Making the carpet of pompons do it yourself - exclusive handmade equipment

It is fashionable to decorate your house with unique things, made by yourself. Handmade homemade in the style of hand-made gives a good opportunity to show creative abilities, skills, imagination. An interesting solution to the decor of the interior is a soft carpet made of pompons with your own hands. The original accessory effectively complements the decor of the room, on a fluffy rug like to play young children. The product brings a touch of home comfort to the interior.

Preparation of materials

The main component of a carpet of fluffy pompons is soft yarn. In the arsenal of each hostess there are remains of several skeins of yarn, which can be used to make a nice rug. Matching colors is allowed in different ways, as fantasy tells.

Monophonic and multi-colored accessories, products made from different-sized pompons look interesting.

Materials and tools required for work:

  • Pompons are made from thick yarn of any composition - acrylic, half-woolen, wool, viscose. Alternatively, you can use old knitted items. They are spread on the yarn, soaked and allowed to dry under the weight for alignment.

  • Some wizards use trash bags to form pompons. Rugs turn out beautiful, moisture resistant, more suitable in a decor of a hall, a bathroom, kitchen. Products from the package look light and voluminous.

  • As a basis for sewing pompons used carpet canvas, tapestry canvas, mesh for covering greenhouses. You can independently knit the fillet net according to a hook pattern made of durable polypropylene yarn.

  • Additionally, you need to prepare a thick cardboard for templates, a large needle, scissors, compasses, a table fork (small pompons are made on it), a pen or pencil, and a crochet hook if necessary.

A set of tools and materials is not strictly required. When making circles on cardboard, the compasses can be replaced with a glass of the required diameter, and instead of threads you can use strips of knitted fabric from old clothes.

Tip! To make the carpet fluffy and voluminous, pompons are made with a diameter of 7-10 cm (outer size). You can use the same pieces or blanks of different sizes.

Carpet making

Handmade masters use various pompon carpet techniques:

  • When assembling an accessory from a yarn, the linear method is used - the threads are wound on a round pattern, cut after cutting.
  • To create small pompons, they use a common fork - they round the cutlery teeth around the yarn, then tie them in the middle with another thread, cut the edges with scissors.
  • Balls from the bags are made in a different way — polyethylene strips are wound tightly on cardboard rectangles, after which the blank is cut from one side, the pompon is tied up and trimmed.

In all three cases, a qualitatively made element is obtained, which keeps its shape well. It is easy to check - the ball for the carpet is crushed in the palm of your hand, the pompon is released, after which it must accept the initial volume.


The simple shape of the square can be effectively beaten up in the design of a soft soft ball floor accessory. Making a square rug refers to the classic technique of needlework. To make such a product, first you need to prepare your own pompons in the amount of 80-100 pieces.

To create medium-sized pompons, follow these steps:

  1. For the manufacture of carpet do not need to cut patterns - needlewomen wound yarn on your fingers. In order to make large fragments of the product, four fingers will be used, a small pompom two.
  2. The threads of the yarn are wound on the fingers in 15-20 turns, additionally they pull a separate free thread between the fingers to tighten the skein into a strong knot.
  3. Evenly distribute the yarn in the resulting bow, cut the loop. After fluffing the pompon, the excess edges of the threads are trimmed with sharp scissors.
  4. The threads with which the pompons are fastened are not cut, but are used to fasten elements to the base of dense fabric, building mesh.

After preparation, the elements must be sewn to the base - the grid. First, they sew the first row of 9-10 identical balls and form the remaining rows according to it. If you intend to make a large canvas, the blanks will need much more. It is necessary to take into account the diameter of the pompons in order to schematically make a square of them, as shown in the photo below.

It is necessary to tie the elements more tightly so that the finished product has a rich appearance, and under the pom-poms the base is not visible. Additionally, it is recommended to sew the edging along the edge of the rug, and from the seamy side sew dense fabric to hide the thread. From more fluffy yarn obtained magnificent balls for the carpet.


The original version of the carpet of pompons - a round shape. The accessory will fit perfectly in the nursery by the bed, in the living room, in the recreation area with friends, in the bedroom in front of the nightstand or dressing table. A soft round rug can be laid in the bathroom - the room will immediately sparkle with new colors.

You can make an accessory from colorful balloons or elements of different diameters, positioning pompons in a circle or in a spiral.

The master class for creating a round rug is quite simple. First we make blanks - pompons. They can be done in the same way as described above. Next, take the mesh and draw a circle of diameter you need on it with a pencil - this will be the basis of the future mat. It remains only to tie the finished pompons starting from the center, gradually filling the circle.

To simplify the process of making a soft mat, you can not tie and not sew pompons, but simply stick to the base with a hot glue and a gun.

The resulting product will look more airy if, when creating pompons on the fingers, to wind more turns of yarn and choose thick fluffy threads as the material.

Decorative mini rug

It is possible to create not only rugs from motley pompons, but also original capes for furniture. Such accessories look advantageous in the interior of the kitchen, dining room, children's room. To make a decorative mini-rug on a chair with your own hands, apply the technique of weaving pompons on a fork. The small size of the cutlery allows you to create compact pompons of the same shape.

Step-by-step master class on making pompons for the cape:

  1. Use a normal fork and yarn for work.
  2. Wind the threads on the cutlery teeth.
  3. Leave the elongated end of the thread to fasten.
  4. Pull the thread through the center of the wound yarn.
  5. Tighten the tight knot, remove the resulting bow.
  6. Cut the yarn at the ends - one pompon ready.

The number of fragments depends on the layout of the cape - square, rectangular, round. The threads with which the pompons are fastened, are pulled through the mesh basis of the future mini-rug, tightly interconnected, placing the balls according to the chosen scheme.

The photo shows several options for capes for chairs, armchairs, soft puffs. Each housewife will learn to make such accessories using simple threads of colored or monophonic yarn.

Plastic Bag Mat

The original idea for the hallway and bathroom - a washable rug of garbage bags. The product is soft to the touch, not afraid of moisture and dirt, easy to wash.

Master class on making accessories:

1. Cut two rectangular blanks from thick cardboard. The width of the patterns of 3 cm, obtained pompons 6 cm each.

2. The handle of the garbage bag must be folded in the form of a rope, laid between the cardboard blanks, the edges of the cardboard fixed with glue. Garbage bags are cut into strips of the required size, you will need 12-20 pieces. The strips need to be screwed onto cardboard blanks, leaving one edge free for fixing.

3. Tie a bundle from the handle of the bag into a tight knot, cut the strips on one side parallel to the rope, tie the pompon tightly and fluff it.

4. The finished balls are placed symmetrically on the grid, keeping the same distance between the fragments, as shown in the photo. Pompons are fixed on the grid with a strong knot.

In the manufacturing process, you can use black garbage bags and colorful bags T-shirts to make the mat more interesting in the design plan. From the bottom of the accessory you need to cut off the excess thread, you can additionally hem a fabric or a durable polyethylene base.

Fluffy carpet "Sheep"

The interior of the children's room should be colorful, uncommon, bright, so fluffy floor mats perfectly complement the decor and will appeal to children. The product looks like an animal that will please the child. The accessory can be placed at the children's bed, in the play or work area.

Master class on creating a lush carpet "Sheep":

  1. From the light yarn to prepare soft pompons in the amount of 29 pieces, including one ball on the tail of a sheep.
  2. Pompons are placed on the base in the form of a square in uniform rows close to each other, sew a tail in the center.
  3. From the thick gray yarn you need to bind the face of a sheep and two fragments on the legs of the animal.
  4. Pattern knitting faces: gain 88 loops on 4 needles, round knitting by 8-9 cm, diminishing loops on each circle in 4-D loops.
  5. The ears can be knitted with a hook by air loops, buttons and beads should be glued to the place of the sheep's eye, four rectangular legs should be tied (15 loops with 15 cm faces).

By the same principle, you can make a spectacular rug "Bear". For the product pre-make the scheme, which is based on a square, round or rectangular rug of pompons.

How to quickly make balls-pompons

To make the overall floor mats, you need to prepare a lot of pompons. This time-consuming work takes a lot of time, but the process of making balls can be accelerated.

A quick way to form blanks of any size:

  1. A small table or stool to turn up the legs.
  2. Tie yarn to one support, wrap a second support with it.
  3. Wind the threads evenly on the legs of the table or chair.
  4. Using a ruler to divide the yarn into equal parts.
  5. Drag the threads tight knots, remove the yarn from the legs.
  6. Cut each piece, straighten pompons, "cut".

Having quickly made the required number of blanks, you can start stitching pompons on the base. The wider the distance between the supports, the more fragments will be obtained at one time. Measuring different lengths on a hank, it is possible to form pompons of any diameter.

Web assembly tips

Making a carpet of pompons requires care and free time. To build even a small accessory you need to prepare about hundreds of pompons. After that, you need to fix the fragments on the base.

Simple recommendations, described below, will help speed up the work and master the technique of needlework:

  • Lush rugs are obtained with a dense arrangement of elements.
  • You can choose any base - grid, tapestry, canvas, canvas.
  • If there are threads left on the wrong side, they are covered with matter.
  • You can complete the design of the rug using the edge around.
  • To make a carpet-shape, you first need to draw a diagram of the product.

Children have an interesting accessory with combined pom-poms of different colors and sizes. You can form a rug in the form of any animal, additionally decorate the product with fringe.

Interior decoration by handicrafts is a fascinating creative process, with the help of which you manage to betray your own creative ideas and decorate the house with unusual accessories.

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