Compact carpet 2 by 2 m - the perfect solution for any room

Cosiness and comfort give home-made interior high-quality carpeting with an original design and colors. Beautiful carpet 2x2 or 2x3 meters - the perfect solution for any room. The product can be placed in the area where the child plays, lay in the center of the room or by the bed. The compact copy will organically fit into the interior of the bedroom, decorate the kitchen, transform the study, living room recreation area.

When choosing carpet textiles, you need to pay attention to the composition, size and quality of the material. But no less important is the coloring. How to make the right choice?

Carpets 2 by 2

Outdoor textiles are selected, depending on the situation in the room, take into account the color of the furniture, design features, the purpose of the room. Small square carpets of 2 by 2 meters are combined with different styles of interior, effectively look with strict classics, challenging kitsch, laconic minimalism, sophisticated chalets.

Carpets 2 by 3

Children's rooms, kitchens, corridors, small bedrooms - in such rooms you can lay a small carpet. Here, the optimal choice will be a product of 2x3 meters.

For spacious rooms, it is worth buying models of a somewhat larger size - 2 × 4 m. In this case, you will not need to move furniture to cover the floor, since the carpet is partially placed under the sofa, armchairs.

The choice of outdoor textiles is an individual task, since the purchase is not made for one year and you need to take into account various factors.

In the online store of carpet products you can cheaply buy a carpet of any composition, shape, with a different length of pile, colors. Let's consider what materials modern carpets of small sizes are made of.


In the manufacture of carpet textiles manufacturers use high-quality natural, artificial and combined materials. Characteristics of the composition affect the service life, ease of care, product quality.

Here are the main types of floor textile composition:

  • Natural silk. Products are soft and pleasant to the tactile sensations, attractively shine due to smooth fibers.

  • Viscose. Due to its good absorbency, the products are painted in any colors, they are durable and resistant to abrasion.

  • Natural wool. Such products have the longest service life, retain heat well, but require frequent cleaning.

  • Polyethylene foam. Carpet 2x2 m of such material is environmentally safe, moisture-resistant, has no pile. Ideal for children.

  • Polypropylene. Textiles made of polypropylene yarn, the composition of which does not allow dust and dirt, the material for a long time retains a bright color.

  • Polyester (polyester). Relevant for children's room, kitchen, the composition is well resistant to strong pollution, frequent washing, cleaning.

  • Artificial yarn. The composition of synthetic yarn is half acrylic, so the carpet keeps its shape well.

  • Cotton. Lightweight, soft material, natural composition. Cotton carpets are decorated with bright patterns that do not require frequent cleaning.

  • Cork, bamboo. Products look spectacular in the living room, bedroom, but it is better to choose in the store large carpets for the entire area of ​​the floor in the room.

  • Microfiber. This is a soft, fluffy carpet with a long nap. Such products have good thermal insulation characteristics.

It is most convenient to choose carpet products via the Internet. In online stores are a variety of options for outdoor textiles. According to the catalog of products, customers can easily select models to their own taste, given the size of the room, the color scheme, and the quality of products.

If you decide to purchase a 2-by-2-m long pile carpet, then first specify the weight of the product. After all, the more weight, the denser is the pile.


The color scheme of the carpet for any room is selected based on the main interior. Textiles for children choose from hypoallergenic materials with high quality composition.

Depending on the design features of the room, you can choose compact versions of 2x2, 2x3 meters, or larger pieces of 5 × 3, 5 × 8 meters for overall rooms:

  • Calm interior in pastel colors complement the blue, light gray, peach, pink shades.

  • Saturated colors can be diluted with a neutral design of rooms, choosing green, orange, red products.

  • Deep blue, purple, gray, brown colors look favorably against the background of light furniture.

  • The beauty of the dark flooring is favorably accentuated by small (2x3 m) and medium (3x4 m) beige, milky, white carpets.

Design, that is, drawing, motifs, applications, patterns, carpet products match the setting. If strict geometry prevails in the interior, it is appropriate to lay the carpet in a simple design with a long or short nap. To neutral interior does not merge into a faceless spot, the floors are covered with bright carpets with floral, ethnic motifs, thematic drawings.

The products of manufacturers Merinos, Shaggy Ultra (Russia), Desso (Holland), Durkar (Turkey) enjoy wide popularity. Presents products of different sizes - from 1x2 to 8x1 meters.

Shaggy ultra

How to choose a carpet from the catalog

On the websites of online stores that sell textile products, an extensive range of carpets of any length and width, color and composition is presented. To the type and size of the product is fully consistent with the interior of the room, it is convenient to use the product catalog. The buyer does not need to sort the goods - just specify the search parameters in the proposed form.

Each section is one of the product characteristics:

  • The country of origin is Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Turkey and others;
  • Composition - frieze, cotton, wool, silk, hit-set, acrylic, synthetics;
  • The room - a carpet in the nursery, bedroom, living room, kitchen;
  • The size of the product is small (1 × 2, 1 × 3, 1 × 4), large (5 × 2, 5 × 3, 5 × 4), medium (2 × 3, 2 × 4), narrow (6 × 2, 6 × 1, 7 × 1), wide (5 × 8, 4 × 6);
  • The shape of textiles is oval, rectangular, square;
  • Style - classic, modern, abstraction, elite, design, hand;
  • Type of carpet - carpets, Shaggy carpets, walkways, carpet, mats;
  • Pile height - lint-free, classic (from 11 mm), with a long nap;
  • Color - light, dark, bright, neutral, ultra-saturated;
  • Price range - varies in each online store (for example, from 6,400 to 520,000 rubles).

Home textiles give the rooms a unique look, filling the rooms with an atmosphere of comfort and convenience. A wide selection of carpet products will help you easily determine the shape, composition, color, design of a chic or simple carpet.

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