Selection of color laminate for different rooms

It’s hard to name a newer flooring material than laminate. He immediately became one of the most frequently used for self-finishing floor in the repair of apartments. He fell in love with the fact that its installation is simplified by the fact that the thorn-groove lock helps to create a monolithic coating without gaps and differences in height.

The color spectrum of the laminate floor is quite wide - from white to dark brown and black.

The first types of laminate had one major drawback - they were afraid of moisture; the appearance of PVC coating lost its appeal from direct contact with even a small amount of water. Now you can cover this wood material in almost all areas of the apartment. Increased resistance of certain types of laminate to water is achieved by a special selection of resins in the composition of the panel and to cover its laminating layer.

Most often on sale you can find panels with a pattern imitating natural wood, both in appearance and in texture. The rough surface reduces the possibility of falling on a wet floor. The drawing of the tree gives the room warmth and comfort. However, it is not always possible to choose the perfect color of the floor covering the design of the room due to the mixing of colors and styles in the interior of its overall design.

Due to the many shades of laminate and the same size of the panels, it is possible to create a combined coating.

Tips on choosing laminate for a combined floor

Creating a floor covering in the living room and bedroom of two shades of wood must comply with several rules.

  • It is better to use one shade from cold color scale, and another from warm. Such a selection of colors in the coating will not only advantageously emphasize the current interior of the room. With the next redecoration, the choice of wall color will no longer depend on the chosen color of the laminate.
  • For a room with dark cabinet furniture, a laminate of muted but not very light tones would be the best use. For example, the gray color of a snag is in perfect harmony with a beige tint. When using ocher, it is better to replace the gray shade with brown.
  • Not bad gray shade in the floor covering is combined with a lighter almost white tone. But here the color of the floor dictates some restrictions in choosing the color of furniture and wallpaper for walls.
  • The presence of one of the two elements of the floor of a dark brown color with the correct selection of the second shade is an excellent addition to the interior in any color scheme. When using a combination of this color in the white bedroom floor, the second color should match the interior of the room. If in the main elements of decoration there is a varnish gloss or gloss, it is better to choose a pure white material. Bedroom in matte colors will seem warmer if the second floor element has a shade of cream, ivory or melted milk.
  • Using two contrasting tones in flooring is the exception, not the rule. The domino effect on the floor requires a certain selection of tones in the interior, which is difficult to do without an invitation from the designer. In the selection of two colors of laminate it is better to take the design of a wooden chessboard as a standard.

If you do not think about the next repair, then you can use for the flooring and other types of laminate - green, blue, bright yellow.

Selection of tones of laminate for the bathroom, kitchen, corridor

Choosing a floor covering for the hallway, the sanitary unit and the kitchen, the first requirement for it is the increased moisture resistance of the laminating layer. In places where water can get on the coating, you must use a moisture-resistant laminate. Its choice is not less wide, besides it is possible to pick up necessary coloring to any tone of walls and a ceiling.

The walls, paneled with PVC panels, easily harmonize with most shades of wood, but for smaller rooms it is quite possible to use brighter colors.

By the turquoise walls suitable rich blue color of the floor. You can use the alternation of yellow and blue panels in a checkerboard pattern. So a small bathroom will look sunny - very bright. The black floor will perfectly set off the white walls, but in the square room of the bathroom this floor option will visually narrow the space even more.

For the kitchen, the choice of bright colors of the laminate is not very advisable due to the fact that something may spill or fall on the floor during cooking. The ingress of fruit or vegetable juice can, even with immediate cleaning, stain the surface of the bright laminate. To cover the cooking area and the dining area you can use a laminate of two different colors.

Directly at the stove and the cutting table, it is better to use a dark cherry, rich brown laminate;

Laminate for corridor

Not only the theater begins with a hanger. Guests receive the first impression crossing the threshold of an unfamiliar home. Hence, the hallway should be exemplary, not only in order, but also in design. Quite often you can find in the design of panels materials imitating the look of natural wood, brick, natural stone. It is rather inappropriate for such a design of the walls to leave the floor covered with oil paint or to lay the linoleum with a carpet pattern.

It is not difficult to choose a laminate to match the walls, but it will create an effect of a confined space that resembles an elevator. People suffering from claustrophobia in this interior will be extremely uncomfortable.

For walls covered with floor-to-ceiling panels, it is necessary to choose a floor covering slightly darker than the walls themselves, and the laminate should be laid from the wall where the entrance door is located.

In a small square hallway, it is better to avoid clear lines on the floor at all. There are two options to avoid this - use laminate with a pattern under a natural stone or make a two-color floor with a shift of the panels in the adjacent rows on 1/3 of the panel.

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