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When building a country house one of the most important issues is the choice of the front door. This design is designed to protect against illegal entry into someone else's home, but this is not its only purpose. Some models are equipped with a special internal insulating layer - thermal break, which has a low thermal conductivity and prevents the penetration of cold from the street.

Entrance doors with a thermal break are distinguished by high durability, reliability, good noise insulation and long service life. In addition to all this, such products are able to withstand regular exposure to atmospheric phenomena and precipitation. In this article we will look at the features of entrance street doors with a thermal break, their advantages and disadvantages of operation.

What are the doors with thermal break?

To date, the use of standard metal entrance doors is associated with a large number of problems. The main disadvantage of such products is that they are not able to prevent heat losses in the home. Thus, inside the room accumulates cold air. To prevent this, manufacturers use different types of insulation (in the manufacture of door leaf between the steel sheets of the frame fit a layer of insulating material).

Entrance metal doors with a thermal break are the warmed designs in which cloth there are layers of a heater and the special thermoisolating laying. It is the latter that have low thermal conductivity. Most often they are polyamide inserts of different thickness, located between two insulants and in other vulnerable places, reducing heat transfer from one material to another.

Thermal doors are intended for leveling the effect of temperature differences between the street and the room.

Design features (what's inside?)

When choosing insulated entrance doors for a private house, it is necessary to study the design features and parameters of such products. Thermal doors have excellent performance properties due to the special production technology.

The design of street doors with a thermal break consists of the following elements:

  • external and internal sheets of steel - installation is made directly to the metal frame by welding and special fasteners;

  • main insulation - often two or three layers of different materials with heat insulating properties are used;

  • thermal break - represented by several inserts (pictured in the section of the canvas and the door frame);

  • locking mechanism - usually a secure lock is installed with powerful bolts for locking and locking the door;

  • Seals - special rubber gaskets along the contour of the door and in the door frame to increase the heat and sound insulation;

  • powder coating is used to protect the metal from negative external influences and make it more aesthetic.

Main advantages

Thermal break iron doors are renowned for their unsurpassed quality. Recently they have become very popular in Russia, especially in regions where the air temperature does not exceed 0 ° C in the fall and winter. But, like any other products, thermal doors have advantages and disadvantages of operation.

The main advantages include:

  • Good thermal insulation. Sealed door leaf will keep the heat indoors, which will significantly reduce the cost of heating the house.
  • Excellent noise isolation. Warm stainless steel products have good sound insulation, but the cost of such products will be slightly higher.
  • High strength. Due to the special design of the frame and the use of steel of sufficient thickness, the doors withstand various mechanical shocks.
  • Long service life. With proper installation and moderate operation, the front door with a thermal break will serve you for several decades.
  • Frost resistance. A special feature of the thermal door in a private house is the absence of condensation on the surface of the structure, even during severe frosts (the sheet does not freeze through).
  • Existence of an external protective layer. Decorative powder coating eliminates the appearance of corrosion on metal surfaces, retains a decent appearance of the canvas and increases its service life.
  • Quick installation. Installation of the entrance door with a thermal break can be done in a couple of hours, but installation is better to entrust to experts because of the large weight of the canvas.

Now the market offers a wide selection of iron door designs. You can find models with fittings in gold or bronze, products from composite materials, with glass inserts.

Cons thermal doors

Before buying, be sure to study the technical characteristics and parameters of the door design. But remember that all such models have certain disadvantages. These include:

  • Big weight of a design. To install the product in a private house alone will be very difficult, and not all openings can withstand such a mass.
  • High-quality installation. It is important to make sure that the door structure is installed correctly, the skewness, inclination and deformation of the canvas - all this can affect the insulation.
  • Doors can not withstand severe frosts. If you live in the northern regions, then after a while the external insulation will become more subtle, which will lead to drafts.
  • Supply and exhaust ventilation is required. Thermal doors protect the house from cold, frost and moisture only with a minimum amount of condensate, so there must be good ventilation in the room.
  • Boring and monotonous design. Most models in this category are similar to one another, the designs consist of straight sheets without any decorative inserts.

Popular manufacturers

There are many companies that offer similar products. Both economy-class doors and elite models are presented on the market, which allows the buyer to choose a non-freezing door according to their financial capabilities. Based on customer reviews, you can make a rating of the best manufacturers whose products are of high quality (see table below).

Manufacturing company

average price

Brief description of doors

"ProfMaster", trademark "Nord"

20,000-31,000 rublesTwo-three contour models, do not freeze, steel 1.5-2 mm thick is used.

18000-39000 rublesThe doors of the Argus-Heat series have a blade thickness of 72 mm, an outer sheet of metal thickness of 1.8-2 mm, and a powder coating.
The Guardian

25000-60000 rublesThe minimum thickness of the door leaf is 93 mm, steel is 1.6-2 mm, a polymer powder coating, the possibility of decorative plating, glass inserts.

25000-33000 rublesSteel - 1.8 mm, reinforced with 15 stiffening ribs, four-layer filling of the leaf, door leaf thickness - 100 mm.

29000-40000 rublesHeat-saving doors with web thickness up to 118 mm, five layers of insulation, three layers of protective metal coating.

29000-88000 rublesCloth - 85 mm, heat insulation of four layers of insulation, powder coating of metal, plating with decorative panels.
"City of masters"

21000-37000Insulated doors of the "MeDver" series, leaf thickness from 74 to 105 mm, steel is used - 1.5-2 mm, two or three layers of insulation.

Recommendations for selection

Choosing an iron front door with a thermal break for a country house, do not forget about the purpose and requirements for such products:

  • These doors are not designed for indoor use (this solution does not have any rational or aesthetic benefits).
  • Quality models should be made of steel sheets with a thickness of at least 2 mm. This metal protects the zone of rupture during extreme cold and heavy precipitation.
  • The standard web width is 860 mm, the thickness is better to choose up to 100 mm. If necessary, you can order the door according to individual parameters, the master will make it in a short time, coordinating with you the material and type of insulation.
  • For reliable fastening and long-term operation, these doors should be equipped with durable hinges, reliable locking mechanism and quality fittings.
  • It is preferable to choose models with levers for fixing the canvas in the door frame. This will increase the degree of protection against hacking.

Thermal doors - this is a great option for a private house or cottage. They look advantageous in any design of residential premises, reliable, practical, durable and, most importantly, protect from cold weather, strong wind and background noise.

By the choice of such a door design should be approached with special responsibility. Before buying, be sure to check the quality certificate for the product, read the specifications and dimensions. It will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with customer reviews about products from different manufacturers. This will allow you not only to choose the best model, but also to save a small amount of money.

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