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When choosing a front door for a private house, there are many factors to consider. The product must meet certain requirements, the most important of which are reliability and high thermal insulation. Without knowing the basic characteristics required, do not rush to the first available option. In this article we will look at several different designs, as well as figure out which front door is better for a private house in one way or another.

Types of entrance doors

Entrance doors for a country house are classified according to several parameters. First of all, you should pay attention to the material from which the construction is made. Among the popular options are wooden, plastic, metal and forged doors.

In addition, there are other types of door designs on the market. Of course, they are not so popular among the population, especially with regard to glass products. Doors of this type perform a decorative function, moreover, the work on their installation in Moscow is quite expensive.


Wooden doors are very common because they have high strength and ennoble the exterior of the house. But, recently, the popularity of such doors has somewhat decreased, this is explained by the appearance on the market of steel structures, which inspire confidence more.

For the manufacture of wooden doors using solid wood, wooden panels or panels in combination with metal. In the first case, the canvas is completely made of wood without any inserts from another material, in the second case, sheet metal of a certain thickness is placed between the shields, which can significantly increase the strength of the structure.

Wooden canvases can have different designs and sizes, well protect the house from heat loss.

We recommend to stop your choice on products from solid natural wood, since webs of pressed shavings have a short lifespan (as a result, they will have to be replaced a few years after installation).


Modern plastic doors are not less popular. For their production using PVC profile and sheets of plastic. Between the sheets is installed insulation, which allows to improve the insulating properties of products. In the photo below you can see the standard plastic front door in a private house.

Among the advantages of plastic outdoor doors for the house is to highlight:

  • low cost;
  • good sound insulation;
  • perfect weatherization;
  • ease of installation;
  • durability;
  • no corrosive processes.

Metal-plastic constructions are equipped with double-glazed windows. On the inside, you can stick a special decorative film that will give originality to the doors.

Of course, metal structures have some drawbacks. For example, when burning, they emit toxic substances, there is a high probability of fading under the influence of sunlight and rather high temperatures. In addition, these paintings are not resistant to mechanical damage.


Today entrance metal doors in private houses are very demanded. This is due to the fact that they have high performance. For the manufacture of metal doors used steel standard sheet, whose thickness can reach 2 mm. The thicker the material, the higher the structural strength.

Inside, the sheet is reinforced with vertical and horizontal stiffeners. The best option is the combined arrangement of elements.

Armored metal doors from the manufacturer have high strength. They are made on the basis of the safe. So, concrete is poured inside the frame, which makes the doors bulletproof. Of course, such iron products are very heavy and not convenient to use.


Beautiful wrought-iron doors are basically a metal leaf, which is decorated with wrought-iron elements. Particularly popular products with glass inserts on the outside, while using high-strength material. This allows the reliability of the door structure to be kept at an appropriate level.

Entrance door dimensions

Depending on the size, the entrance doors are divided into three types:

  • single doors;
  • one and a half;
  • bivalved.

The first option is often used in city apartments. As for the one-and-a-half and double-leaf structures, they are installed in private homes and offices. Each of these options has its own characteristics.

One and a half

One-and-a-half doors are installed in country houses, at entrances and vestibules of multi-storey buildings. With their help, you can provide sufficient space for bringing furniture, building materials and other dimensional objects through openings. Such doors consist of a narrow part and a wide working shutter. The width of the first web is 30 cm, and the second is 90 cm.

Often a small sash is fixed in the door frame with a latch. With any need it can be easily opened. The main thing that the loop was movable.


The peculiarity of such a door construction is that both doors are working, so they are often the same in width. Of course, in the manufacture of designs to order, the size ratio can be changed. But still the canvases are equipped with handles and a connecting locking mechanism.

Double doors optimally fit into the exterior of the house of the Gothic style. To hide the cumbersome design and give it elegance, experts recommend the use of decorative forged elements and inserts made of durable glass.

By style

In the past, doors were used exclusively to protect the house from unauthorized entry. Today, such products are an integral element of the exterior of the house. They can say a lot about his master. Therefore, when choosing is worth considering the design of the door leaf.

Modern doors

To make the door a real color at home, it is best to stop the choice on modern designs. They are made of various materials and have certain design features.

In a private house you can use these products:

  • Modern combined doors. For the manufacture of paintings using several materials. A good option would be a composition of metal and glass - these doors look very modern and elegant.

  • Hinged doors. The canvas is installed on the hinges. Despite the heavy weight, the door easily rotates to the desired position.

  • With an additional sash. For creative people, the best option would be to install an additional decorative sash.

  • Doors with glass inserts. With the help of glass you can dilute the monotony of the canvas and make it more attractive and solid. Inserts may have a different shape, size and method of placement. You should not worry about the reliability of such a door, since it uses tempered and high-strength glass that can withstand various loads.

In fact, there are a lot of door decoration options. Therefore, everyone will be able to find an option that fits a particular style.

Winter doors (insulated)

In regions with harsh climatic conditions, special attention should be paid to the insulation of the house. An excellent solution in this case will be the installation of winter doors. The peculiarity of such structures is that they have high thermal insulation properties. Inside the canvas there are several heaters (polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, mineral wool, cork material, isolon). There are additional layers for insulation - at least 2-3 of the contour of the seal and finishing with cold-resistant materials from the outside of the canvas.

Insulated entrance doors for a private house have the following advantages:

  • high thermal insulation, which helps protect the house from heat loss;
  • protection against condensation and sheet icing;
  • the presence of exterior finishes with anti-vandal coating;
  • a variety of design, aesthetic appearance.

Finnish entrance doors

The Finnish door is a multi-layer construction: the frame is made of a bar that is sheathed with reinforced aluminum sheets, the emptiness is filled with expanded polystyrene. It also uses double-sided insulation, which protects the web from moisture. From above the decorative covering fastens. To protect the house from heat loss, the door structure is additionally equipped with gaskets.

The advantages of Finnish doors include:

  • high strength;
  • good thermal insulation properties;
  • a variety of colors and designs;
  • the possibility of using decorative inserts;
  • high enough strength.

Doors with glass

Many people believe that entrance doors with glass inserts are less reliable than conventional counterparts. But actually it is not. It all depends on the material used. Often for insertion using high-strength glass, and as additional protection - forged grilles.

Doors with glass have some advantages:

  • The presence of a natural source of light. Through the glass insert in the dark corridor will be light from the street. This eliminates artificial light sources.
  • Security. Through the insert you can see who is on the other side of the door. Especially this option is suitable for protected objects.
  • Aesthetics. Glass inserts add elegance and elegance to the door leaf. They may have a different shape and shade.

As for the shortcomings, here it is worth to highlight the relatively high cost due to the use of glass elements.

Thermal break doors

The door with a thermal break is a metal leaf, which is equipped with special insulating inserts. These are special elements of the interior of the entrance door with a low degree of thermal conductivity.

The following thermal breaks are used:

  • PVC inserts. Allow to reduce heat transfer between materials. There are air-filled chambers in the gaskets. They allow you to keep warm.
  • Styrofoam. Most often used to protect the product from freezing.
  • Mineral wool. Acts as an ideal sealant. To protect cotton wool from wetting and loss of properties, it is additionally covered with a special film.
  • Glass wool. Used in cheap models. The lack of material is that when it is burned, harmful vapors are released.
  • Solid wood. Environmentally friendly material that has a high density. Its presence greatly increases the cost of the product.

Of course, in order to achieve the maximum result, it is necessary to carry out a high-quality installation of the door structure in compliance with all requirements:

  • a seal is mounted along the perimeter of the door frame;
  • installation of special handles with thermal break;
  • organization of exhaust ventilation.

Considering such features, it is better to entrust the installation of the door box to professionals.

Elite entrance doors

Luxury doors are quite expensive. This is due to their high performance and special production technology. The canvas is made of steel frame, which is equipped with stiffeners. It is sheathed with a solid-bent sheet from 1.5 mm to 3 mm thick. The last option is recommended to be installed in private homes. Foam propylene or polystyrene acts as a filler. They provide high thermal and sound insulation.

As for the finish, then this applies a valuable wood species, expensive metal, glass and other elite materials under the order.

In addition, the design is equipped with high-strength and reliable locks and other fittings. In the manufacture of doors to order there is the possibility of installing a biometric lock. He identifies the owner by fingerprint.

Front doors to the house

Front doors are representative structures that are installed at the main entrance. Externally, they are made under the exterior of the building, and inside - under the decoration of the entrance room. A very large load is placed on such entrance doors. Therefore, they must meet high requirements for strength and insulating properties.

Front doors are distinguished by their appearance. They look very massive and have considerable size. Often they are made in the form of a bicuspid design.

Among the main features worth highlighting:

  • presentable and aesthetic appearance;
  • the use of natural and expensive materials;
  • practicality and reliability;
  • high wear resistance and long service life;
  • reinforced construction and massiveness.

Often the front doors are made to order. Therefore, it is possible to create an original design. For decorating use a variety of inserts and forged products.

Which front door is better?

When choosing a front door for a private house, it is worth considering that it must meet certain requirements:

  • The safety of the house. The main function is to protect the house from the penetration of third parties. Therefore, the door construction and accessories must have high strength and reliability.
  • Heat and sound insulation. The canvas should reliably protect the house from external noise and heat loss.
  • Resistance to mechanical damage. First of all it concerns hacking attempts. The design must withstand any attempts at opening.

So what is the front door to choose for a private house? The best option will be metal warmed canvases, you can also consider options for the Finnish production. Such products are presented on the market in a wide range, so it is not difficult to choose a model that will be optimally combined with the exterior of the house.

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