Apartment number on the front door: types of products and mounting methods (+45 photos)

Attach a ticket to the door of the apartment - a pushover. What could be easier than attaching small numbers? But everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. First of all, you need to decide on the material from which the number will be made. Only after this is determined the method of its attachment.

Variants of numbers

Today in the market you can find a large selection of numbers on the front door. From what material the numbers are made of, their color depends, as well as the combination with the door leaf.

Especially popular here are:

  • stainless steel;
  • brass;
  • plastic;
  • tree.

You can also purchase original products made of glass. But they are a little popular, since their cost is quite high. And we are not talking about 1 thousand. Rub.

Made of brass

When it is not possible to use plastic and metal figures on the apartment door, brass products will be the best option. They look good on solid door designs. The dull and yellow tint of such numbers gives the door elegance and elegance. Of course, you need to sort the quality and cheap analogues.

Brass rooms look especially good on laminated doors and designs made of natural wood.

In a sense, brass numbers are exclusive. This is due to the fact that their installation is assumed at the stage of creating the door structure. In the canvas are the grooves corresponding to the shape of a particular figure. The number is set in it, and the sensation of volume is created as a result.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel rooms look modern, look organic on door designs with polished hardware. Such products are manufactured and installed according to similar technology with brass counterparts.

Stainless steel tags can be ordered simultaneously with the doors. As a result, during the production in the canvas make the corresponding grooves. Of course, nothing prevents them from fastening on the flat surface of the door structure. For this fit both bulk and flat numbers.

Fastening numbers from stainless steel is carried out in various ways. This may concern the use of a single glue or conventional screws.

From plastic

Polymeric materials are used to create various products and designs. So, today plastic windows and doors are very popular on the market. To this number can be attributed the numbers on the entrance door structures made of the same material.

Plastic checks have many advantages, among which it is worth to highlight:

  • low cost;
  • a variety of shapes and colors;
  • ease of attachment;
  • practicality.

Plastic products are ideal for any doors. This is due to the fact that they can have not only a different shade, but also a coating.


Wood numbers are often made to order. Of course, the market can meet the usual numbers of this material, but when it comes to natural wood, simplicity is inappropriate here. Therefore, wooden numbers are exclusive products.

The number on the door of this material may have a different look and shade. The original version will be a flat image of the house with the corresponding numbers.

Also, the ticket on the front door can be easily made by hand. Enough to acquire blanks and cut out the contours of the numbers, you can use the technique of burning wood.

How to attach a ticket to the door

Fastening the number to the door structure can be done in various ways. Here it is necessary to take into account the features of the numbers themselves and the door. Equally important are your preferences. Work will take no more than a day.

Screw-on numbers

If we are talking about rooms that are mounted on screws, the work is carried out in compliance with the following points:

1. Attach the figures to the canvas and make marks of attachment points.

2. To pick up a drill of the necessary size under the available openings and self-tapping screws.

3. Carefully and shallowly drill the canvas in the marked places.

4. Fix the numbers with screws, use a screwdriver or a regular screwdriver.

At performance of work it is necessary to observe care, in particular it concerns drilling of openings.

Bonded Numbers

Today, it is often possible to find figures on the doors, which are mounted with the help of glue. In this case, the fixation is carried out in the following sequence:

1. Place the mount thoroughly clean and treat with a weak solvent solution. This will ensure reliable fastening of products.

2. Attach numbers to the canvas and mark up their attachment points. It is better that all numbers are set at the same time. This will assess the appearance of the canvas.

3. Often, the adhesive composition is already on the back of the numbers; everything is covered with a special protective film. Before fixing, it is removed. But to ensure reliable fastening of the product, it is necessary to apply an additional layer of glue.

4. Next, the number is carefully pressed to the selected place and kept for some time to set the glue.

When choosing products should take into account the features of the door design, prices and their preferences. Of course, do not forget that if necessary, numbers or a plate can be made to order. Such services will cost a little more. If you sent the old doors to rest, it is better to buy new ones immediately with the necessary number.

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