How to remove wax or paraffin from the carpet: effective removal methods

As an attribute of home holidays, romantic evenings, family events often use candles. A beautiful flame creates an unforgettable atmosphere of celebration, but one embarrassing moment can spoil the pleasant impressions - getting wax or paraffin on the carpet, carpets, paths. It is especially offensive if the product is new, expensive, with a thick long nap. There are several ways to remove wax from the carpet so as not to damage the textile base and completely remove the candle stain.

What is wax

By its nature, wax is an organic compound, which is formed as a result of the vital activity of bees. Hardworking insects secrete wax with special glands. The color of the product of honey bees varies from white to yellow-brown-brown. It is a complex solid compound, which consists of esters, fatty acids, aromatic and mineral substances.

When it comes into contact with fabric and textiles, the melted wax hardens and a greasy stain forms with particles of a bee product. Normal washing with water and powder will not help to remove contamination if the residue is left on the tablecloth, towel, clothes. And with a dense carpet textile to eliminate the wax stain is even more difficult.

To remove stains in an effective, gentle way, you need to know what the candles are made of. They are made from a mixture of paraffin and stearin, natural beeswax, palm, soy wax, rare and expensive varieties are used for scented candles, therefore different methods are used for cleaning contaminated products.

Methods for removing wax from carpet

The property of wax to harden when frozen and melt when heated can be used to effectively remove stains from carpets, carpets, carpet, paths from natural, artificial, mixed material.

Means for cleansing is selected based on the composition of the product, the vastness of pollution. Handmade carpets, products made of viscose and silk require a delicate approach, so it is better to entrust the matter to specialists from dry cleaning. At home, hostesses use the available tools available in every home to remove wax stains from carpet textiles.

Method 1: Salt + Vinegar + Soda

Spots from paraffin candles should be removed immediately after the formation of pollution, so that dust does not sit on the paraffin wax - this can cause the carpet to darken. Quickly wash off stains helps the use of the composition of salt, soda and vinegar.

How to remove wax from the candle from the carpet in a gentle way:

  1. The components are combined in equal proportion.
  2. Grind to a homogeneous mass.
  3. Apply the mixture to the place of pollution on the carpet.
  4. Leave the composition to complete drying.
  5. Clean the surface with a soft bristled brush.

The method is more effective for fresh paraffin stains. When the wax hardens, it is necessary to preheat the remaining dirt with a hot spoon.

Method 2: Turpentine and Ammonia

On light carpets, traces of wax are more noticeable, more difficult to clean. It will help solve the problem of preparing a mixture of turpentine and ammonia.

How to remove wax from the carpet, if the material is light and delicate:

  1. Combine components for the mixture in equal proportions.
  2. Sponge apply the resulting composition to pollution.
  3. Leave the product and dry for thirty minutes.
  4. Gently scrub the residue with a soft brush.
  5. Allow the product to dry at room temperature.

Important! It is not recommended to dry the wood with a hair dryer or heating devices after treatment. Drying in this way can lead to material deformation.

Method 3: aggressive

With extensive and deep stains, removing wax from carpet textiles is difficult. Therefore, the hostess use a more aggressive method of exposure. Clean products with solvents, which include white spirit, kerosene, acetone, refined gasoline.

How to clean stains from the carpet in an aggressive way:

  1. Dampen cotton pad in solvent.
  2. You need to carefully clean the wax spot.
  3. Purify contamination until completely removed.
  4. Perform cleaning with the traditional method - wash off dirt using soap solution, powder, shampoo.

Important! Solvents should be used very carefully. When the product is treated with a substance with a strong odor, the procedure is performed in a well-ventilated area.

Alternative ways

If the contamination is deeply ingrained into the surface, freezing or reheating will help remove the candle wax or paraffin. Before using any method, it is necessary to harden the pollution, carefully scrape off the wax residue with a knife (stupid side), vacuum the crumbs. After rough cleaning on the car there will be a greasy stain. To remove it, apply cold ice or a hot iron.

Wax freeze

The use of ice cubes promotes rapid paraffin hardening, after which it is much easier to remove contamination. To wipe off the remaining fat spot, you need to act as follows:

  1. Ice packaged in a plastic bag.
  2. Apply to the contaminated area.
  3. Withstand until complete hardening of the wax.
  4. The blunt part of the knife removes dirt.
  5. Vacuum cleaned the remnants of candle wax.

After some time, the carpet needs to be washed with an aerosol, soap solution, shampoo or chemical cleaning agent.

Before using chemical agents, it is necessary to check whether the carpet does not fade from the use of compositions in an inconspicuous area. Some dyes dissolve easily, after which white spots may remain on the carpet.

Warming up wax

To remove traces of dried or fresh stains, an efficient and simple method using an iron and a paper towel is suitable. Hostesses successfully use this method when cleaning textiles from different materials.

How to clean paraffin wax from a carpet or remove wax by heating:

  1. Put on the stain paper towel, you can use a package of brown paper.
  2. Turn the iron on to the lowest heating temperature with the steam generation option turned off.
  3. Slowly ironed a paper towel or bag several times without pressing down.
  4. Dirt is gradually absorbed into the paper, if traces remain, the procedure is repeated.
  5. The towel is removed, a clean cloth is put on the ironed place, and the iron is set to function as steam.
  6. Smooth the cloth several times, the carpet should be vacuumed of dirt.

Do not heat the iron too much so that the wax does not drip and the hair is not burnt. It is possible to use a hair dryer instead of an iron, and a paper towel to replace with dense packages.

Removing wax stains from carpets takes a bit of time if you start cleaning right away. It is problematic to launder delicate products, so as not to damage the material, it is better to entrust this work to professionals, and you can clean rough carpets yourself with improvised means. In order to permanently remove traces of contamination, finishing is carried out using household chemicals designed specifically for carpets.

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