Multi-level plasterboard ceilings in the living room and bedroom

The first thing that catches your eye when entering a room is the ceiling. Straight and white is already irrelevant and casts boredom. Multi-level coatings of unusual design with decorative elements and lighting cause a very different effect. Let us consider in more detail, what are the decorative ceilings of plasterboard.


There are a large number of suspended coatings that differ in shape, color and design. Supporters of the usual design are usually limited to a single-level composition in the hall. Those wishing to create something unique designers offer multi-level designs.

DuplexMost popular designs with lots of design options
Three levelThese decorative ceilings are very difficult to install, but they look amazing.
ColumnsWith the help of such simple and inexpensive elements you can complement any design.
ArchesThe room, decorated with arches, looks great

Two-level ceilings

Decorative plasterboard coatings in the hall or bedroom give an additional volume to the room, change its shape beyond recognition, making the interior more refined. The complexity of the design depends on the imagination of the designer.

Sudden drops or smooth flexible, built-in lamps or non-standard color finishes - all these features can be realized with the help of drywall. Parameters of the ceiling of the bedroom allows you to create different shapes: broken lines, corners and curves.

Depending on what kind of design in the bedroom, the floor can be decorated with painting or stucco. With the help of drops and thoughtful lighting, you can make a room zoning or emphasize individual interior items: a bed, a table, etc.

Two-level ceilings are more suitable for a child's room. With the help of drywall you can build any figures: the sun, flower, alien ship, ball.


The main function of the backlight is not lighting, but creating a special mood and atmosphere. Her design can be any. Most popular - LED strip. They create uniform lighting, increasing the depth of the ceiling and creating the effect of "floating". By combining different colors and shapes, you can create a unique design, build a light cornice of LED or neon lights. Bulbs, located around the perimeter of the hall, give the room a special entourage and charm.

Types of lighting:

  • Standard lighting is created from the ceiling tires and lamps. It is suitable for any room.
  • Zoning the space with the help of color allows you to divide the room into parts. The place of active pastime can be made brighter, and the relaxation area - muffled.

Coverage in the bedroom

Multi-level ceilings are mounted above the bed. In the interior of the bedroom the most popular are decorative coatings with wavy lines. The design can be any: asymmetrical finish, friezes, arches, columns. The main thing - do not use bright colors. Usually mounted white coating. But you can install and pale blue ceiling, which will resemble the sky. The second option - to paint the middle of a warm color, and then make smooth lines with the transition to the range of walls.

Glossy coatings are commonly used to expand rooms. But for the bedroom this option is not suitable. Gloss will only distract attention. It is better to use a matte finish.

Complex shapes and multi-level structures can be used for zoning space. But to mount them in a small bedroom is not desirable. They will visually reduce the size of the room.

Square bedrooms with high ceilings are not uncommon. To correct a design error, you need to paint the overlap in a dark color. This will visually lower the "top". Will complement the effect of the wall, painted two shades darker. You can choose any colors: coffee, orange, purple. Be sure to insert lamps in the ceiling structure. A large amount of light will create the illusion of free space.

Ceiling in the living room

For the decoration of the ceiling in the hall, designers recommend using the correct geometric shapes of structures. A drywall overlay will help divide the room into zones, and spotlights will create a unique design.

Halls in Khrushchev differ in high ceilings (2.5 meters) and zero sound insulation. When redevelopment of the room should immediately refuse a large chandelier, which only clutters the living room, making it visually low. It is better to consider a design with a false ceiling of plasterboard and spot lighting. Scattered lighting in the hall visually increases the room, and in the design itself, you can lay sound insulation.

The color palette should be in bright colors. And if all the surfaces of the hall are made in the same color, then the borders of the room will be visually blurred. This will create the illusion of a large space.

Design ceilings in the kitchen-living room

Even if the area of ​​the room is 20 meters, it is not worth installing a multi-level construction of drywall. The actual size of the room is largely dependent on the height of the ceilings. If they are low, then it is worth thinking about a single-level interior.

It is also necessary to think in advance about the method of zoning a room. Borders can be set not only with the help of LED lights on the ceiling, but also with multi-colored walls.

If the kitchen area is larger than the living room, then this part of the ceiling can be distinguished by a darker color. This rule does not work if the size of the living room is smaller than the kitchen.

When choosing a form, it is necessary to take into account that there are niche curves, electrical wiring and ventilation holes in the kitchen. If desired, these elements can be hidden under the overlap.

As for the color design, it all depends on the location of the kitchen-living room:

  • green and blue can be used if the dining area is on the sunny side;
  • white kitchen will fit into any interior;
  • beige and yellow can be used if it is not possible to adjust the correct lighting;
  • the kitchen-living room, made in pink color, is more suitable for an apartment in which a married couple lives.

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