How to create the perfect suspended ceiling in the hall

Making the ceiling is of great importance when creating the interior of the hall or bedroom. These rooms require a special approach in the selection of finishing materials. And that means - you have to pay attention to the best offers on the current market. These include stretch ceilings. With incredible aesthetic and quality characteristics, they are quite reasonable price. The interior of the hall with a stretch ceiling is pleasing to the eye, it is cheaper and is mounted faster.

The use of stretch ceilings is cheaper than applying expensive putty to the surface, and then paint. At the same time, the appearance of the ceiling will be more spectacular and modern.

But what kind of textures and shades to choose with such a variety of materials of stretch ceilings for the interior of a bedroom or a hall? What to use in a classic interior or high-tech style?

Material selection

Such options of materials with the list of certain characteristics affecting their texture and external qualities are presented on the market of stretch ceilings.

The most popular are:

  • glossy;
  • matte;
  • semi-matt;
  • satin.

The first three varieties are made of PVC material. Satin ceilings, the last in the list, have a woven base, its own advantages and disadvantages. But they are more expensive than analogs of PVC, because they are used to create exclusive, expensive interiors in the living room or bedroom. The material has a pleasant-looking, satin texture and a noble look. One gets the impression that the ceiling is covered with silk fabric. But the satin material is picky in caring for it, does not tolerate serious pollution and leaks moisture.

Glossy materials will be ideal for small spaces. For example - for an insufficiently spacious bedroom in a classic or high-tech style. The material creates the effect of mirror reflection, because visually make the room more spacious. For a large hall glossy ceiling is also suitable. But it is better to combine material with matte or semi-gloss materials when creating multi-stage ceilings.

Semi-matt stretch ceiling is good for both a spacious hall and a small bedroom. The surface of the material is quite pleasant, it can be combined with any texture of the walls.

Color selection

Stretch ceilings are so popular not only because of the excellent performance characteristics. Consumer is attracted by the almost limitless choice in color. And also - the possibility of a combination of shades and textures. You can combine lilac and beige, glossy black and matte white.

Colors of stretch ceilings in the hall

It is no secret that the color scheme in a residential area affects the comfortable stay of its inhabitants, their mood and atmosphere in the room. Colored ceiling - a modern accent in a modern interior. Here can be combined lilac and beige, pink with turquoise or yellow and black colors. The main thing - to choose the right combination of shades of the ceiling, they must be in harmony with the walls and flooring in the interior of the bedroom or hall. Especially - in the living room, where guests will be received, and all family members - to spend a significant amount of time.

The most popular colors of stretch ceilings

With the use of stretch ceilings, the possibilities of designers and those who decided to carry out repairs themselves have expanded. A wide range of colors allows you to create an unforgettable interior design, unusual or classic. Next will be presented the most popular and beneficial colors to create an exclusive repair in the living room.

A bit of black

The black color of the ceiling is suitable for fans of extreme interiors and sharp combinations. Black on the ceiling lowers its level, landing the room. In small rooms, the feeling of a "falling" ceiling appears, but if there is a possibility and a desire, then it is a black ceiling equipped with LED lighting that will create a starry sky in the house, for a bedroom or a nursery - this is an interesting option. If black seems too total, replace with a deep lilac shade, or blue-ink backlit.


There are many shades of this color. A bright yellow hue is used in the creation of a modern interior, but it is better to combine it with calmer colors. The shade will look favorably in a small room. In the center should apply a glossy material, and on the sides - matte. It combines yellow with a calm beige, white. If the shade is applied calm yellow color, it is suitable lilac, olive, white, light brown.


Pink also makes the room brighter and more spacious. If you decide to make a suspended ceiling in this color, the material can be glossy or matte. Combines pink with colors such as lilac, white, peach, beige. You can combine different shades, such as pastel pink and bright neon.

Pink is widely used in the classic interior, it has a good effect on the psyche, stimulates activity and improves mood.


The colored ceiling does not have to be bright. Beige color - perfect for any design. Used in a classic interior or in modern style. And also - in the modern stylistic directions. Ideal combinations: pink, lilac, brown, blue, black, red.

Light beige shade successfully replace the white color of the ceiling.

When creating the design of the hall, remember that the main thing in the interior is the color balance and the optimal combination of shades. So you can visually expand even a small room and make it modern, corresponding to the newest direction in design. And stretch ceilings will only help to make the dream a reality.

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