Children's puzzle mat: what are its advantages and which one is better to choose?

The children's puzzle mat is a unique product, it is optimally suited for the development and play of children at almost any age. The product is very functional, as it is simultaneously used as a toy, floor covering and an original decorative element. So, the child can add up the puzzle and continue to play on it. Such mats in assembled form are very convenient and comfortable for the baby. But in order to appreciate the soft modular coverage, it is necessary to approach its choice correctly.

Why buy a puzzle mat?

Parents should take a responsible approach to the choice of carpet, especially when it comes to the product in the nursery. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the products of well-known manufacturers - this is a guarantee of high quality goods. Children's puzzle mat must be safe for the child.

The soft puzzle mat will become an indispensable element in every home, it has many advantages, I especially want to highlight the following points:

  • The product can be used not only as a toy, but also as a floor covering, which will create a comfortable environment for the game.
  • The kid can easily fold or fold the canvas without assistance, which will allow to develop fine motor skills (especially if the size of the parts is small).
  • On such a rug, you can play, jump and run. The elements have a different shade and patterns, which allows them to be used for the development of the child.
  • Carpet puzzles for children's rooms have different designs and patterns. With the help of a floor mosaic, the baby will be able to learn the colors, numbers, the Russian alphabet and the names of animals.

As you can see, the advantages of such products are many and it is very popular among young parents. Puzzle mats for children - multifunctional products that can be used for various purposes. It is worth seriously considering the purchase of such a product for your child, however, when choosing, it is worth considering some features that we will discuss later.

Which is better to choose for a child?

In the first month of life, the crumb spends time in the crib or in the hands of the mother. But, it is temporary. Growing up, the kid seeks to know the world around him, and with time the bed for him will become cramped, he will want freedom and new knowledge. At this moment it is necessary to provide normal conditions for the child's play. The optimal solution here will be a puzzle mat. How to choose it correctly and what nuances should be taken into account, read on.


Unfortunately, many parents, in order to save money, spend a lot of time searching for toys and products that are more affordable. And this is wrong. When it comes to a child, you should not focus on cheap products - they can turn out to be of poor quality and become dangerous for the health of the baby.

When choosing a children's rug, the price is also of great importance. On average, it varies between 400-1800 rubles. The cost depends on the size, material of manufacture and design of the rug, the range is very large. If you choose the option more expensive, you can be sure that the product quality.

When you come to the store, ask the consultant about the advantages of this or that rug, ask for a quality certificate for the product - this is a guarantee that you will not buy a fake or low-quality product.


After studying the relevant documentation, you must carefully consider the mat. Particular attention should be paid to the material from which it is made. Today, products made of soft polymer are very popular - they are easy to clean, any pollution can be eliminated from the surface. This will preserve the original appearance of the rug for a long time.

Important! The puzzle mat must be soft and of sufficient thickness. Thin (less than 9 mm) and rigid models will lead to the fact that the baby can be injured.

Quality checking

Independently check the quality of products, without understanding its characteristics, it is difficult. However, there are several important criteria that should be followed when choosing a baby rug:

  • no sharp and unpleasant smell from the product;
  • high-quality and resistant coating that does not peel off;
  • after touching the hands there are no traces of paint;
  • the edges of the material at the joints are smooth;
  • there are no defects on the joined edges;
  • The material of manufacture is safe and does not cause allergies.

If your chosen product meets all these requirements, you can safely buy it, otherwise there is a high probability that the rug will lose its original appearance.

Mat dimensions

When choosing a mat you need to focus on the area of ​​the room where the child will play. If the room is large, then you can purchase an overall model of coverage. Thus, the baby will have plenty of room to play.

The game mat usually consists of 9 or 10 pieces of tiles. size 30x30 cm or 32x32 cm with different patterns.

You also need to analyze the thickness of the product. To protect your baby from bruises and the effects of falls, you must choose a kit with sufficient thickness. The best option is 15 mm.

Baby age

When choosing such a rug it is necessary to take into account the age of the child. Today on sale are models for children:

  • up to six months;
  • from 6 months to 1 year;
  • from 1 year to 3 years;
  • from 3 years and older.

For babies up to a year, a product with large and bright patterns will be the best solution. For older children, you can purchase coverage with various puzzles, numbers, pictures and letters. At the same time the size of one tile can be different.

Characteristics of rugs

The puzzle mat is a soft flooring. It consists of foam material, which has the following advantages:

  • low weight;
  • elasticity;
  • elasticity;
  • good depreciation;
  • environmental friendliness.

The coating may have a different shade. The elements of the puzzle are made monophonic or with the application of some kind of pattern.

The positive characteristics of the rug include:

  • Comfortableness Mosaic flooring is very soft and has good cushioning. The product resembles a mat, you can tumble on it, jump or just sit. The rug well smoothes out the unevenness of the base, so it can be used even on uneven floors.
  • Good thermal insulation. According to its properties, the mat resembles a warm floor. It is very comfortable and not cold to sit, regardless of the flooring.
  • Non slippery coating. On the surface of the puzzle there are notches or bumps, which eliminates the risk of slipping and getting injured.
  • Lack of smell. For the manufacture of a rug-puzzle do not use adhesives and chemicals, so it does not have an unpleasant smell. Of course, this applies only to quality models from reputable manufacturers.
  • Excellent sound insulation. Noisy games of children bring discomfort to the rest of the family. This is due to the fact that something constantly falls out of their hands, and when they hit the floor there is a noise. Soft floor mats easily eliminate this problem. They are often used in game rooms and even in gyms.
  • Ease of care. Organize a place to play can even baby. The rug is lightweight and quickly folds and unfolds. The coating is easy to clean. Eliminate clay, paint and other contaminants simply.

Among other things, the products have an original design. Bright coloring allows them to easily fit into the interior of any room. This is especially important for stationary mats that are large in size.

Main types

Puzzle mats are classified according to various parameters. So, if we talk about functionality, they are divided into:

  • Developmental. Thanks to bright colors and different patterns, the child gets to know the world around. In this way, he can learn colors, letters, numbers and more. Experts note that such mats develop spatial and geometric thinking in a child.

  • Gaming. From modules it is possible to build not only a flat covering on the floor, but also three-dimensional figures. They are very bright and soft. The kid will be happy to play with them.

  • Decorative. Due to the variety of colors and patterns, the puzzle set will become a unique decorative element. Basically, such models are of considerable size and are used permanently - they cover the entire gaming zone.

  • Wellness. Some category of goods has a special pimply surface - it performs a massage function.

Variants of drawings

The main criterion for sorting rugs is the subject of the image:

  • Animal world. On modules put various images of animals. Some models are equipped with sound devices, which, after clicking on them, emit a cry of a certain animal.

  • Underwater world. The elements depict fish and other marine life. In this case, the rug helps the baby to explore the world.

  • Berries, fruits and vegetables. These mats will allow the child to learn the names of products and learn to distinguish them.

  • Letters and numbers. When the child is several years old, the mat will be the original manual for learning. We play and quickly learn the numbers, the Russian and English alphabet. Of course, in the latter case 9 tiles will not be enough.

The range of rugs is quite diverse, so everyone can find a suitable option for their child. The main thing when choosing to follow the tips and recommendations that we have described in this article.

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