? Comparison of manufacturers of interior doors?

Today, the stores are products of elite and budget price categories. Of course, the buyer always wants to buy the door as cheaply as possible, but of good quality, the question is how to combine these two concepts? In this article we will consider the best interior doors of foreign and domestic production, focusing on consumer reviews and the reputation of a company.

Types of interior doors

Interroom door plays a leading role in shaping the external appearance of the house, as it is able to decorate any room. Depending on the style chosen, the door leaf can be made in neutral or, on the contrary, contrasting shades with glass inserts or original decorative elements. However, the main criteria for choosing this type of product are still quality, long service life and ease of installation.

Now designs made of wood and MDF are especially popular, they are distinguished not only by their reliability and long service life, but also by their universal design, which will suit any style design of a living room or bedroom. As for the type of coating, he is responsible not only for the aesthetics of the door, but also for its performance. The quality of the interior door depends on the materials used and the manufacturer’s good faith.

Most Russian factories produce the following variations of products:

  1. Laminated;
  2. Veneered;
  3. Models from solid oak, pine, beech.

Laminated doors and veneer doors have a similar construction. It consists of several basic elements:

  1. Frame For its production, the most resistant to deformation of wood species are used, preference is given to coniferous varieties with minimal moisture content and resin residues. Cloths undergo a thorough technical processing in advance, after which they are sent for painting or are covered with a layer of varnish.
  2. MDF boards covered with natural or treated veneer, special film or PVC. As can be seen, the main difference between laminated and veneered models is the final coating.
  3. Filling designs. Inexpensive interior doors do not have internal filling or are filled with low-quality cellular cardboard. Expensive products are equipped with thin slats, designed to provide noise insulation. Such models are highly resistant to mechanical stress and environmental factors.

Doors from solid wood have a homogeneous (seamless) structure, which determines the strength and durability of the structure. Various companies produce entire collections of such products, united by one theme. However, the cost of production leaves much to be desired. According to the rating of interior doors in 2017, wooden models occupy a leading position in the middle and premium class.

What to look for when choosing a factory?

Specialists in this field identify several key criteria for choosing a company that manufactures door products. The annual rating of the best interior doors is based on these parameters:

  • Experience of existence of the company. Apartment repair is better to entrust professionals, the same applies to the choice of the manufacturer. As practice shows, firms with great experience of work care about the quality of products and are guided by the standards of GOST.
  • Positive and negative reviews. When buying a door leaf, do not focus only on the appearance and reputation of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to get acquainted in advance with the opinions of consumers who, by their own experience, were convinced of the quality of products from this manufacturer. This can be done on various forums dedicated to this topic or on special sites like "Otzovik". You can also leave your comments, share your own opinion to help future buyers with a choice.
  • Warranty (issuance of warranty card and other documents for products). If you want to buy a good interior door of a Russian company, we recommend paying attention to the warranty. The longer the warranty period of the product, the higher its technical and operational properties. If you detect external damage to the door leaf, you can always count on free warranty repair.

This is not all the options for choosing the best interior doors. Additional criteria include a variety of models in the assortment of the factory, the material of manufacture, the cost of goods, attitudes towards customers, the presence of an online store and even its design.

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Manufacturers Rating

Most experts agree that the best in the Russian market of door products are products from Spain, Italy and Finland. Italian models have a unique design, excellent quality and a wide selection of accessories made of glass or metal. The disadvantages are the higher price compared to similar products from other countries. Russia also has its leaders in the manufacture of high-quality doors. The first place is worth the brand "Volkhovets". For more than twenty years, it has surprised fans with a variety of design designs, colors and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Consumer demand for a particular model of an interior door is formed depending on parameters such as product quality, size, cost, and design. As you know, the quality of the product is directly affected by the material of manufacture. Wooden products can differ greatly from each other in their operational properties, because different types of wood have individual physico-mechanical characteristics.

Let us give an example: models from solid pine are very “fragile” - they are not suitable for arranging a bathroom, since increased air humidity can lead to deformation of the door leaf.

In addition, the strength of the interior door depends on the correctly chosen technology of wood drying. Regarding the appearance of the product, it is necessary to focus on personal preferences and tastes of customers. However, most often choosing a particular model buyers try to harmonize with the overall color scheme of the interior.

Below is a table in which all the pros and cons of various designs are clearly shown. On this basis, it is possible to select the doors that meet the stated requirements at the best possible price:

The best choice at the price-quality ratio are the doors of natural wood and ekoshpon. In turn, solid wood doors (especially oak) are superior to veneered models, however, the price, respectively, will be much higher.

In most cases, the decisive criterion when choosing a quality interior door is the width of the project in the apartment, in the office or in the private house (they can be standard or wide). When purchasing a door leaf, it is necessary to take into account financial possibilities - not always expensive products correspond to the declared quality. But saving on this piece of furniture is not worth it, because only a reliable, high-quality door will last as long as possible and retain its original appearance.

Interior veneered doors

Veneer is a thin layer of wood, characterized by a unique structure and a no less surprising finishing coating. It is attached to the frame of an array of artificial wood or MDF. Modern technologies allow to protect the material from high humidity, dampness and other negative consequences - for this it is treated with a special moisture-resistant composition. Buyers, who are not the first time prefer veneered canvases, note environmental friendliness, rich wood texture and attractive appearance of the array.

If you compare veneered canvas with models of natural wood, it is easy to distinguish their main advantages - low price, small size, as well as the possibility of a partial restoration of the coating. The main disadvantage of this kind of design is the change in the shade of wood under the influence of sunlight and the observance of the rules of special care (this is typical for products of the brand Alvero).

According to last year’s rating, the best veneer door manufacturers are:

  • Company "Profile Dors". The brand is engaged in the release of a variety of models of interior doors and components. All products are distinguished by individual design, high environmental friendliness, safety, and that is not unimportantly affordable price. Especially popular among Russian buyers is a collection called "X", it presents the door leafs in a classic and modern style. It is also worth noting that this product has excellent noise insulation and a telescopic design (collapsible-sliding), which allows you to mount the jamb without using nails.

  • Firm "Barausse". The company was established in 1967 by the Baruss brothers, the first workshop was located in a small town in southern Italy. Due to the highest quality of manufactured goods, the brand entered the world market very soon. The range includes interior doors for residential and industrial premises, veneered and lacquered models. Classic performance, sleek design, clear lines and innovative European technology - the key to the success of the brand.

  • Factory "Onyx". The interior doors of this Russian company are in no way inferior to their foreign counterparts. All models are produced in full compliance with European standards. Today it is the largest domestic production, its branches are located even in small Russian cities. The main feature is that the company can manufacture doors for your individual orders. Buyers also note a large number of options for textures, shades and modifications, as well as fast delivery of finished products.

Interior doors from ekoshpon

Eco-sheeter is a kind of polymer (polypropylene) with an external texture "under the tree". The material is an economical and high-quality analogue of natural veneer, as it looks and feels almost no different from natural wood. An important advantage of the ekoshpon is that the material is much more environmentally friendly than the polyvinyl chloride film, since the polymer does not contain toxic compounds containing chlorine. Such interior doors can be an excellent addition to the bedroom or children's room.

This type of products is characterized by sufficient wear resistance, a wide choice of colors, as well as resistance to moisture and temperature differences. A definite plus, complementing the listed characteristics, is an affordable price. However, some buyers are repelled by the prejudice about the low quality of doors made of polymeric materials.

Best manufacturers (result of comparison)

The best manufacturers of interior doors in the domestic market are the factories Sofia and Volkhovets. Their products meet international quality standards, and the brands themselves are distinguished by an extensive network of retail outlets. Let us consider in more detail the features of each of these companies.

Brand Sophia

It can rightfully be considered the only Russian company of world level; it is in its collections that the newest modifications of fairly strong door panels and accessories (locks, handles, decorative elements) are presented. The main features of the products are excellent functionality and a wide selection of external design. Interior doors Sofya will perfectly fit into any interior, their universal design opens up wide possibilities for the realization of the most extraordinary ideas.

Buyers have the following advantages of Sophia doors:

  • High-quality doors of various shades, textures - a huge range of products, constantly updated with new and new products;
  • Short deadlines for the fulfillment of individual orders for design drawings (this is especially important when working with non-standard door dimensions);
  • Providing a guarantee of both the canvas and the door accessories (the company also offers free repair in case of external damage);
  • Many dealerships and branches throughout the country;
  • Excellent reputation in the international market.

Like any product, interior doors of this company have several disadvantages: high cost due to the use of quality materials, as well as the use of third-party fittings in the implementation of individual orders.

Factory "Volkhovets"

Produces its doors since 1993. Since its inception, the company has constantly improved in the production of door panels and components for them. According to the management, the popularity of the products is due to two factors that underlie the brand’s policy:

  • The products are manufactured under the supervision of professional craftsmen, who annually undergo training at major foreign centers at the company's expense;
  • Used modern equipment, environmentally friendly materials. This ensures the safe production of all components. You can also add that the brand strictly monitors global trends in the door market.

Particular attention is paid to the selection of quality materials without impurities of harmful substances, so that the company's plants are considered the most technologically advanced and safe. It should be noted that the shops do not only interior doors, but also various arched transitions, wall panels and other structures of the same direction.

The advantages of doors "Volkhovets" include:

  • Using only environmentally friendly raw materials - due to this, the doors of the company can be installed in various kinds of social institutions (in kindergartens, schools, hospitals);
  • Three year warranty on all types of products;
  • The ideal price-performance ratio;
  • A wide range of products that is constantly updated with new products in accordance with current trends;
  • The stylistic variety of products is achieved through cooperation with many renowned domestic and foreign designers.

The disadvantage of this product is the deliberate exclusion of plastic and polymers from the list of materials for the manufacture of interior doors and accessories. However, this is a very subjective criterion, and environmental friendliness has recently come to the fore in the production of a wide variety of goods.

Summarizing all the above, I would like to note that in addition to the appearance of the door, its direct functional features (in which direction the door will open) are important. This directly concerns the swing models. Often this criterion is not taken into account, and in the future this leads to a definite problem. Incorrectly installed door may hinder the passage, and also will not allow to rationally place the furniture. If when choosing interior doors you will be guided by the listed criteria, you will achieve an amazing result!

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