How to easily and quickly clean the carpet from wool: proven methods and affordable tools

Carpets always require extra care, like any material. Only timely cleaning guarantees the preservation of the presentable appearance of the product. This is especially true of apartments and houses where animals live. In this article we will look at how to clean the carpet from wool at home, what methods exist and which of them are the most effective.

General recommendations

It is important that animal hair is cleaned regularly, the more carefully - the better. Otherwise, even a healthy person may have an allergy (especially in children).

The amount of pet hair can be reduced by following simple tips:

  • Carpets should be vacuumed from time to time. The best option is once a week. If an animal has a molt, then the frequency of such a procedure should increase.
  • In those places where the animal sleeps, wool accumulates especially a lot. It is better to choose a special corner for this and teach your pet to be there.
  • Important and proper care of a dog or cat. To do this, periodically bathe and comb the animal, the last procedure is best carried out on the street during walking.
  • It is recommended to monitor the state of health of the animal. Frequent shedding can be signs of serious illness.

Regardless of the method of cleaning the carpet, other recommendations will become irreplaceable:

  • Before using any method of getting rid of animal hair on the carpet, it is recommended to walk with a vacuum cleaner using a standard nozzle. It helps to cope with dust and large debris. Then during the additional cleaning no obstacles will appear. The vacuum cleaner removes the villi located on the wool surface itself.

  • Before processing the carpet, wool is first removed from all surfaces that are above (upholstered furniture, tables, open shelves). Floors should be vacuumed, wiped with a damp cloth. Otherwise, you will not get the perfect result.

  • Abuse of wet cleaning is unacceptable. Carpets do not tolerate too frequent moisture. Viscose and natural materials tolerate it the least. Once a week - the optimum frequency is for wet cleaning. And each time the pile of the product must be carefully dried.

And now you can go to more specific advice about what tools you can use to solve the problem with wool for cat or dog owners.

Cleaning methods

How to clean the carpet from cat or dog hair? There are several proven methods that will be useful to all: this is the use of conventional brushes, and with a washing vacuum cleaner, and ordinary foam sponges, and even tape. The specific cleaning option is selected based on which of these tools are available to you.

Foam rubber is quite suitable for situations where the pile of carpets is not very long. But cleaning lint-free carpets is quite simple - here we assume the option with a roller, duct tape. The principles are about the same everywhere, they assume that the cleaning agent after the cat is simply carried out several times over the surface and it is possible to remove everything.

Vacuum Turbo Brush

Many modern models of vacuum cleaners have special brushes that rotate themselves. When cleaning the carpet, such a device can be used instead of the usual nozzles, because it works faster. But you need to remove everything slowly, only in this case, a sufficient amount of dog or cat hair will settle on the surface of the rotating brush.

It is worth noting that the carpets of silk and wool will not tolerate too frequent processing in this way.

Washing vacuum cleaner

Such processing will allow not only to remove wool or hair, but also other particles adhered to the surface. The washing vacuum cleaner has a special vacuum nozzle - it automatically monitors the supply of detergent, and the brush carefully and intensively washes out each bristle of the carpet. However, all the wool that has accumulated in the thickness will not be able to be collected even when using such equipment, and the carpet product will have to be taken out for drying after each harvest.

Wet broom

A regular broom dipped in water will help remove most of the accumulated wool. The excellent result of such a cleaning will be if you do not walk on the surface for a while, and then walk around with a broom again. Then there will be no trace of a cat or dog.

But we must take into account several points:

  • The method is suitable for homes where long-haired breeds of domestic animals live.
  • A broom is not able to remove short hairs that have become tough enough.
  • A broom will not brush out wool that has gotten too deep into the pile.

Wet brushes

In this case, we are talking about devices designed specifically for manual processing. Brush bristles should be of medium hardness. A basin of water must also be prepared in advance. The brush is moistened with water, then the wool is removed with it. The cleaning of the carpet from wool is carried out in the same direction as the pile of the carpet. Soft circular movements help, if the first time fails to achieve the effect.

It is necessary to rinse the brush from time to time, and then manually collect hairs from it that are wound on the bristles.

The method is labor intensive, but its effectiveness practically doesn’t cause any problems. Because of this, it is easy to collect wool of both medium and long length. In the presence of short-haired animals clean the same simple brushes.

Hard foam sponge

In any store of household goods can be purchased hard washcloths for cleaning. They rugs are also wiped in the direction of the pile. With such actions, the wool gradually rolls from one edge of the carpet to another. Movement should be only in one direction, as in the case of collecting water from furniture.

The sponge is thoroughly rinsed in water as it gets dirty. Just do not randomly move the device back and forth, otherwise the dog or cat hair will remain, and the surface of the carpet will spoil with high probability.

This method can be called effective, but it is relevant when working with dense carpets, equipped with a low pile.

Mop with a sponge

This tool has gained quite a wide popularity, because with its help cleaning the apartment is simplified many times. The tool looks like a regular mop, but instead of a wooden base, it is mounted with a sponge. Such a device was originally intended for cleaning floors and tiles, but with its help you can rid the carpet of wool.

There will be several recommendations:

  • A damp sponge simply causes the wool to roll off the surface.
  • It is enough to carry out the movements in one direction, and then it remains only to collect the pellets.
  • The sponge is periodically cleaned from previously adhering cat hair.

This cleaning has one main advantage - it does not contribute to excessive moisture of the pile.

Vacuum cleaner and fabric softener

Fabric softeners can also be used on carpets. Such means help to soften all the villi (in particular the dog's coat). Suitable not only means for linen, but also hair conditioners.

To clean, first take a spray bottle, into which about 200 ml of conditioner and a glass of water are poured. Everything is carefully shattered. The product is sprayed evenly onto the carpet, after which you need to wait a bit and then vacuum it.

Important! First try this option on a small area and only then go to the rest of the space.

Rubber gloves and special gloves

Rubber gloves have one main property - the hairs attract. In order to collect wool from the carpet or upholstery of the sofa, it is enough to put on medical models of gloves made of latex, wet them in water and walk along the surface.

Other products are also suitable for carpet cleaning:

  • Housekeeping. They are used during wet cleaning in the house, as well as when cleaning plumbing with aggressive agents.

  • Special mittens. These gloves are sold in pet stores and are designed to care for dogs. On the one hand, made of dense rubber and have some thorns.

Brushes and scrapers used for windows

Rubber is generally a material that attracts all sorts of lint and hairs and contributes to the fact that wool rolls off any surface. It is enough to take a brush or a scraper with a rubberized base, and then walk on the surface with quick and short movements. The tool must be periodically cleaned of cat hair, which sticks to it.

Sticky rollers

Sticky rollers are covered with appropriate tape, it all sticks to it, especially small hairs. Initially, such devices are designed for cleaning clothes, but they also do a good job with carpet cleaning. It is enough to send a simple video on the carpet in different directions, and walk on the surface several times. All dirt will stick to the tape, which is easy to clean.

The main disadvantage of such cleaning is that the rollers are very small, and they can even stop working if the cat hair sticks to the surface too much.

Scotch tape or tape

The principle remains the same as in the previous case. Just the device itself costs less. You can choose a tape or tape with a high degree of stickiness. For cleaning you just need to cut off a small piece of the product and move the sticky side along the surface of the carpet. If necessary, the tape is easy to change clean as soon as it gets too dirty.

Metal brushes for combing dogs

Metal brushes can be combed carpets just as the owners do with the fur of their pets. The process takes a lot of time, but the result will not disappoint. You can even get rid of particles that are clogged very deeply.

Carpets that have a short nap, such brushes cope worse. And you need to use the tool with care so that the carpet itself does not break.


Medium or large grain in this case is the best option. Long hair and soft hair are collected with the same efficiency. On looped and woven products, carpets with a long pile it is impossible to use such a device, it can damage and then remove the defect will not work.

Construction mastic

On the carpet, you can walk just the so-called "sausage" of mastic - this is a special non-hardening sealing material. Such a mass will be able to gather on itself literally all wool. As soon as the original properties are lost, you just need to replace the element with another. Mastic should remain only slightly sticky. In the same way, you can use any mixture with the appropriate qualities.

Clothes brushes

Brushes designed for clothing do not have long and stiff bristles, so this is a great option for delicate carpets that require particularly careful treatment. Thanks to this adaptation, the wool simply rolls into lumps, after which it is very easy to remove it.

This is one of the long and painstaking cleaning methods, but it allows you to get the desired effect with minimal cost.

We have listed the main methods of cleaning from wool. Your task is to choose an option that definitely will not harm the pile and the base of the carpet product. It is better when there is an opportunity to contact specialists for work. They will do everything for a low price, and the quality and results will not be in doubt.

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