Which interior doors are better to install in a wooden house: tips on choosing and installation steps

An important component of any building is the door. Entrance design restricts access to the house, and interior doors are necessary for sound insulation of individual rooms. A large role has a decorative function, as beautifully decorated sash complement the design of the house and help to create a complete architectural ensemble.

Interior doors in a wooden house must be installed taking into account the shrinkage of the building framework. All wooden materials (glued laminated timber, round log, board and shield) shrink with time. From the correct choice and compliance with installation requirements depends on the durability of the operation of interior doors.

Features of wooden houses

Installation of metal entrance and interior doors in a wooden house is more complex than the installation of products in a concrete or brick structure. Wood is exposed to natural factors, decaying, afraid of moisture and fire. Therefore, the tree around the perimeter of the doorway weakens with time, which can lead to distortions and deformation of the door panels, weakening of fastenings.

Before installing interior doors in a wooden house you need to consider several important factors:

  • Strength. Wooden houses look massive and impressive, but over the years the tree partially loses its strength characteristics.
  • Shrinkage. After the construction of the house, the mass of wood exerts a strong load on the foundation; for five years the house shrinks.
  • Installation. In the process of installing the door openings in a wooden house may weaken or split - you need to carefully carry out installation.
  • Exploitation. Wood gradually loses its performance characteristics under the influence of external factors.

In the first year after building the house, experts do not recommend installing doors and windows until the intensive shrinking process is completed. The deformation of the building frame has a direct effect on the geometry of the doorway.

Choice of interior doors

Interior doors are used to delimit the space in the house and prevent the penetration into the room extraneous sounds. Products must be durable, strong, durable. In addition to interior doors in a wooden house you need to install a balcony and attic.

In the wooden house install interior doors of different designs with different performance characteristics. The choice of a particular model depends on the type of room:

  • Deaf doors can be installed in the bedroom in order to create a secluded, intimate atmosphere in the room. Recommended paintings with good sound insulation.
  • For the living room, you can choose any product, the decorative characteristics of which correspond to the interior style of the room. For wide opening, double leaf blades are perfect.
  • In the kitchen doorway you need to install doors that do not let odors resistant to temperature and humidity. Models with glass inserts will be in harmony with tile and chrome-plated surfaces.
  • The space of the children's room is limited by doors made of natural, environmentally friendly materials without glasses and locks, with comfortable round-shaped handles.
  • In the bathroom it is recommended to install moisture-proof interior doors with noise insulation. It is better to give preference to deaf variants.

Some owners of wooden houses additionally put the door in the corridor, behind which a solid entrance structure with good thermal insulation properties is installed. This allows you to hide behind the door shoe shelves, hangers with outerwear and protect the interior from the cold in winter.

Interior doors can have a different shape, repeating the geometry of the doorway. In a wooden house not only rectangular but also arched models will look beautiful.

Types of constructions by the method of opening

According to the type of opening, the following interior doors are distinguished:

  • Swing - the canvas opens in one direction, for their installation, you must have free space.

  • Sliding - moving along the lower or upper guide rail along the wall, it is convenient to install if there is no space for plowing.

  • Folding as an accordion - consist of several clothed sections, they allow to save free space.

  • Pendulum - made without stops, so the flaps open in both directions.

The choice of design of interior doors determines the availability of free space in the rooms and the type of entrance opening. Products can consist of one, two shutters. Filling the door leaf depends on the interior and purpose of the room.

Material Benefits

Since the doors are installed indoors in the house, you can choose designs from a variety of materials, including the combined options. Most often for installation in a wooden house choose metal doors and models of wood (veneer, MDF, pressed plywood) and copies, combined with glass.

Metal doors

For the manufacture of metal structures using steel and aluminum. The materials meet the modern trends of interior design, harmoniously combined with the architecture of wooden buildings.

Steel doors have important advantages:

  • high durability of the case or iron frame;
  • fire resistance, moisture resistance;
  • resistance to temperature changes, shock;
  • long service life of the iron model;
  • versatility - can be put in any room.

Metal doors can be decorated with spectacular glass inserts. Products are easily susceptible to polymer coating, which gives the metal anti-corrosion properties.

Wooden doors

For the production of wooden doors using different types of wood, MDF-facades, veneer, solid solid wood. Copies of larch, oak, pine will be a real decoration of the house. Models from MDF, in the decoration of which lamination, laminating, dyeing are used, look no less impressive.

The advantages of wooden doors are obvious:

  • impeccable decorative features;
  • beautiful structure and pattern of wood fibers;
  • reliability, durability, small specific weight;
  • good heat and sound insulation properties;
  • ecological purity of natural material.

Wooden doors are an ideal solution for a wooden house, since for any design they are easy to fit into the interior of the premises. Wooden interior doors are combined with glass, decorated with beautiful fittings, elements of carving.

To increase the water-repellent and fire-resistant characteristics, the products are treated with flame retardants and antiseptics, which additionally protect the wood from moisture, fungus, and mildew.

Basic installation steps

The frame of the house of wood with time shrinks 0.8-1.3%, if used for the construction of well-dried wood. Raw forest will settle even more, so the installation of door structures made in one or two years. To avoid deformation of the blade and skew of the opening, the installation must be performed using a casing beam or a casing box, regardless of the door material.

To do the work with your own hands you need to stock up with all the necessary tools and fasteners. The master will need: a hammer, nails (screws, self-tapping screws), a hacksaw, a tape measure, a square, a plumb line, drills, a level, a knife, an electric drill, a spatula, a wort.

How to put the door in a wooden house:

1. The first step is prepared opening. In size it should be slightly larger than the door structure - by 50-70 mm on the sides, the upper gap - 150 mm.

2. At the ends of the finished opening the chainsaws or groomers cut grooves 50 mm wide and depth along the entire length of the sidewalls.

3. The prepared sections of the grooves are hammered with bars with a section of 50x50 mm, their length should be 50 mm shorter than the grooves (for a fresh log) or 20 mm (for an already well-formed frame of the house).

4. To the already installed lower bar, a panel is formed that will form the threshold, followed by the board on the sides and top.

5. In the upper and side gaps between the opening and the casing fit insulation. Next, install the door frame. The gap between it and the casing must be filled with foam.

6. On the door measure and mark the place to put the hinges - at a distance of 20-25 cm from the edge above and below. Install the door leaf, make a mark on the box in the attachment points of the hinges.

7. Carry out nests for fastening hinges - a groove with a depth of no more than 3 mm, install hinges on the screws, fix the door leaf.

Additional recommendations

Having decided to independently install interior doors in a wooden house, you need to take into account a number of additional recommendations:

  • When installing, use a plumb line to correctly check the verticality of the casing struts and the door box.
  • All voids between the casing box and the opening are filled with insulation and assembly foam.
  • When installing the front door around the perimeter of the frame pave the seal.
  • The canvas in the door frame should be of sufficient thickness for sound insulation.
  • For the reliability of the door is better to install on three or four hinges, check the quality of fittings before buying.
  • If a lock is provided in the door structure, it is placed at a height of 700-1200 mm (distance from the floor).

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