How to harmoniously enter the dark doors into the interior: the basic rules and tips (+78 photos)

Quite often you can see the interiors of apartments, where dark doors are used. But not everyone understands how to use them to achieve the maximum effect. It is very important to ensure that the dark door fits well with the design of the room and is in harmony with the surrounding space. You will learn about the types of door leafs and of what dark woods they are made in this article.

Dark doors in the interior: advantages and disadvantages

One of the popular trends recently was the creation of the interior, where dark elements are in harmony with light and complement them. Here the main thing is to find the appropriate balance, a good combination. Many of those who appreciate natural building materials prefer such solutions, because they allow to realize any design.

Interior dark doors in the interior have the following advantages:

  • practicality, because there is no dirt on this surface;
  • creating an atmosphere of luxury and affluence;
  • beautification of any situation, the area also does not matter;
  • excellent combination with almost all light shades;
  • expensive and solid appearance, which has such a decision;
  • the ability to give clarity to the dimensions of the space;
  • additional emphasis on the style chosen by the consumer.

Despite all the advantages, there are some negative sides to such doors. First of all, they relate to a person’s visual perception of a dark color gamut. According to the advice of psychologists, such options are not for those who have a tendency to depression and irritability. Dark shades in the interior design can cause negative associations.

You can also note the following disadvantages:

  • any defects (chips, scratches, cracks) quickly become noticeable;
  • visually the volume of the room decreases when using dark shades;
  • without good lighting, the proper effect cannot be achieved;
  • creating a gloomy atmosphere, if you could not stand a competent approach;
  • dust on dark surfaces is clearly visible, so frequent door cleaning is required.

Dark doors will have to be subjected to frequent wet cleaning.

Basic rules for the combination of color and texture of doors in a residential area

Expensive and elegant appearance are any products made in dark colors. But one thing to get the door for the house, the other - successfully fit it into the interior. It is very important not to be mistaken with the choice of balance and palette - dark canvases can become both an accent and an addition to the overall design.

There are several options that have already been tested in practice:

  • Doors black. Perfectly fit into the interior, where the walls are white and the floor is gray. This is a fairly classic type of design.

  • Wenge color. These canvases are best combined with wallpaper of pastel shades (beige, pale peach, light gray), the floor should be either the same color as the doors themselves, or light brown.

  • Brown canvas. It is better to combine with the walls of olive color, another good solution would be to enter such doors into the interior in beige tones.

  • Plum, blueberry and eggplant shades. A great option is the design of the room in lilac and pink, but at the same time gentle colors.

Saturated door color: good or bad?

For any interior, this design option can be a good choice. The main thing is not to overdo it in style and create the right balance between dark and light shades. Then even the darkest saturated colors can become a successful accent, which will delight and attract attention for a long time.

Pure black doors are allowed. But in this case there are some requirements:

  • the room should be spacious;
  • the smaller the overall furniture, the better;
  • the presence of decorative elements of the same color is required;
  • better if the walls are light.

Dark wood

There are several main types of wood species that are used in modern production. In many ways, they set the shade of the product in finished form. Many varieties of such trees are very rare or are on the verge of extinction. That is why the variant when creating some imitation of a material with the help of coloring is widespread.

The following types of wood are widely used in the manufacture of interior doors:

  • Ormozia. A variety of trees that are not widespread, since they have almost disappeared. Growing area - New Guinea. On the Philippine Islands can also be found varieties of this breed. It is very valuable, because the products from it in finished form are so expensive.

  • Paduk This is a guest from West Africa. An interesting coral or red shade is present in the sapwood of this breed. The tree changes its shade very quickly and becomes brown. It has a strong structure that can withstand almost any weather conditions.

  • Wenge. A woody species that is common in East Africa. It happens different chocolate shades - from light to almost black. Excellent resistance to pressure and any temperature.

  • Nut. A variety of wood with a brown-gray tint, has protection against cracking, because it is widely used not only by manufacturers of doors, but also in general of various furniture.

  • The Red tree. By the name it is already possible to guess what tint this breed has. And the photo confirms this.

  • Ebony. It is found on the territory of tropical forests. Each of the varieties has a deep dark shade, but the description of the characteristics of all about the general.

  • Rosewood Another kind of tropical trees. Breed with maximum strength, which explains the presence of a wide scope.

How to choose a floor covering under dark or black doors?

The carpenter of a rich color wheel on a wooden natural basis suggests that the owners are not without consistency and good taste. But the interior must have a balance so that dark colors do not overshadow light ones. Not only parquet with laminate is appropriate, but also other types of floor covering: tile materials, carpet and linoleum of light or dark shades.

Dark doors and dark floor

Here it is necessary to take into account several recommendations, it’s good if you can observe everything:

  • This combination has become quite common for modern interiors. The main thing that the floor was at least a couple of tones darker than the door leaf. For example, dark doors will become a connecting link if the ceiling is light and the floor is darker.

  • Dark laminate flooring and doors are not recommended for use inside small rooms, otherwise the room becomes too gloomy. The modern pace of life does not allow this.

  • The degree of illumination of the room must also be taken into account, as well as how this or that object is combined with the dark doors and the floor in a particular case.

Black doors in the bright interior

Doors in black color perfectly fit into the bright interiors, this option looks stylish and elegant. And all because black is a classic that will never go out of style. Such canvases can be combined with almost any surrounding shades.

In order for black doors to fit well into the interior, it is important to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Black doors in the interior of the apartment will look good with gray walls. Laminate in this case should be a little lighter than the canvas. It will be a harmonious combination, providing enough free space.

  • Another alternative to the previous version is dark doors, white walls and a light floor. However, in this case, the presence of furniture or decorative elements of the same color as the door is required.

  • A great combination of black doors and light pastel colors, which are complemented by small dark accents.

How to beat a different type of door leaf in the interior?

There are several solutions to achieve certain effects when dark doors are installed in the interior. Most often, decorative elements, windows, furniture, floor, walls, platbands and plinths are considered as additional details.

Platbands most often make the most similar to the color and execution of paintings. Although they may be contrasting. For example, a black and white combination is perfect for fans of minimalist solutions.

There are special techniques with the selection of style, which have not yet been said:

  • Merge Apply multiple colors with no contrast. All elements repeat the color of the door leaf.

  • Soft transitions. Colors vary, but in a small limit. Compared with the previous version, the appearance is more diverse. But there are no sharp differences in details. Everything looks like.

  • Achromatic contrasts. With sharp differences, but with all the shades must be combined with each other. The basis is often neutral tones, for example, white.

In principle, there are no restrictions on the choice of color, designs with different effects. It is only necessary to be guided by common sense, financial opportunities. Usually the dark doors in the bright interior are trying to arrange the same as furniture. But even this is only a recommendation, not an exact indication.

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