The laws of choosing the color of the floor - a combination of elements of the house

When creating an interior it is very important to choose the color of the floor - this gray cardinal of the interior will certainly play its part. The right combination of colors of walls, doors and floors will help to achieve any desired effect - from expansion to stretching the space. You do not need to guess, because the laws of color combinations have long been developed by designers. Just use their tips to bring harmony to the interior of your home.

The laws of color selection

The color range of the floor and the door is a bit limited, rather than in the design of the walls with wallpaper or paint. However, when you come to the store, you will see a fairly wide range of tint laminate, wood flooring, linoleum, baseboard or tile. The first thing you need to determine which floor you need is dark or light. Both options are good and appropriate, if they are used for a suitable room and design.

What effect creates a shade of sex:

  • Light shade is an excellent reflector and space magnifier. In addition, it gives the space a feeling of purity and freshness combined with a light touch of the walls. This is a universal solution for the living room and bedroom. However, if you combine light floors with wallpaper cool in shade, then an uncomfortable atmosphere can turn out. This is especially true of the northwest layout of the rooms;
  • dark shade is stability, style and bright contrast, provided it is diluted with light wallpaper for walls, furniture and decorative elements. The combination of a dark floor and the same doors can bring gloom. While the use of contrasting accessories to match the floor on a general light background looks very harmonious. But this solution is only suitable for rooms that get enough sunlight.

There are convenient special online applications that help to choose the right color combination to the wallpaper and other furnishings in the apartment.

One of the fashionable methods is the game of contrasts, when the white floor is combined with almost black furniture and vice versa. The same applies to the color of the doors, contrasting with the floor. Such techniques will negate the possible excessiveness of white and the severity of black.

Features color flooring in the kitchen

In the kitchen and in the corridor, unlike other rooms, you can use tile or linoleum, which gives plenty of room for imagination. And there are no boundaries, because in the kitchen you can put a bright red, yellow, green tile, and to avoid excessiveness, alternate it with white. Correctly combining such a floor design with tile on the walls and the color of the facades, you will achieve a cheerful and cheerful atmosphere. In this kitchen you will want to create exquisite and original dishes.

However, the rigorous colors of the flooring are also popular in the kitchen. This is a classic style, Provence (How to make the kitchen in the style of Provence: tips and tricks), which has the beauty realized in natural colors. Current trends in kitchen floors are laminate flooring, imitating powerful oak floors of ashen, chocolate and almost black colors.

When choosing Provence, please note that the entire kitchen interior must comply. Everything should be harmonized in a rustic style: textiles are matched to the wallpaper, the shade of furniture to the floor.

Color of the floor, ceiling and walls - simulate space

It is no secret that using colors you can transform and change the perception of space beyond recognition. Depending on your goals, choose the option that emphasizes the dignity of the room and hide the disadvantages.

The effect of a combination of different colors:

  • the light color of the floor, walls and ceilings will make the room flying and spacious, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can achieve a pale and cold room. To break the monotony will help one of the walls pasted with bright wallpaper;
  • dark floor, light ceiling and walls of pastel colors also give the effect of expanded space, but without impersonality;
  • light floor and ceiling, dark walls horizontally pull the room, making it below. This effect is especially vivid when there is a large window or one light wall;
  • the dark shade of the floor and walls in combination with the white ceiling create a basement effect.

It is obvious that neither the basement nor the white infinity is undesirable, for any of the rooms, especially, it is inappropriate in the kitchen and in the bedroom. But excessively white hall can be saved with the help of dark expressive baseboards and doors, for example, by lowering it from heaven to earth.

Three players - floor, furniture and doors

How to choose the color of the floor and baseboard, if you already have furniture? How to choose the door - in one tone with the floor or in a contrasting color? These are the right questions, because these elements of decoration in your apartment or house are not planned to be changed for many years.

The color of furniture and floors

The obvious and first rule for this pair is that the floor should be at least two tones lighter than the furniture or noticeably darker. Otherwise, your furniture will simply "disappear" against the background of the same sex. Put a contrasting carpet on the floor, and then the problem of the same tone and furniture will be solved.

The best combinations of floor and furniture:

  • grayish-white floor - dark-colored furniture, for example, wenge or dazzling white furniture;
  • warm light wood floor colors - bright, chocolate or white furniture. It is appropriate to use the gray color in the furniture due to the contrast of the warm floor and the cold shade;
  • dark walnut floor - pastel furniture from white, cream to delicate peach. Accents from bright upholstered furniture are not excluded, but warm shades, cold ones should be dosed out in order not to get a strict atmosphere.

Some designers choose black furniture to a dark floor, following trendy trends, but the room takes on a frown. When placing accents, do not forget that no more than three primary colors should be used indoors. You can choose the color scheme online using the services of the World Wide Web.

Much depends on the place that you are setting up - the bedroom can not be a place of bright contrasts, then in the living room and in the kitchen you can afford more courageous experiments.

Color doors and floors

There are only two directions in the combination of colors of doors and floors:

  • in one color;
  • bright contrast.

In the embodiment of the first option, when the door and the floor will be made in the same color scheme, it is better that the door was a couple of tones lighter. This will allow you to logically perceive the space from top to bottom - from a light linen to a darker floor. If the doors and the floor are white, then the room needs contrasts in the form of saturated accessories, walls or furniture. In this case, the plinth should not be white, otherwise you will get a shapeless space.

Conversely, dark doors and the floor are appropriate only where the walls are pastel shades. But if we are talking about a small room, for example, a bedroom or a kitchen, then it is better to abandon the dark floor in a duet with a dark door. Enough of one rich dark door and a bright accent is provided. In this case, the floor can play a second violin, made of a material in the color of light pine.

One of the trendy directions is to combine light walls with dark floors and wenge-colored doors, selecting similar dark skirting.

Many people underestimate the role of the plinth, and in fact it helps to effectively draw out the space, playing on contrasts, while not losing in space. And there are skirting for ceilings (baguettes), which may also have a color different from white. Try such plinths, and you will see how much more interesting will be any room in the apartment.

As you can see, there are many possibilities, there are no hard and fast rules, only recommendations, and therefore it is easy to choose the color of the floor. Following the recommendations, you will not go wrong with the choice and arrange the original and at the same time harmonious interior design.

The laminate market provides unlimited possibilities and colors - from bleached oak to stylish black shades. Modern technologies make it possible to realize any wildest imagination, for example, in the technique of filler floor. But remember that the motley floor patterns can quickly get bored, so it is better to stay on the classic natural colors and flooring materials in the apartment or house. In order not to be mistaken, use online programs that help you choose the colors of the interior.

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