Chandeliers for suspended ceilings - tips on choosing

Stretch ceilings look luxurious, it remains only to choose the sources of lighting and determine which chandeliers are suitable for stretch ceilings? The features of such a ceiling, are in the materials from which it is made - they can be damaged and deformed in case of an unsuccessful choice of the configuration of the lighting device.

The correct chandelier will not only preserve coverage, but also complement the magnificence of the design.

Stretch ceiling features

The choice of specialized chandeliers for suspended ceilings is small. But knowing the nuances, it is quite possible to choose a suitable model from the usual range. There are recommendations to the mechanism of attachment and the structure of the body of the chandelier. The fact is that the structure of its body must have good thermal insulation to prevent overheating of the ceiling covering. In addition, the material of suspended ceilings requires a certain structure and location of the ceiling.

Characteristics of the correct chandelier

Expensive ceiling coating is located close to the light sources - lamps. It is a PVC film that should not be heated by more than 60 degrees. A slight excess of temperature norms and the film can start ugly deformation, and even burn. Based on this, it is obvious that not any chandelier can be used to illuminate a room with suspended ceilings.

Pay attention to the required specifications:

  1. the luminaire must be designed so that the flow of light is not directed to the ceiling. In the opposite case, expensive material may start to burn through;
  2. the recommended configuration of the ceiling - closed models or directing the light on the sides and down;
  3. choose chandeliers that will provide a significant distance from the ceiling to the lighting elements to prevent the coating material from heating up;
  4. the suspended ceiling in the usual small room "eats" centimeters in height, so the massive and overly complex chandeliers will make the room visually lower. This advice does not apply to the height of rooms under 3 m.

When assessing the length of the suspension, keep in mind that the lamp is attached to the rough ceiling surface, therefore a certain length of the suspension is hidden under the tension cover.

Mounting selection

It is important to consider the type of fixing the chandelier to the ceiling, as this is the most crucial moment.

Suitable and unsuitable chandelier fixture:

  • "Yes" - Suspended, which are mounted on a special hook.
  • "No" - Consignment, placed using the overlay panel, which in turn is mounted on the ceiling with self-tapping screws.

For suspended ceilings, a suspended version will be suitable, since the overlay panel cannot be placed on a stretched film. As already noted, the size of the suspension is also important to choose, making allowance for the distance between the draft and stretch ceiling.

You can make the attachment hook lower than the stretch ceiling. In this case, you need to take care in advance of the fastening to work on the stretch ceiling.

Which lamp to choose?

With the current diversity of light sources, it is sometimes difficult to understand the choice of lamps. How to choose lamps - heating, halogen or LED, and what nuances will have to take into account?

You may have decided to choose a ceiling that has horns facing upwards. This is undesirable, then you must clearly adjust the distance from the lamps to the ceiling, and for each type of lamp it may be different.

  • Incandescent lamps.Incandescent bulbs are the cheapest, however, they heat the air, wasting precious electric power, and this also heats the surface of the ceiling. For this reason, such lamps are the most unfortunate choice to use together with a similar finish. The distance from the PVC film and the conventional incandescent lamp with the horns facing upwards should be at least 40 cm, in other cases - 25 cm. The lamp power should not be more than 60 W . If the distance is less, then the chandelier should be with reflectors that will not allow the ceiling to burn out.
  • Energy saving. Energy-saving lamps, which practically do not heat up and can be used at a short distance from stretch ceilings, are excellently suited. In addition to the power converter, the lamp has no elements that can be heated. However, note that there are mercury vapor inside the lamp, so if you break it down, you need to take urgent measures.
  • LEDs.LED lamps are simply made for suspended ceilings - they have high efficiency and low heat. Such lamps serve for a long time, but their main advantage is directed luminous flux without reflectors with emitting a stream of light into only one hemisphere. LED low-voltage lamps are considered the most practical, but they require the installation of a power supply unit. Its placement should not be in the empty area above the suspended ceiling, as there is no ventilation, and overheating may occur.
  • Halogen lamps.Halogen lamps with a power of 35-40 W, directed upwards, should be removed from the surface of the coating at least 30 cm, 20 W - 20 cm, and for 10 W respectively 10 cm.

Designer Secrets

Do not choose overly chic chandelier options, only if you are confident that the stretch ceilings will not go to the background. For example, huge cascade chandeliers made of crystal can both level the beauty of the coating and emphasize it.

Some design secrets:

  • canvas stretch ceilings of light colors to beat the chandelier in a contrasting color;
  • black stretch ceilings will create a magnificent harmony with a white chandelier or a metal;
  • the glossy ceiling surface can be combined with a fancy chandelier if you want to create a unique reflection effect.

Ceiling plates, suspensions or chandeliers with horns

All these lamps are very popular and have their own characteristics. Versions with several horns, perhaps the most common. The main thing is that they should not be directed strictly upwards, especially if you are going to use incandescent lamps or halogens. Take into account the fact that the light directed to the ceiling will create circles on the ceiling - you may not like this effect. But if the horns are directed down and to the sides, you can not worry about any circles on the ceiling, or for damage to the film.

Plate chandeliers may seem quite impressive in design, but without a reflector above each light bulb, this type of chandelier cannot be used for a stretch ceiling. But these elements are not often found on sale.

If you choose those models where the ceiling covers the lamps from below, choose long suspensions, then the surface of the ceiling film will be at a safe distance from the light. Such a ceiling can be safely placed on a false ceiling.

Other useful tips

In addition to technical parameters, the chandelier should complement the beauty of the stretch ceiling, without creating a stylistic imbalance. As a rule, the coating film is glossy and perfectly reflects light. For this reason, you need to take into account that the light of the chandelier does not create unwanted glare, especially in the bedroom, where light lighting is designed to bring comfort.

How to choose a suitable chandelier:

  • If the ceiling is glossy, it will be beautiful if the chandelier gently diffuses the light along the canvas.
  • For the living room, you can pick up a lamp with a lot of low-power lamps, which are reflected will create the effect of depth and double the number of light sources.
  • Stretch ceilings themselves have a luxurious look and reflective gloss film, so do not choose ceiling with prisms and reflectors.
  • For lighting a small room about 10-12 m2 enough chandeliers for 3-4 ceiling, and for rooms from 12 m2 - with 6 shades.
  • For spacious rooms, chandeliers are combined with spotlights and other light sources to provide spectacular illumination.

Taking into account the mirror capacity of the ceiling, you need to advance about the possibility of reflecting in it an ugly "filling" of the ceiling lamps and other elements.

Well, if the store you provide a special catalog of chandeliers for suspended ceilings, where you can see its appearance in the finished interior.

Experts have their own secrets in choosing a chandelier for suspended ceilings, accumulated with experience. Without taking into account their advice, you can choose expensive lamps with a variety of options and details that are not useful and can spoil an expensive surface. Guided by the tips in this article, you can avoid the unpleasant mistakes associated with damage to the beautiful glossy surface of the ceiling, and choose the perfect source of light.

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