Do I need a carpet in the interior of the kitchen and how to choose it (requirements and goals of use)

Contrary to the opinion of many opponents of the carpet in the kitchen, current trends in the design of the kitchen space provide for its use. And this moment is not a novelty of design. This option was used in cultures of different nationalities. It was possible to observe homespun rugs in Russian huts and during a meal in Eastern culture from ancient times. How relevant is the carpet in the kitchen at the present time, and how to choose it? This is what this article will be about.

Advantages and disadvantages

The presence of carpet in the kitchen should be justified. Here the question is important - is it needed at all? Let's try to answer this task and list the main advantages of carpet products on the kitchen floor:

  • Carpet is an indispensable thing if there are young children or elderly people living in the house. This is justified by the fact that falls are possible at such ages, and the carpet will significantly soften its consequences. It is especially important if a tile is used as a floor covering.
  • The carpet perfectly performs the function of zoning, which visually expands the space in the room. Allocates a dining area, defining a place in the kitchen that serves as a living room or a dining room. This is especially important for large kitchens.
  • In kitchens of small sizes often use small rugs, which are located in the area of ​​the desktop. Hostesses, who spend a lot of time in the process of cooking, the product helps to relieve a bit of pressure on the legs.
  • A carpet is appropriate in the kitchen, where the flooring is laminate. In this case, it performs a protective function, preventing scratches and other defects on the laminate.

The rug allows you to give the design of the kitchen an original solution, to emphasize some objects and the chosen design style.

The disadvantages of carpet in the kitchen include:

  • rapid contamination of the pile on the product;
  • dust and debris also quickly gather under the carpet;
  • the complexity of the process of cleaning the kitchen;
  • quick wear - products used for the kitchen are often subjected to washing.

Primary requirements

Choosing a carpet in the kitchen, consumers need to understand what the main characteristics of the product should correspond:

  • It is necessary to acquire a carpet, for the manufacture of which solid materials were used. To simplify the care of the product, it is necessary that it is light and soft. It can be easily laid and assembled, and if the dimensions are small, then wash in the washing machine.

  • Since the kitchen belongs to the category of premises that quickly become contaminated, the carpet must always be cleaned and washed. Therefore, you need to purchase products from materials that are resistant to household chemicals.

  • In the case when the floor covering has a sliding surface, the carpet should be equipped from the seamy side with rubberized corners that can reduce the degree of slip. This will increase the safety of staying in the kitchen.

  • If several rugs are used, for example, for a dining area and for providing a workplace, then the problem is solved simply - the products are selected in one design solution.

  • If desired, you can purchase products that can provide a massage effect. Carpets with a special cushioning effect are also good - they allow you to reduce the load on the feet of the housewives during long cooking.

Carpet target

The main functional purpose of the carpet in the kitchen - the implementation of zoning. This allows you to solve several problems:

  • highlight the dining area for greater comfort and convenience;
  • reduce the degree of load on the floor from the legs of the table and chairs;
  • reduce the likelihood of dishwashing, as if dropped on the carpet, it may remain intact;
  • transform the design of the room, make a color accent.

Choice (what to look for)

The choice of carpet to the kitchen must be carried out according to several parameters, which in combination make it possible to realize the demands of consumers. What exactly the nuances should be noted below. Our recommendations will help you choose the model of the carpet that will fit both the interior and the functional purpose.

The size

A significant role is played by the size of the carpet. Some cover the floor completely with carpet, while others prefer a small carpet. In the latter case, it is necessary to choose the correct size of the product, otherwise it may not fit into the overall situation or look awkward.

The main requirement - the size of the rug for the dining area should be more than the dimensions of the table not less than 60 cm.

The form

On sale there are many options for carpets. The best option is to choose a form that will completely repeat the style of the table used for the dining area. This will allow to achieve the definition of lines and visually connect all components. The classic solution is square or round carpet models. Oval products are no less popular today.


The material for the rug in the kitchen should have good strength. This is justified by the fact that it is quite a large load. Models made from natural materials, for example, wool, react negatively to high humidity and household chemicals, quickly become dirty and are expensive - this is not the best option for the kitchen.

According to the recommendations of specialists, it is worth buying products made of synthetic fibers, for example, the advantage is a new material - polypropylene.


The basic principle in relation to the texture of a carpet product is that the smaller the nap, the more successful it is for use in the kitchen. If the carpet with a long nap, then clean it from stains and dirt is very difficult, because everything is absorbed directly into the fibers. The best option - beautiful lint-free products or carpet.


The optimal version of the carpet in the kitchen with non-marking colors. Unacceptable is the bright colors, which are visible on the slightest pollution. Even a small drop of coffee on a light carpet background will attract attention and create problems when cleaning it. The best choice is a dark or multi-colored carpet color. This fact will significantly reduce the work of caring for him.

How to fit into the kitchen interior

In addition to practical application, the carpet in the kitchen will be able to embody a lot of ideas in terms of organizing the kitchen space. We present several options for styles that can be a good solution for the kitchen.

Loft, minimalism, high-tech

Loft, minimalism, hi-tech - these are the styles of modern orientation. All of them have several identical features that are aimed at ensuring the functionality of space, the atmosphere of freedom, manufacturability, minimizing the burdensome details.

Loft first of all combines several factors that, according to some, contradictory among themselves. For example, the seeming lack of quality and well-thought-out practicality and luxury. Not only the carpet, but the decor of the room itself should go in parallel in the design.

Loft-style flooring - stone-like or wooden slats. Therefore, woven products of minimalist style are selected. An alternative can be lint-free rugs made of synthetic materials of almost smooth structure. For arranging the working area, you can use a mat, and in the dining area a felt and felt model is ideal.

Rugs in high-tech style associate practicality and conciseness. Kitchen decor is based on the use of metal and glass, and the flooring is cast or finished with ceramic tiles. Under these conditions, a lint-free version of the carpet is more appropriate. The shape is suitable rectangular, and the design - monophonic or with the presence of geometric patterns.

The minimalism style uses practical models that do not slide on the surface. In the color scheme preferred gray, black, brick shades, wood colors.

Rustic and retro

Retro style represents a variety of options. This is justified by the fact that it takes its beginning from Victorian times and did not lose popularity until the 50s. Therefore, the appearance of kitchens can differ dramatically.

The most popular style in the design of the kitchen interior is vintage. This is due to the fact that retro things of the 60s can be purchased without much difficulty.

The carpet in the interior of the kitchen of the English style is used from expensive materials, which, like furniture, has a noble color. Even a long nap is allowed. For the design of the room in the spirit of the 40s, bright handmade models are suitable.

It is interesting to look at the kitchen simple products - woven or hand-knitted. They are placed near the worktop and in the work area.

Classic, Modern, Art Deco, Gothic, Baroque

Requirements for rugs that can be laid in the kitchen, decorated in the appropriate styles:

  • For classics you need a carpet on the kitchen floor in the same color range. Mainly reserved colors are used: from beige to cognac, blue, olive, dark green, gray.

  • Art Nouveau style welcomes monochrome. Pretentious shades and shapes of textiles are not allowed, although some degree of curvature is possible.

  • Art Deco combines modern modern and neo-classicism. It involves a brighter design, and sometimes decor, built on contrast. Monochromatic models or carpets with large geometric patterns and ornaments are chosen.

  • Carpets with a large pile in purple, brown, yellow, blue color, which are located in the dining area and near the workplace, fully corresponding to the historical elements in the decor of the room itself, represent the Gothic design.

  • Laying the carpet on the floor in the Baroque style can be to give wealth and luxury. Refinement is the hallmark of such an interior. The carpet should not simplify the luxury of the situation, but on the contrary, emphasize it.

All the presented tips will help to make certain conclusions and choose the desired model of carpet in the kitchen. For more information, you can view photos in our gallery below or read the views of visitors to various sites, left in the comments.

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