Dark laminate: combinations and disadvantages (38 photos)

Most consumers choose flooring based on durability, ease of installation and maintenance, and affordability. Due to this, the laminate keeps the lead despite the widest range of possible options. It is ahead of the demand for linoleum, parquet and carpet. Dark laminate in the interior holds a leading position in its segment in terms of consumer demand.

The advantages of laminate:

  • Resistance to external influences. The coating does not fade, does not fade, does not change color under the influence of aggressive components of household chemicals, which is used to wash it. The protective overcoat prevents stains from entering the material to such an extent that they cannot be cleaned.
  • Undemanding You do not need to buy along with the laminate a whole range of specially designed detergents, sponges, brushes.
  • External attractiveness and aesthetics. Laminate immediately adds room chic and nobility, it looks expensive.
  • Resistance to mechanical stress. There are no dents from blows left on it, the boards do not bend inwards and are not deformed, even after prolonged use.
  • A wide range of textures and colors. You can choose the option ideally suited to each specific room.

Dark colors for the floor

Dark colors of the laminate for floor design are original, intriguing and elegant (and now trendy) design, claiming even exclusivity. It ennobles the room, while at the same time introducing notes of piquancy to the strict classical setting.

Among its undeniable advantages are the following.

  • The ability to make the wrong setting psychologically comfortable and cozy. Sharp color contrasts of the walls and furniture, sharp corners and poorly thought-out lighting will make dark laminate less visible, emphasizing that the room owners still have good taste.
  • Undemanding On a light laminate, the footwear prints, stains, and other debris are much stronger. Of course, this does not mean that it is not necessary to wash dark laminate.
  • Versatility. Whatever style in the interior you prefer, from classic and baroque to minimalism and hi-tech, dark laminate will be everywhere in the subject.
  • The game of contrasts. For this, he is loved by professional designers. Dark floor - this is what immediately catches the eye and dictates the requirements for the rest of the situation.
  • The ability to visually fill the void. If a large room looks pustovat, and any additions contradict the style, dark laminate - the best solution.
  • Showiness The coating looks more expensive than the bright counterpart.

Cover flaws

Of course, roses without thorns does not happen.

Dark laminate is not only solid pluses.

  1. The sun ruthlessly flashes on it the slightest specks of dust, feathers and specks. All aesthetics disappear instantly. Do not help the most dense curtains, never opened the windows and cleaning several times a day.
  2. There is a risk that a small room in size will turn into an uncomfortable cave.
  3. If you overdo it with the dark, the gloom of the situation, systematically oppressing the psyche, it is quite capable of instilling a sense of anxiety, self-doubt and into chronic depression. Although such a state, there are connoisseurs.
  4. You need to have a certain artistic taste to match the color of the walls, furniture and accessories that blend harmoniously with it.

Current options for home

When they say "dark laminate", it does not necessarily mean pure black. This includes chocolate tones, and imitation of cuts of valuable wood, stone and other materials.

Now in the design of residential premises the following tones and textures are relevant:

  • "Mahogany". It is characterized by the finest gold or copper streaks on a warm chocolate background. On top of the board are additionally covered with a layer of pearl lacquer to enhance the effect of flicker.

  • "Rosewood". The perfect combination with the design of the room in gray and white. Its reddish tint can be beaten in a few brighter accessories.

  • "Ebony". Dark brown, almost black. Its gloom is softened by small yellowish inclusions that look like sunbeams.

  • "Cherry". It is difficult to call this shade dark in the full sense of the word. Rather, it is a transitional variant between light and dark, who took the best qualities from both. It looks good in any light, refines the interior and imperceptible dirt on it.

These are fairly traditional solutions. For those to whom they seem too boring, there are other types of dark laminate, allowing you to create a truly original and exclusive, memorable for a long time design.

Now in trend:

  • Imitation of natural stone. Real stone slabs are very expensive, and walking on them is uncomfortable. For those who are not ready to make sacrifices for the sake of beauty and authenticity of the interior, a laminate imitating a stone will suit. It is indispensable in ethnic interiors and country style.
  • Imitation of concrete. For those who like the 20s of the last century and constructivism, this is the perfect solution. In this style, like in no other way, brevity, coldness, and even some coarse straightness are claimed. Gray concrete harmoniously complements the black-white-gray decor.
  • Imitation of aging. The texture imitates small scuffs, cracks and scratches, creating the impression that the laminate has been exploited for quite some time. In this dirty and uncleaned, he does not look. If you prefer vintage, feel free to choose this option.

Before deciding on the color and texture, the following question arises. Choose a glossy or matte finish? Not in favor of the first option says that it is easy to scratch, and these scratches will be very noticeable. The second has the unpleasant property of absorbing light and sufficiently marketable.

Optimal combinations in the interior

The larger the room, the more justified is the use of a dark laminate that visually fills the void. He will turn small rooms into real quarters, especially if the walls are also dark. Partially rectify the situation mirrors and spotlights around the perimeter of the ceiling.

We must remember that the dark floor makes any other color more noticeable, adding brightness and depth to it. So be careful with rich color accents. Otherwise, the situation will bring nothing but irritation and headache.

The darker the floor, the more light you need. This applies to both natural and artificial lighting. Light will help to hide the joints, or vice versa, to focus on the structure. In the first case, the laminate is laid in the direction of the flow of sunlight, in the second - perpendicular to it. An interesting effect is the laying at an angle when the boards visually seem narrower or wider.

An absolute classic is the dark color of the laminate coating combined with light furniture and walls. You can not go wrong, choosing for them cream, caramel, vanilla, pearl gray, straw, ivory, butter, champagne, baked milk and tea rose. Use no more than two colors at a time.

It looks very cozy dark laminate with all shades of beige, chocolate and coffee for the rest of the situation. For expressiveness, make a few golden accents.

But a bolder decision, when it is complemented by dark walls, has a right to exist. It is popular with extravagant personalities, the psyche of which does not suffer in such an atmosphere of gloomy peace. If you are not ready to live in a cave, add to the atmosphere of cheerfulness. This will help you bright curtains, vertical stripes on the walls, bright accessories - rugs, sofa cushions, paintings, floor vases.

Choose from all shades for a decor muffled and scarlet, bright turquoise and golden-beige.

The combination of an impenetrable black floor with snow-white walls and furniture looks no less original. The situation should be very concise. Suitable styles minimalism, avant-garde and high-tech. This design is not recommended for the bedroom and nursery, where the sharpness of the colors will not allow to calm down and relax. Slightly soften the atmosphere pastel colors. Energetic add bright juicy shades.

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