Rubber-based entrance mats: features and benefits

To return home from a walk and not to stain the floor is almost impossible: snow, dirt, dust, sand - all this remains on the sole of the shoe. To prevent dirt from accumulating at the front door, you need to make a barrier, or rather lay a door mat. This simple attribute performs both aesthetic and protective function - prevents the spread of dust and dirt. In this article, we will consider the features of rubber carpets for entrance areas, their advantages, disadvantages and particular features of choice for specific types of premises.

The advantages of using rubber mats

Rubber-based carpets are very popular among Russian buyers due to the wide variety and excellent performance characteristics. In most cases, customers prefer mud-proof models or tracks in the form of grids. This is due to the fact that they can be used both outside (outside) and indoors (directly at the front door in the hallway or a separate room).

If you want to choose a universal version of a rubber mat, then when buying, pay attention not only to the main material of the product, but also to the structure of the substrate. The base of the carpet should be protected from exposure to chemicals, moisture and sudden changes in temperature. A high-quality rubber door mat will easily handle all these requirements.

It is also worth noting that domestic products are not inferior in quality to foreign analogues, but they are much cheaper (today the average price is 1,000–2,000 rubles, depending on the company).

The main function of the rubber mat at the front door is to protect the floor from dirt and dust. That is why it is so important that the product is durable and easy to maintain.

Rubber mats for entrance areas have many advantages:

  • retains moisture well, thus avoiding an unpleasant smell of dampness and the appearance of mold;
  • protects from sliding (especially at a slippery floor covering);
  • easy to maintain (only special cleaning agents are required);
  • due to the presence of small bristles contribute to the effective elimination of hard-to-reach dirt from the sole of the shoe;
  • You can order such products in any online store on the official website of the manufacturer.

Like any product, rubber-based carpet has several disadvantages. So, this type of product has a limited number of colors, in most cases it is a standard set of shades (brown, beige, black). Another disadvantage of rubber carpets is the need to constantly clean the bristles from dirt and dust.

When choosing, we recommend to pay attention to models with special velcro-suction cups, with the help of which the carpet is securely fixed on the floor and does not slip when used.

Rubber carpets for entrance areas

To prevent visitors from getting into unpleasant, traumatic situations due to the slipperyness of the floor, a special area should be organized before entering the building. With this purpose, use of antispam mats of different shapes and sizes. The material from which this type of products is made, makes it possible to stack them both outdoors and indoors.

This product has a wide choice of models - it can be a cellular carpet, a product in the form of a roll, or even a rubber crumb tile. The last option appeared in Russia and in the CIS countries relatively recently, among its advantages are high wear resistance, anti-slip properties, as well as frost resistance and effective protection of the concrete floor from dirt and moisture.

For home (in the hallway)

To ensure the house cleanliness and comfort, it is necessary to lay a rug in the hallway. This functional element prevents the spread of street dirt and dust in the apartment. It is conveniently located near the door in the hallway or outside.

If you plan to use a dirt-resistant rubber-based carpet only outside, then a cellular carpet of standard sizes (each compartment is 5 mm in length and width) will be the best option for you.

The rug located inside the house - in the hallway, performs other functions: it absorbs water from the shoes (this is especially true for the off-season) and allows it to dry faster. It also helps to remove dirt from the sole of the shoe.

For residential and public premises, the best option is to use moisture-absorbing models - vinyl-based floor mats. Such products have a rubber layer below and nap outside. The base is usually made of rubber, as this material is distinguished by a high level of safety, excellent reliability and is environmentally friendly. Such products are well absorb excess moisture, do not slip on the floor, and all the dirt and dust accumulates on the pile.

For country houses, as well as other places with low traffic, you can buy a rug on a PVC base. This inexpensive product well keeps in itself water, dirt and small particles. PVC floor mats are durable and not whimsical in care: they can be cleaned with a brush, washed with water and detergents, vacuumed.

Since polyvinyl chloride does not tolerate critical temperatures, such products are suitable only for closed spaces.

For office

The leader in the office flooring market is Comfort Sense. On the official website of the brand you can find a variety of models of rubber mats for offices. If you are still wondering where to buy a durable, durable and attractive rubber-based flooring, be sure to check out the information on The catalog presents a wide selection of products of European and Russian manufacturers for every taste.

As noted by regular customers, the products of this company are of high quality, variety of colors, style decisions and forms. In the assortment of the brand you can find dirt-protecting paths and rugs with a logo on the substrate, carpet paths from rubber, as well as entrance carpet coverings.

It has been proven that the best flooring option for offices is rolled anti-roll mats.

The indisputable advantages of such products include:

  • universality;
  • security;
  • strength and moisture resistance;
  • the possibility of giving the desired shape;
  • low slip;
  • good performance of sound and heat insulation;
  • easy cleaning of the coating;
  • affordable price.

Choose the option that is right for you (cellular path, anti-slip carpet or a bristle coating in a roll), and be sure to protect your office from excess moisture and dirt accumulations. When choosing, pay attention to the reviews of other visitors and, if possible, use such popular cashback services.

For the street

Outdoor rubber mats are designed to protect public and private institutions from dirt, as well as to provide individual places with a non-slip coating. Today there are a large number of companies that offer high-quality rubber carpets for the street at an affordable price.

When choosing a product, pay attention to the brand's reputation, the cost of the product and the availability of additional services (in some online stores delivery is free with a purchase for a certain amount).

The rubber base is very wear-resistant, which is why products made from this material are excellent for outdoor use.

The range of products of domestic and foreign manufacturers includes the following types of rubber floor mats:

  • anti-slip rubber tracks of large and medium sizes;
  • different models of bristle flooring in rolls;
  • dirt resistant cellular rugs and walkways;
  • smooth rubber crumb products.

Rubber floor mats are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, precipitation and ultraviolet rays. High temperatures and sunlight do not destroy the surface layers of the product and do not accelerate the wear process. In the cold season, the rubber track retains dirt and snow well, performs an anti-slip function.

For public spaces

As we said, rubber mats have a wide range of uses. However, most often they can be found at the entrance to shopping centers, educational and medical institutions, commercial organizations, that is, at the entrance to public institutions. Rubber flooring is also used on the outside of the room, but much less frequently.

It should be noted that the choice of products for medical institutions deserves special attention. First of all, all materials must be environmentally friendly and safe for health. It also requires that the coating does not require special care and withstand prolonged loads. This rule also applies to products for the accumulation of a large number of children (schools, kindergartens and private educational centers).

The rugs intended for public places, simultaneously carry out several functions:

  • reduce the intensity of pollution of the floor;
  • prevent slipping;
  • minimizes noise;
  • perform the role of stylistic accent.

A rubber carpet is a durable, wear-resistant and durable floor covering that can withstand multiple cleanings and maintain its original appearance for a long time. Professional antisplash mats made of rubber come in all different sizes and shapes. They can be used in apartment buildings, in the country, in the office and even in some social institutions.

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