Classic style bedroom carpet: shape, texture, color - how to choose?

The bedroom is one of the main rooms in an apartment or house, because it is here that a person can take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday work and be in silence. In this room should be a pleasant atmosphere, relaxing, moderate temperature and comfortable furniture. Semi is also given special attention. In the bedroom we are used to walking barefoot, and if the floor is hard and cold, we feel discomfort. That is why in many Western countries it is customary to lay carpet in the bedroom. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, allows you to create comfort for bare feet.

However, no matter how high-quality and expensive carpet, it is not so practical. It is quite difficult to care for such a product due to its large size, another thing is simply to wash the parquet or laminate. To create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, you can choose an alternative solution - a small bedside rug. Such a product will not only become a comfort zone for bare feet, but also serve as room zoning. In this article we will look at how to choose a carpet in the bedroom on the floor, analyze the main points that relate to color, texture and location of the product.

How to choose a suitable carpet for the bedroom

Many reject such an element of the interior as a carpet, believing that it only serves as a dust collector. However, true connoisseurs of coziness and comfort will never neglect such a product, especially in the bedroom. The carpet will help to make the interior of the rest room more complete, it can become the main accent, it can give pleasant tactile sensations. If you decide that your bedroom does not have enough bedside rug, it remains to deal with such selection criteria as material, color and texture.


Modern carpeting is different from those that were popular in the distant past, improved performance. This, of course, refers to products made from natural materials. Silk and wool carpets are especially good - they are eco-friendly, do not cause allergic reactions, and, moreover, are durable.


To create comfort in the bedroom and add luxury, there is no better option than a carpet made of natural wool. This is exactly the product that is able to decorate any interior thanks to unusual patterns. And all because such carpets are most often handmade - the masters put their whole soul into them. Hence the high cost of products. Polish wool sheep carpets are distinguished by good quality, they are no worse than the world’s products, but more affordable.

The main advantages of wool carpets include environmental safety, high wear resistance, good heat and sound insulation properties, and of course a long service life - from 10 to 20 years.


This material is of eastern origin. The very first silk carpets appeared in China. They differed an unusual look and natural shine. The ancient technology for the production of silk carpets was a high density of knotted elements - about 2 million of such compounds per 1 m² of canvas. Based on this, it becomes apparent that silk carpets were prohibitively expensive.

Today on sale let out not less qualitative carpet products. Work is done not only by the Chinese, but also by masters from Iran and Uzbekistan. There is also a large selection of handmade silk carpets and machine-made carpets on the domestic market - the products are distinguished by a variety of colors, textures and patterns.

It is worth noting that silk carpets are especially popular under the order. At the request of the customer master in this product can embody any pattern and even the whole picture.


This category of products includes carpets that will be affordable for each family. Most often for sale products made of polyamide, polyester and acrylic. The latter are somewhat reminiscent of carpets made of natural wool - they are soft and pleasant to the touch, but require frequent cleaning. Polyester options are not so branded, and therefore are considered to be a good alternative for the bedroom, besides, they are rich in colors, the price for them is very democratic.

Form and texture

The bedrooms are best suited for square and rectangular carpets - they harmoniously fit into the interior of the classical style, emphasize the geometry and repeat the shape of the bed. However, these are not the only options. If you wish, you can lay a round or oval rug, especially well, such models look in combination with a round bed.

The photo shows a variant of a round carpet, it well underlines the atypical shape of the bed, while visually smoothing the corners of other furniture in the same room.

For a round-shaped bed, a classic rectangular carpet is also well suited. This option would be particularly appropriate if you want to highlight an unusual piece of furniture or zone the space around the sleeping area. On sale are models of carpets and a curvilinear form, and narrow carpets, and improvised triangles, and imitations of animal skins - the choice is huge, the final decision is yours.

Modern carpets are presented in a huge variety of textures - there are both smooth models and fluffy options. Carpets with a long nap, as well as analogues that imitate animal skins, are most preferable for the bedroom. This room needs special comfort, but for bare feet there is no better fluffy bedside copy.

The long pile mat can be made of wool or synthetic fibers - the choice depends on your financial capabilities. The most important thing is that the product was easy to care for; besides, the carpet should blend harmoniously into the bedroom interior.

Especially beautiful and so homely looks a little fluffy rug, located next to the bed. Getting up in the morning, you will always feel the softness in the legs.

You can look at the lint-free carpets. They can be not only interesting, but also useful, especially if they have heterogeneity in texture. The coarser the grain, the stronger the massage effect. On sale you can find a model of the rug, as the mat is a wicker product, walking on which gives a tonic effect.

Smooth carpet with a characteristic shine - also a good option for the bedroom. However, so that he does not look too boring, it is better to choose an interesting ornament. Also in the bedroom fit and combined models - it is a pile of carpets and without, such areas alternate, forming a heterogeneous texture or an unusual pattern.

It is worth considering that too textured carpet can overload the interior, if in addition to it there are many decorative elements.

Color solution

The color of the carpet is of considerable importance. It is very important that the product fits into the overall picture and does not merge against the background of the floor. If the carpet color is similar to the shade of the floor covering, it will look dull and faded. Here it is better to play with contrasts. A dark beige or even a white carpet will accentuate the dark parquet well, and vice versa, dark brown textiles will play against the background of the light floor and balance the accents in the form of dark furniture.

It is worth knowing such a moment: the carpet is matched to the color of curtains, bedspreads, pillows and decorative elements, especially if the latter are arranged in one scale. You can focus on the color of the walls. If a bright wallpaper was originally chosen, then the carpet can match it, but at the same time it can be contrasted against the background of the floor.

Carpeting can act as the main color accent, but here it is worth picking up one or two objects to match.

If the interior of the bedroom is rather dull and gray, there are no decorations such as drawings, various textures and textures, then it will be correct to give preference to the patterned carpet. In this case, it will also become an accent - it will add to the bedroom individuality and a certain zest.

How to lay the carpet in the bedroom (layout)

It is not enough to choose a suitable carpet, it still needs to be properly positioned so as not to spoil the overall impression. There are several possible options, the choice is made on the basis of the area and shape of the room, as well as the chosen style of the bedroom interior.

Consider the most popular schemes:

  • Classic. It assumes the location of the carpet along, similar to the bed. It is important that the product goes beyond the sleeping area - on both sides of the bed, including outside the foot should be carpet.

  • Modern. This scheme is the opposite of the previous one. The carpet is laid across the bed in such a way that it extends beyond the foot, that is, it is shifted closer to the center of the room. This solution is ideal if you have a bed with bedside tables. It turns out a kind of repetition of the horizontal line.

  • Location before bed. Carpet creeps outside the furniture, that is, at the foot. The legs of the bed do not enter the territory of the carpet. Such a scheme is most suitable for spacious bedrooms, when most of the floor in the room remains empty.

  • Side placement. This option assumes the presence of two small bedside rugs and their location on the left and right of the bed. This also can be attributed, and the scheme with one carpet, if the bed is installed on one of the side walls in the bedroom.

  • Side combined with front. In the photo below, in addition to two mats, located on the sides of the bed, the third element is bedded, often acting as a supplement. It turns out that the sleep zone is “framed”, as it were, which creates visual orderliness.

  • Asymmetrical. Here the intentional displacement of the product from the central axis of the bed. One corner of the carpet enters the sleeping area, the opposite is shifted in an arbitrary direction, depending on the availability of free space in one or another part of the room.

Carpet placement

When purchasing a carpet in the bedroom, it is important to think in advance how it will be located. Placement depends on the purpose of the product. Soft coating can perform not only a functional, but also a decorative function.

On the floor under the bed

Traditionally, carpets are laid on the floor to make staying in the room more comfortable. They are placed in the sleep area, that is, under the bed or next to it, this provides a more pleasant feeling if you need to get up and walk barefoot to some object. Above we have already described the popular layout of products, the choice of the desired option depends on your wishes, the size of the room and the arrangement of furniture.

Carpets come in different types and sizes. Large models have one main advantage - it is easier to select a sleep zone with their help. Also to these options can be attributed, and carpet - a pile covering, which often spreads throughout the area of ​​the room.

The only drawback of large carpets is the complexity of their cleaning, because of the large weight they are more difficult to carry and knock out.

More comfortable in the care of small rugs, which are often placed on the side of the bed or at its foot. They have the following advantages:

  • low weight - if necessary, it will not be difficult to transfer the product or remove it altogether;
  • practicality - such rugs are easier to clean because of their small size;
  • cost - compared to large models, these are more affordable;
  • aesthetics - such coatings successfully complement the interior, as they are visible entirely.

You can also play with combinations, if the bedroom is spacious enough, placing several rugs on the floor at once will help to decorate the interior.

You can add zest by placing one mat on top of another.

On the wall

The carpet can not only be laid on the floor, sometimes it is hung on the wall. Such an approach was popular in Soviet times, and it would seem that today you will not see this. However, there are instances that can easily replace the picture. Look at the photo, so with just one detail you can add a touch of luxury and wealth.

Placing a soft coating on the wall has several positive points:

  • Additional heat and sound insulation, despite the fact that modern wall products are only 8 mm thick.
  • A bright patterned carpet on the wall will complement the interior and will become the main decoration, especially if the room is decorated in Oriental or African style.
  • If the interior of the bedroom is decorated in the style of a classic, then a tapestry of neutral colors is perfect as a supplement.

Preferring this option, you need to remember that the product focuses all attention on yourself. Therefore, do not abuse the bright details in the form of other textiles and decorative objects.

Classic carpets (photo)

As modern designers note, the carpet is not the last century, this decor item can become a highlight, which will give the interior completeness, warmth and comfort. A product with a beautiful pattern will emphasize one or another style, bring a touch of sophistication, make the room visually spacious. To make the right choice, you need to focus on the design and design of the bedroom. A universal solution will be a classic-style carpet.

Why classic? Yes, because this particular direction is recognized and verified by time. The classic style implies "correct, exemplary, indicative," it will be appropriate in any interior, at any time. Carpets made in this stylistic decision are associated with floral patterns, ornaments and regular geometry. However, on the modern market there is a huge range of carpets with an unusual design.

If you are looking for a carpet for your bedroom in the classical style, then first of all we advise you to look at products with traditional French patterns. This floral print, the texture of delicate buds and leaves, baroque elements and pastel shades. See how exquisitely these carpets look in the interior of the bedroom in the presented photos.

In the presence of antique pieces of furniture or decor in a bedroom, the carpet of a faded color will perfectly fit in - this is the so-called “shabby chic”, which implies an aged effect. In appearance it may seem that the product has faded and lost its original appearance, but this is where the beauty lies.

Small classic carpets of irregular shape will look especially original. It can be a round or oval product, asymmetrically placed at the foot of the bed.

By color

Carpets are introduced into the interior not only in order to create coziness, comfort for the legs and to ennoble the decor, they are also created to solve many other problems. Such products will help to correctly zone the sleeping area, diversify the monotony and bring additional color accents.

Choosing the color of the carpet, you need to initially think about the range in which the room will be decorated. If the design of the room has already been originally defined or brought to life, then the carpet is chosen in tune to those or other pieces of furniture, decor or textiles. Most often for a bedroom select floor coverings of light, pastel and neutral shades. One of the universal options is white.


Strange as it may seem, most people choose white for the rest room.In the bedrooms, decorated in milk, light beige or ivory, there is always peace and harmony, and if the interior is designed in a classical style - restraint and a certain elegance. White can visually enlarge the space, add more light and a sense of spaciousness. Therefore, if you want to expand a small room a little, this is what you need.

Being the epitome of purity and freshness, a white carpet can become an accent spot, but only if the color of the floor is the opposite.

Preferring such a product, it is worth remembering that in the bedroom should be present objects in the same range. For example, a white bed in combination with a snow-white carpet on a dark floor will make the bedroom exquisite. If the floor is of a light shade, then by choosing a white carpet with a long nap, you can add a touch of softness and tenderness.

With all its positive characteristics, the white carpet cannot be called practical, since it is very easily soiled and eventually loses its original appearance. Therefore, if you are not used to cleaning the apartment often, it is better to look at other options.


Purple and its derivative shades, such as lilac and lilac, are now used in the design of residential premises by many designers. And this is not casual, because the choice of such colors is peculiar to creative people. Usually in the lilac and violet range make out the children's, bathrooms and corridors, but these colors will be quite appropriate in the bedroom.

Ideally, the carpet in lilac color should act as a bright accent against the background of nondescript walls and furniture. But in the ensemble with white, green or orange will make the interior more playful and interesting.

Lilac is the color of mystery, mysticism, inspiration and romance. If you are a creative person, be sure to spread such a carpet right in the center of the bedroom. Admiring them before bedtime, you will always come up with fresh thoughts and new ideas.

By invoice

Choosing the texture of a carpet is a little more than just choosing a color. Here it is worthwhile to think beforehand how pleasant it will be to walk barefoot on a particular surface. Pay attention to the texture and type of fibers, whether yarn bundles are sewn firmly to the base, how high the pile density is - all this affects the quality and durability of the product.

For the bedroom, you can pick up any carpet, but the models with long nap, fluffy and "plush" options are in the greatest demand. What aesthetic load do they carry, is it worth choosing a long pile mat, if it has a low density, and which material is preferred?


If you want your feet to be soft, and in the bedroom the product brings a special comfort and convenience, feel free to choose a fluffy carpet. Outwardly, it resembles a fur product, but can be made from both natural and synthetic materials. The best option is a fluffy carpet for a bedroom made of natural wool; this option will warm more on cold days than an artificial counterpart.

It is worth noting that fluffy wool rugs always have a natural color and are more pleasant to the touch, but, unlike products made from synthetic fibers, can cause an allergic reaction.

With pile

Long-nap carpets are nothing more than products woven from threads. A distinctive feature of them is the pile, which is from 3 to 10 cm long, in which the legs are literally buried in softness and tenderness, it is a pleasure to walk barefoot over this surface Shaggy mats are natural and synthetic. The first are made of cotton, wool and silk, the second - from nylon, acrylic, polyester.

Choosing such a product in the bedroom, you should pay attention to the density of the pile. The higher it is, the better the product, which means that such a rug will serve you much longer. To check the density, the product is sufficiently bent, and if a patch is clearly visible at the bend, this is a sign of low density.

No less important is the elasticity of the pile. Take it with your hand, the sooner the coating returns to its former shape, the better.

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