" metal door leafs are completely unprotected against hacking.

Belarusian production

The ideal combination of price and quality can boast metal doors manufactured in Belarus. This is a real standard of reliability, safety and sophisticated style. The success of developers from Belarus is due to the widespread introduction of modern equipment, low labor costs and the presence of duty-free trade with the Russian Federation. Companies produce a variety of models of entrance doors and even special safe structures with a high degree of strength.

Most products are in the middle and premium price segments. If you choose the best doors on the market, then by all means order Belarusian-made products.

We recommend to pay special attention to the products of the Belarusian company "Diva". On all online stores, products of this manufacturer occupy leading positions, and brand safes are in demand not only in Russia, but also in Eastern European countries. The company focuses on the production of models for outdoor installation with high levels of noise insulation and reliability.


These models of entrance doors are distinguished by increased sound insulation, confirmed by the specialized structure of the Scientific Research Institute of Physics. Acoustic doors are used in healthcare facilities, in large business centers, in hotels, museums, power plants - in various rooms where high protection against noise and reduction of heat transfer is required even with frequent opening.


We have already said that the standard of reliability are metal doors. But nevertheless, it is worth noting such an important feature of this design, as significant dimensions - the average weight is 100 kilograms. Weight depends on the thickness of the steel profile, accessories and exterior trim material.

Whatever it was, metal doors perfectly cope with three basic requirements for this type of product:

  • protection from thieves and negative environmental factors;
  • providing heat in the apartment;
  • an obstacle to the penetration of various noises, smells.

With MDF finish

Increasingly, entrance doors with MDF finish can be found on the market. Such models are very popular due to their excellent technical and operational properties.

The indisputable advantages of structures include:

  • Environmentally friendly material. In the manufacture of products of this type using natural wood shavings, which increases the strength and resistance of products to all kinds of influences.
  • Wide selection of colors and textures. Combining different materials results in a unique, unlikely pattern.
  • Good resistance to high temperatures. This allows the structure to retain its original appearance for a long time.

With internal opening

When choosing the front door, few people think about what mechanism of opening it is equipped with. However, this parameter is very important in individual cases. How will you open the door in the future if the design features of the opening make it impossible to fully move the sash out? In this situation, you will come to the aid of the entrance door of the inner opening.

This system is often used as an additional level of protection - that is, when entering, two mechanisms are mounted at once with different types of plowing.

As in the case of other modifications of the entrance doors, the prices of similar structures can vary, depending on the type of finish, the strength of the frame, the design features, the quality of the fittings and the chosen barrier system. It is possible to purchase input blocks from the mechanisms of internal opening in budget and explosive versions.

Summing up, I would like to note that the most important thing when choosing an entrance door is the material from which it is made. After all, the main criteria for the purchase is the strength, reliability and safety of the structure. A variety of types of exterior trim will allow you to choose the right option for you in any price category. From the video below you can learn useful information about the choice of the front door and leave comments to other users if you have already encountered the problem of finding the only correct option.

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