Modern types of suspended ceilings (+37 photos)

Suspended ceiling design is a recent construction innovation. Modern rooms are finished with the help of new technologies. Designers are developing the look of residential apartments and offices, based on the use of new high-quality building materials, on new methods of finishing walls, other surfaces in the bathroom, hallway, throughout the apartment.

Plasterboard Suspension

Relief ceilings contribute to the creation of the original design in the apartment. They harmoniously fit into any modern interior, help to hide the defects and irregularities of the surfaces above your head in the room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom. The multi-level design visually expands the space. Luminaires installed at each level divide the room into separate zones, which gives comfort to a multifunctional room.

The division of the room into zones in the apartment contributes to the compact and convenient use of non-standard form space.

Even in a narrow corridor, kitchen or bathroom it becomes more spacious if they are lit from the corners or along the perimeter of the walls, having spotlights on the second level of the plasterboard construction. You can apply a variety of fixtures, including multi-colored.

Types of suspended ceilings:

  • volumetric semi-circular designs, combined with the general style of the room;
  • two-level ceilings with their own hands with lighting in each zone;
  • three-level complex structures, suitable for spacious rooms with a complex design;
  • options with columns.

Ceilings in the apartment

A suspended ceiling in a room or hallway is a special design, the installation of which involves accurate calculations in the design and special care - in installation. Such work can be done by hand in an apartment only with the help of specialists.

Complex designs of suspended ceilings do-it-yourself require from the designer a combination of artistic taste and technical knowledge. A rather complicated construction must firmly hold, and the fixtures must have access to maintenance and be securely connected by wires.

At the installation stage of the frame, the lighting equipment is mounted or it is installed later in the finished holes with the help of clamps. In hanging structures in the corridor or bathroom large chandeliers are not mounted.

Types of suspended ceiling design

The design of the suspended plasterboard ceilings in the apartment gives you plenty of imagination. It is more difficult to calculate and install such a structure.

The sequence of drafting a suspended ceiling:

  • to make a plan of the picture of the suspended composition in the bathroom, hallway and any other room;
  • make a drawing of steps, bends, levels;
  • to design the lighting.

When planning in the apartment should be aware that in a small room or corridor should not be weighed down with a multi-tiered structure in the middle of the room. Eaves on the perimeter of the walls, on the contrary, will add space. A complex construction made by hand is difficult to finish with high quality later; the finishing of rounded bends presents difficulties as well.

Selecting the type of ceiling

The main task of the suspended structure is to give elegance and uniqueness to the room. This is a kind of work of decorative art.

In order not to sin against the taste, you should consider the size of the room, the characteristics of the base, the combination with the overall style decision.

Drywall - the most suitable material for the ceiling with their own hands. It is quite light, heat resistant, gives good sound insulation.

Its surface can be:

  • matte and reflective;
  • covered with paint;
  • smooth and crinkled.

It is not necessary to make the pendant composition multicolor, especially in the corridor. It already looks quite relief. It is usually painted white. A one-level plasterboard ceiling with your hands gives a perfectly flat, smooth surface. Make this design interesting in the bathroom or hallway can be due to lighting. Lamps can be placed along the perimeter of the walls, along the center of the top, diagonally. You can emphasize the working area of ​​the room with an intense light, and make multi-colored light bulbs at the place of rest.

False ceiling in the kitchen

In a studio apartment, you can use a different-level ceiling to designate a kitchen area. Attach light fixtures on long cords to the small embossed decorative element at the top or simply mount 3-4 point sources into the decor.

In a separate kitchen, a two-level ceiling with their own hands will divide the cooking and dining areas. Above the cutting table, it is advisable to install enhanced lighting, and where the family gathers around the table, let it be a soft light.

Types of suspended plasterboard ceilings for the kitchen is different variety of options. The ceiling with bends and curves will make the space in the kitchen more spacious.

And right angles give clarity and classic sophistication. In addition, under this combination you can hide communication systems - wiring, ventilation, exhaust connections. The kitchen is a rather damp room. With evaporation, ventilation does not always cope. The framework lath made of aluminum will allow to avoid damage of a ceiling as material is not subject to corrosion. Drywall does not emit toxic substances when heated, which is very important in a small kitchen. It is safe for health. The design of the suspended ceiling in the kitchen is firmly fixed to the walls and the base, it is light and reliable.

If you make a screen in the middle of a two-level ceiling and paste on it wall-paper of a relevant subject or mirror, then the room will surprise your guests with an original solution.

Design of drywall ceilings in the hallway

The corridors in modern high-rise buildings are usually narrow and long. Therefore, especially figured you can not make them. In the corridor, a solid light background with bright spotlights will be appropriate. Two-level ceilings in narrow corridors have longitudinal lines and patterns, imitating the perspective that goes into the distance.

If there is a large square in the hallway, it is square in shape, it should stylistically unite all the rooms. In this case, you can order a two-tier structure in the form of an unwinding curl. This design will expand the space.

It can be emphasized with the help of contour lighting. At the edge of the terrain lay LED strip, which is both a decorative element and a lighting device. Visually pushing the walls in a small corridor mirror reflecting the light surface.

French style ceiling design

Rack ceilings are widely used everywhere, but especially in wet areas - in the kitchen, in the bathroom. They are often installed on loggias, balconies, in the hallway. What is the difference between French rack ceiling from, say, Italian or German? This design is able to hide the irregularities and defects of the main ceiling in the bathroom no worse than other types of coating. Under it you can hide the supporting ceiling structures, wiring, ventilation vent and so on.

A French suspended ceiling is a type of ceiling that uses thin aluminum slats. The base to which they are attached is also made from this metal.

French ceiling - a kind of suspended ceilings. They are especially often used in wet areas in the bathroom. The French ceiling is distinguished by stylish beautiful colors. These are fashionable golden, gray, pearl tones. They will decorate the interior in the hallway. Rack ceilings are easily dismantled and assembled in a new place.

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