Mobile floor heating or heating mat under the carpet: what is it and what are its advantages?

Modern man is accustomed to comfort. This factor is especially important in the house, because you want so much after a hard day’s work to find yourself in a pleasant atmosphere where you will be warm and comfortable. Therefore, today there are many ways to maintain a moderate microclimate in the apartment, one of such is the arrangement of a heated floor. The whole secret lies in the fact that a heating system is installed under the floor covering, as a result, the floor becomes warm and it is comfortable to walk barefoot on it. It is also possible to regulate the temperature, which is important.

Everything would be fine, but there is one caveat - the installation of such a system should take place at the stage of repairing the apartment. If all the finishing work has already been done in your house, then it is inappropriate to open the floor, disassemble the screed or tile for the sake of installing an electric or water heating system. This will only add to the extra cost. However, you can go the other way and purchase the so-called floor heating under the carpet. This is a simple and mobile solution that does not require dismantling of the finished floor covering.

What is a mobile floor heating?

At first glance, this is a film covering or a thin mat, but in fact it is an electric floor heater that can be laid under any carpet. Such a heating device today has a low prevalence, as it is considered a novelty in the domestic market. Nevertheless, many have already managed to try the heated mats in everyday life and understand all their advantages.

Film heater under the carpet can be used wherever there is electricity and a standard outlet: in the apartment, office, shop and even in the garage. It has a cord for connection to the electrical network, easily fits on any floor, and so that the mat does not slide on a smooth surface, it has special adhesive tape.

Such an electric mat is also convenient for its mobility, that is, it is a portable heater, which, if desired, can be laid in another room.

Heated film can be laid on a concrete and wooden floor under:

  • plain carpet;
  • carpet and carpet;
  • linoleums;
  • laminate;
  • thermal insulation coatings.

It is also worth noting that even the one who doesn’t know anything about technology can install a warm floor. Just select the appropriate place, spread the mat and connect it to the outlet through the cord. The only thing to consider is the size of the carpet, under which they are going to lay a nanoheater, since the latter must be completely covered.

The mobile floor under the carpet has elements that control the intensity of heating. If you wish, you can adjust the temperature.

The principle of operation and the main advantages

The warm floor under the carpet works in the following way: when connected to the electrical network, the built-in cables begin to heat up, transferring warm air from the bottom up. As a result, the floor is always warm, and the legs do not freeze, which is very important for human comfort and health, especially for children.

It is worth noting that the heating mat under the carpet is completely safe, it does not heat up to high temperatures, which eliminates the likelihood of burns.

Of all the indisputable advantages of mobile underfloor heating especially want to highlight such as:

  • resistance to mechanical stress and damage;
  • the possibility of using indoors with high humidity;
  • when heated, the air in the room does not become too dry;
  • at a heating mat of the small sizes - economy of the electric power;
  • the ability to use such a warm floor as the main heating system;
  • portable warm floors carpet comfortable to use;
  • does not require any skills and expensive tools for installation;
  • The device does not require maintenance.

Sizes and power

The dimensions of the electric floor heating under the carpet can be completely different. In the stores there are both large and very small mats. Choose based on the size of the carpet itself. Most often, film underfloor heating under the carpet is presented in two versions: 200 × 150 and 280x180 cm, while the thickness varies between 1-6 mm. But well-known manufacturers can offer non-standard models.

In terms of power consumption, a mobile underfloor heating under the carpet is practically no different from the standard counterpart, which is mounted directly under the floor covering or in the screed. The average power is 250 watts. If you take a heating mat with a larger area, for example, 10 m², the numbers will turn out completely different, and there will be no talk about any economy.

Application (rules of use)

Many people are mistaken, thinking that the portable warm floor under the carpet can be used exclusively in an apartment or house. It is perfect for non-residential premises. According to the manufacturers, such a heater is allowed to be used on completely unheated areas, for example, at the summer cottage during the off-season, at the trade kiosk, utility rooms and all sorts of domestic premises.

So-called carpets for floor heating are also on sale. They can be small in size and are ideal for drying shoes, floor heating on a poorly insulated balcony, after all, a mini-heating pad can be laid in a dog booth.

It should be noted that with all its advantages, the heating nanocover has a very democratic cost. On average, the price varies from 5000-6500 rubles.

As for the shortcomings, there are none, but there are some limitations in operation:

  • Warm floors can be laid only where it is not supposed to put too heavy and overall furniture.
  • It is not recommended to close the temperature sensor, otherwise its indicators may be incorrect, system malfunctions are also possible.
  • Mobile underfloor under the carpet is allowed to lay only on a flat surface. If the floor is uneven, there are gouges and some serious defects, there is a possibility of damage to the heating elements.

Which floor is better to lay?

As already mentioned, mobile heaters can be used on any type of flooring, here the most important thing is that the surface is flat. However, this is not all, the rigidity of the coating is also important. Its degree affects the need to use a special layer, which is carpeted between the base and the heating mat. In addition, the material from which this interlayer is made will depend on the stiffness.

In total, there are two groups of floor coverings - hard and soft. The first group includes laminate, parquet, coating on the "self-leveling floor" technology. Soft products such as linoleum, carpet, cork are considered.

If the floor in your house is hard, we recommend laying soft material like infra-flex under the heating mat, otherwise you need a durable reflector, for example, energy-flex.

When using a soft or hard layer under the mat, it is important to fix it on the floor. To prevent the substrate from slipping, use double-sided tape for this. The same applies to the warm floor - it should not slide once again in order to avoid microdamages of the heating elements.

Manufacturing companies (review models)

There are quite a few manufacturers of ultrathin warm mat today, but the most popular brands are Heatlux, Sinplen and Trio. It is the products of these manufacturers that are considered the most reliable and of high quality, as evidenced by numerous reviews.


Teplolux carpet heaters are distinguished by their versatility. They can be laid on a wooden floor, parquet, laminate, under linoleum, they will even work on ceramic tiles. The manufacturer Thermolux has models Express - first of all, infrared underfloor heating under the carpet, which are mats based on artificial felt, and under the carpet they are not felt at all. They are equipped with a 2.5 m long installation wire, have compact dimensions and are easy to maintain.

The Express kit also includes a special bag so that you can easily transfer the infrared heater to another place if necessary.

The maximum heating limit for floor heating expresslux express - 30 degrees. This is the optimal value at which you can cover the mat a variety of types of carpet. Such a temperature will not be terrible both for models with a long pile and woven versions of synthetic fibers.

The express product line includes models of underfloor heating, standard 280x180 cm, but there are options for both spacious and small rooms. In addition, all the products of the company Thermolux are equipped with a remote control, and there are practically no analogues to such a system.

Not so long ago, the manufacturer presented a new product from the Professional line - this is a very economical development in terms of energy consumption, and at the same time it has high rates of thermal efficiency.


This is another popular manufacturer whose products are no less in demand than underfloor heating from Thermolux. The thickness of the film heater Sinplen only 0.6 cm, and this does not affect the quality of the product, its effectiveness is quite high. As with the aforementioned competitor, this manufacturer has mats for floor heating of the standard size 280x180 cm, but it is possible to make an individual order for any other sizes.

The main advantages of Sinplen products - it can be used in conjunction with any type of flooring. It can be a wooden floor, tile, parquet made of wood and even ordinary linoleum.


Trio is one of the first companies in Ukraine that has successfully sold its products, among which is a long-wave infrared heat-insulated floor. This product is equipped with a 4-stage temperature switch system, made of material resistant to mechanical damage. The heating mat is reliably protected from moisture, does not dry the air and does not leave burns when touched to it. Another advantages - heating is adjustable, convenient packaging with a handle for easy transportation.

Verdict - for or against?

Undoubtedly, a mobile floor heater has many advantages and is practically free from drawbacks. It is ideal for use in winter evenings, when the house is not warm enough, will save you from such a problem as forever icy legs, and indeed such a heated mat is necessary for every family with small children. Kids often play on the floor, and sometimes even fall asleep on it, and to avoid colds, experts strongly recommend laying a mobile heater under the carpet.

In conclusion, I just want to note that, unlike a stationary heated floor, its mobile version can be transferred from room to room or taken to the cottage, work, it is completely safe, very compact and has a low weight. If at failure of a classical heat-insulated floor it is necessary to make dismantle of a floor covering, then with a mobile heater everything is much simpler - considerable economy of your finance.

If you stopped on this variant of a warm floor, then the most important thing is to make the right choice, which largely depends on the brand. The manufacturers described above on the market have long been proven to be among the best regarding high quality products.

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