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In the interior doors, two important functions in interior decoration are ideally combined: functional and decorative. Door designs provide thematic zoning of the apartment, eliminate unnecessary sounds and play an important aesthetic role. Now the stores offer a wide selection of different doors, differing in color, shape, style and texture of the material.

Bright doors in the interior of a country house or apartment look very original, they have both advantages and disadvantages of use. The main thing is to choose a suitable model for a particular room. In this article we will look at what should be considered when choosing bright interior doors, which shades to give preference depending on this or that design decision.

The advantages and disadvantages of light doors

A few years ago in the production of interior doors used standard designs of door designs. The color range of the models was also limited - it was almost impossible to find non-standard combinations of bright colors. White doors were common throughout the Soviet era. Over time, the market situation changed in the opposite direction - faceless white canvases replaced dark laconic designs.

Today, the bright doors in the interior of the apartment are back in fashion. They do not look corny or somehow faceless. Beige, light brown, gray designs visually expand the space of the room, give the design a logical consistency. Few people know what advantages such constructions have, but one thing is sure - they look impressive with any stylistic decision.

One of the features of light doors is their versatility. Designers claim that white is combined with all other colors, which is not the case with dark doors.

White is a neutral color that can have a certain tone, depending on the color palette of the walls, floor and furniture. This shade also perfectly conveys natural light. You do not have to spend money on additional door leaf décor, because even without it, the door structure perfectly fits into the interior of the living room, bedroom or children's room.

The interior with light doors meets modern criteria for the functionality of residential premises. Install this kind of door leaf can be in rooms with laminate flooring, carpet, parquet flooring and other types of flooring. We also note such an important fact as the optimal combination of such models with white interior items (window frames, furniture, decorative partitions).

Another distinctive feature of the bright doors in the interior of the apartment is their lightness, airiness of the structure.

Most apartments in the Russian high-rise buildings can not boast of a large area and the only right option in this case is the use of light colors in the design. They do not weigh down the situation and contributes to a more competent distribution of free space.

Light doors are also practical. Many people will hasten to challenge this statement, because white or beige interior items require constant care. However, this is not quite true. Dust clusters on white door leaves are not as noticeable as on dark ones.


Like any design, bright interior doors in the interior have advantages and disadvantages of operation. Experts identify the following practical advantages:

  • If the interior of the room is too overloaded with bulky furniture, the white door will make the room more free and easy.
  • Beige, white, light brown and even gray doors in the interior always look very original and beautiful. They are suitable for all types of premises, except cabinets in a strict business style.
  • In the conditions of limited space of a bedroom the use of light door designs will become an excellent solution. To achieve the maximum expanding effect, advises to pay attention to the model with a glossy surface.

Bright doors make even a small room more spacious visually.


The disadvantages of the door shades of light shades include their brandness, which is why they have to constantly monitor the cleanliness of the canvas. But modern household tools allow you to quickly and inexpensively get rid of a variety of pollution.

Some consider the white color too simple and banal, especially for the design of residential premises. Here it is necessary to take into account the personal preferences of tenants and their interests regarding interior design. We only note that the plain white door can be ennobled with the help of bright hues and intricate platbands.

Popular door colors in bright colors

A wide variety of color solutions can confuse buyers. When choosing it is necessary to rely on personal preferences, the overall color scheme and the dimensions of the room. This also applies to light doors, photos of which will be presented later. We consider the most common types of decoration - white, gray, beige and green shades of interior doors. If you decide on one of these examples, then know that they can easily be decorated with glass or stained glass inserts.


As we have said, white color is universal for the decoration of residential premises. It is ideally combined with various materials: with wooden, plastic and metal parts. This neutral color will look great in the room of the newborn, in the bedroom and the corridor.

Recently, a combination of white floor and white doors in the design of entrance halls, kitchens and spacious living rooms has been particularly popular.

When choosing an interior door, pay special attention to the quality of the base material. The most durable and practical models are made of solid white ash or bleached oak. However, they are expensive. This design will decorate a country house or a respectable office, made in the style of hi-tech or minimalism.

The photo shows a white ash door.


If you want to choose the most versatile interior design option, then, without hesitation, buy gray interior doors. Such models look stylish and give a strict brevity to the whole room design. This is the closest version to the classic dark doors.

However, such doors have several limitations:

  • Gray color visually reduces space - it is not recommended to be used in rooms of small area.
  • Against the background of dark walls, this kind of door looks dull (better if bright colors prevail in the room design).
  • Compositions of gray, brown and black colors can cause negative emotions.

Gray doors are best combined with brighter colors.

Shades of brown

The shade of the tree looks appropriate in a variety of styles and creates a cozy atmosphere indoors. Brown doors look natural and eco-friendly, but, depending on the subtone, they are distinguished by their aesthetic properties. This group includes light brown, beige and golden hues. Please note that this option is suitable for both interior and front door.

Birch, larch, beech and cherry wood has a light brown tint. Doors made in this color will perfectly fit into the classic or traditional interior of the living room, hallway and even the bedroom. With proper design, they will be a good addition to the modern design, but for this you will have to work with the decor.

They say that for real comfort in the living room are necessary interior doors of light brown color. Golden, ashen, dairy, beige - such products will bring comfort and warmth to your home.


Beige interior doors have similar external and functional characteristics with models of gray. They should not be combined with furniture of black or dark cinnamon color. If for you the beige door is the only right decision, then we advise you to balance the composition with bright baseboards and platbands in the tone of one of the interior elements. In rooms with green walls this kind of design will look particularly advantageous.

The photo below shows an example of an interior with beige doors. A great addition to the paintings of such a warm shade will be light gray or white.


Bright gold interior doors are an integral part of modern and historical design (classic, baroque, country). They give the room a majestic appearance and amaze guests of the house. In a composition with walls of similar color, this door structure merges into a single whole, which makes the exterior finish particularly deep and harmonious.

This design approach is typical for the design of rooms with a lack of natural lighting. As you know, yellow color has a positive effect on the nervous system and brings to life the small joys of life.

Shades of green

The combination of colored walls and unusual doors is a new trend in interior design. However, for the design of doorways, it is still advised to use more neutral shades, such as green, gray and light blue. If you are going to take advantage of this idea, then make sure that all the colors in the room do not "compete" with each other.

Green interior doors in a composition with red walls have long become classics. The reception is great for rooms with low ceilings and several doors that are equally spaced.

Due to the sharp color contrasts, the space visually increases, as can be seen in the example below.

Bright doors in different styles

To date, the market offers a lot of different options for door fittings and fabrics at affordable prices. Material production, design and color are important in the selection of doors in the finished interior, as it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of a particular style of decoration.

Do not forget about the compatibility of colors - so, making the interior in a modern style or Provence style, forget about the multi-colored decor, bright colors and unusual shapes. In order not to miscalculate with the design, stop your choice on the white doors. They harmoniously look in different styles and directions, do not distort the unity of the internal space.

Scandinavian style

The main component of the Scandinavian style is white color, as well as the small size of the premises. For spatial expansion, and used doors of light shades that give the house lightness and airiness. The Scandinavian style is close to natural, but has one distinctive feature - clear lines in design, minimum furniture and a high level of illumination. The combination of white color with metal, glass and other mirror details is typical here.


This style is distinguished by the real arrangement of objects in the room, the use of bright lighting and the minimum number of decorative elements. The conciseness of light doors fits perfectly into this interior and adds a special flavor to it.

White color in the style of minimalism allows you to create a general impression of free space without any artificial restrictions (partitions, dark color spots). That is why even when installing brown and black doorways, take a look at the white baseboards and trims or ceiling friezes.


A desirable element of the classic design of residential premises are light doors. They emphasize the elegance and majesty of classicism, bring uniqueness to the vintage style. If you look at the historical images of the palace interiors of past centuries, you will hardly find dark doors there. In the past, light door designs were decorated with gold fittings, stucco and carvings. Now these elements are also used to create some models.

Color combinations

How best to combine dark and light colors in the interior? White and beige interior doors are combined with most of the possible variations of wall colors and flooring. However, it is worth noting that when you design the room completely in white, you should abandon the use of dark door designs.

In order not to violate the unity of the composition, selected paintings of a similar shade (milky, ivory color, gray, light brown) are selected.

Perfectly fit the bright doors and in the interiors of contrasting colors. In such cases, choose beige or white doors - they visually make the doorway easier and more airy, emphasize the richness of bright colors, the depth of purple, green, blue.

If desired, you can recreate a classic Mediterranean design in your living room - this is facilitated by the correct arrangement of the blue-white color combination.

It is not necessary to complement the dark wooden floor with doors of the same color and texture. Such an interior will sparkle with new colors, if you decide to install a white door leaf and various decorative elements.

We recommend to decorate the doors with stained glass windows, mirror panels, interesting fittings, decorate the doorway with a special dark platband.

Independent design of the interior of the living space requires special knowledge and skills in working with colors and textures. Light doors are a universal version of the room design, but even here a lot depends on the correct color chosen. No element should stand out from the composition and destroy the unity of style.

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