Carpets in the house for comfort and beauty

In Soviet times, the carpet was an integral attribute of the hall or hallway in almost every apartment. But this piece of furniture has a much richer history. From the moment of their appearance, the carpets in the interior served as decoration for dwellings. In the East, they fenced off whole rooms, and such a design was the prerogative of very wealthy people.

In medieval Europe, carpets were a sign of the wealth of powerful and influential lords, they were covered with entire walls of castles, which, among other things, also warmed the interior of massive stone structures and created a certain comfort.

However, with the collapse of the USSR and the opening of the iron curtain, Moldovan carpets changed other ways of decorating the interior of the hall and the hallway. And the carpets in the interior of the apartment became associated with the "scoop". And it is completely in vain. A well-chosen and high-quality burgundy or white carpet in the living room, hall, hallway or any other room can be the very finishing touch in the design, which is so lacking in many apartments and private houses and which will add comfort to the dwelling. The modern market is ready to offer a lot of carpet products of various shapes, sizes, colors and options, examples of which can be seen in any large construction supermarket or shopping complexes such as Ikea.

Carpet on the wall in a modern house

Many people mistakenly believe that the Moldovan or European carpets in the modern interior of the hallway is a relic of the past, a sign of bad taste or its complete absence. However, this is absolutely not the case.

The rules for decorating the interior of a hall or hallway have changed significantly since the end of the last century, but the carpet on the wall has not lost its significance, although it has lost such universal popularity.

Moldovan and European wall carpets in the interior of a living room or hall from Ikea can be both a center of the exposition and a harmonious and concise addition. The design depends on the prevailing style of the room and the preferences of the owner. At the same time, the wall carpet in the interior of the living room or hall can be appropriately looked both in modern style and in strict classics, and in modern hi-tech, creating coziness and comfort in the room. The color of the carpet and the pattern of the carpet can be anything: a blue carpet can contain a black and purple pattern or even a bright and modern print.

Carpet in the interior in the colors of "zebra" from Ikea will bring a touch of freshness and originality to the interior of the hall, and luxurious oriental carpets will give the room refinement. Carpet on the wall can be the finishing touch in the interior. This item will emphasize the cosiness of the atmosphere and the comfort of the room, will make the space of the room more spacious, bright and warm.

With the help of a properly selected carpet, guests can focus their attention on certain interior items or simply select a functional area.

Carpet on the floor

Floor carpet "zebra" from Ikea with proper approach will give the interior a special "zest". It is important to observe the harmony of the situation. Blue, black, purple, burgundy or any other carpet should complement the room, but not specify the design. Although there are good examples of exceptions.

Of course, using a burgundy or red carpet of a Soviet-style apartment decorated in a modern style is not a good idea. It will look good white, black, purple or blue carpet from Ikea.

Colors such as burgundy and red may well become part of the modern interior of the hall, if you choose the right shade and pattern of the product. A good option would be to use a design that includes colors like "zebra". The form is important. The oval or round blue carpet of the shaggy will give the room more streamlined and concise, and also smooth out sharp corners. For the interior of a living room or a hall in Art Nouveau style, large products in zebra color, occupying most of the area, are perfect. At the same time there should be a short distance from the walls or furniture, otherwise the interior can get cluttered and inconspicuous appearance.

Before you pick up the carpet to the interior of the hallway, bedroom or living room in modern style, you must make sure that all the furniture is in its place. A large oval or round blue, burgundy or purple shaggy carpet with a classic or original zebra pattern is more suitable for a room furnished with high-legged furniture.

If most of the interior has a solid massive base, it is better to opt for relatively small carpeting.

To blue, black, burgundy, purple or any other carpet looked appropriate, it is recommended to leave at least 20 centimeters free distance from the baseboards. For spacious and large rooms decorated in modern style, this indent should be at least half a meter. The form and design at the same time can be any.

The floor carpet shaggy from Ikea looks very good when laid between furniture. In order to harmoniously fit the round burgundy carpet in the design of the living room or hall, it is recommended to leave a small distance from the sofa to the carpet, about five or ten centimeters.

Coffee or dining table, on the contrary, should be on the carpet. At the same time, not only the legs of this piece of furniture should fit on the palas, but also there should be a space of about 60 centimeters around the edges.

Space zoning

Oriental or Moldovan Ikea carpets in the interior of the apartment are perfect for dividing the space of the hallway, bedroom or living room into functional areas. In the same room you can use several different carpet products at once, which will differ in shape and size. But at the same time it is important to make the colors and design of these elements coincide. The recreation area can be distinguished as follows: the sofa can fully or partially stand on the palace sheggi, and the chairs can be outside. Thus, the interior will not look monotonous, which is quite in the spirit of modern style.

To create comfort, you can throw a couple of small and warm zebra-colored carpets around the chairs, which will be nice to put your feet on.

Burgundy, blue or other carpet in the interior of the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style can be either small or take up most of the room. In the first case, the black or any other carpet should lie directly beside the bed so that you can stand on it before you go to bed. Moreover, a warm and soft white, black or zebra-colored mat will be very useful in the winter when the floor is cold and not only walking on it is not very pleasant, but also fraught with the possibility of catching a cold.

Carpet emphasizes style

Carpet should be chosen in such a way that it emphasizes, but does not set the interior design of the hallway or any other room. For rooms that are decorated in bright colors, such as rich green or purple, the carpets of the shaggy are suitable for soothing bed tones; white or black colors are also suitable, including the zebra color. And vice versa - bright carpets with an original design are best suited for rooms that are kept in calm light or neutral colors.

If the room is decorated in dark and cold colors, then a bright spot on the floor will “revive” the interior and make it warmer. For example, for rooms decorated in minimalist style or in modern style, yellow-red, purple-black or green color of the carpet is well suited. Before you choose a carpet to the interior, you should take into account the fact that the texture of the product itself is heterogeneous, and this can be used to create a contrast to a sleek, streamlined interior.

Carpets with a long nap are very well combined with solid furniture and spacious leather chairs. And for classic style, oriental trimmed carpets with a short nap and dense weaving are better suited.

Color performance

When choosing a carpet for the living room, bedroom or hallway should be considered, first of all, the fact that the interior design should ultimately look harmonious. And therefore should achieve a successful combination of flooring with furniture and other furnishings. The main color of the interior should be repeated in details: pillows, accessories, vases and decorative elements.

Fragments of the pattern of the carpet shaggy at the same time must be in harmony with the largest objects of the room. This can be a bed, sofa, wardrobes or chairs depending on the room.

Also, do not forget about the combination of carpet with the floor. Even if the open floor is a very small part of the area. For floors of cool shades, carpets made in warm colors are perfect. Natural shades combine well with the color and texture of natural wood, and with neutral modern or gray styles, rich colors: lilac, green, purple, pink, burgundy or olive.

Red-brown painted floor will look great in the company with a swamp-colored carpet or any green.

To emphasize the depth of the color of natural stone and marble, it is better to use carpets of light shades, ranging from white to beige or milky.

In some cases, it is appropriate to use a light blue, purple or pink color. The right choice of carpet can transform a room, breathe a note of freshness and life into the interior. When both mistakes in the selection may result in the room losing its gloss.

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