We select a chandelier to the interior: from simple to bold design

Chandeliers in the interior are beauty, grace, a surge of emotions and an endless sea of ​​inspiration. Their range is surprising variety and creativity - classic, crystal, Provence, Tiffany, art deco, the original Ikea and many others. But how to choose exactly the model that will harmoniously complement the design of the room?

How to choose the perfect chandelier

A well-chosen chandelier is capable of much - it can literally change the perception of the entire space. Its purchase can be postponed until complete readiness of the entire interior. But you can do the opposite - to come up with a design, starting from the vending chandelier.

Do not think that luxury options only for huge private estates. In modern design, elements of opposite styles are often combined, for example, a chic crystal chandelier in the interior of Puritan simplicity or a variant of modern style in a classic interior. Different rooms require a special approach to the selection of chandeliers, both in style and in functionality.

For the living room you need a lot of lamps, one is enough for the corridor, and for the bedroom you need a soft light. Even the most well-chosen chandelier in the interior will disappoint you if it does not fulfill its main task.

For living room

The living room is the face of your house or apartment where guests can appreciate your taste. This is a place where a simple plafonchik cannot be located, choose options with bright but warm lighting, to communicate with friends, you need to create comfort and coziness.

Tips for choosing a chandelier in the living room:

  • massive cascading crystal options or luxurious forged pendants with candles are suitable for a large spacious living room;
  • Provence chandeliers are suitable for a romantic living room - forged elements in white color and delicate ceiling lamps;
  • for a small apartment you can pick up interesting high-tech models that are located close to the ceiling;
  • stained glass Tiffany suitable for luxury apartments in a classic style with elements of luxury;
  • in a room with a high ceiling, you can symmetrically arrange beautiful chandeliers-suspensions. Very original and fresh options are offered by the IKEA catalog.

Chandeliers in the hall or living room are placed strictly in the center of the room or symmetrically. The number of lamps should be from 4 to 10. However, take care of the models with a choice of light intensity to include bright lighting only when needed. Current trends in design tend to bold contrast. For the bright living room, you can choose elegant black chandeliers in the art deco style, and for decorated in modest pastel colors - a bright highlight in the style of hi-tech. Do not let this frighten you, in such a living room you will not get bored, and the guests will learn the extraordinary side of your nature.

For the bedroom

The room of comfort and tranquility, such should be the chandeliers for this room. Screaming, pompous, overly creative forms will tire you out. Much more suitable for the bedroom variations in the Oriental style, from which a soft warm light flows. Crystal and glass models are also appropriate for the design of the bedroom, but in a matte version.

Tips for choosing a chandelier in the bedroom:

  • for the bedroom in the classic and French style indispensable gentle models a la Provence or art deco style;
  • Tiffany's stained-glass chandeliers with their warm light will perfectly fit into the bedroom, where they have something to combine with - forged elements or wooden ones;
  • The high-tech style for the bedroom is only appropriate if there are no sharp corners and bars in the products;
  • the white bedroom will accept art deco options with a black shade, white rods and glass;
  • if the room is low, then you need a chandelier with horizontal details - rounded or branched rods with bulbs at the end;

For the bedroom, they additionally use night lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps, so wrought-iron multi-bulb chandeliers come to nothing here. But the classic-style LED chandelier, modern Ikea or hi-tech - what you need. There are interesting options where the LED lighting and ordinary lamps are combined with the choice of lighting type - you can choose a bright light or a romantic intimate. Hangers are suitable only for rooms with high ceilings, otherwise it will hang right above you.

Leafing through the catalog, pay attention to the products with the control panel, so that it can be turned off and on without getting up. They can be found among the models in the catalog Ikea.

For kitchen

The kitchen is a place where you can hang something original on the ceiling. She is not as demanding as the rest of the rooms, so she can endure small kitchen experiments. On the other hand, lighting for the kitchen is very important - dim light is highly undesirable.

Tips for choosing a chandelier for the kitchen:

  • wrought iron elements, wooden basics, stained glass windows by Tiffany, rustic Provence is just perfect for the kitchen;
  • for the kitchen of a small size, a round glass or acrylic ceiling lamp in the modern style will suit;
  • multi-lamp options with candles and original shades are appropriate for a large room;
  • textile lampshades are not suitable for the kitchen, so give up the options of Provence or models in the eastern spirit with fabric elements;
  • luxurious chandeliers for the kitchen require an appropriate interior, otherwise moveton provided.

In the kitchen, there is often an additional LED light, then you can choose a less bright lighting fixture for the ceiling. How many lamps you need depends on the scale of the kitchen - per 10 m2 you need a total lamp power of 120 W - incandescent lamps, 80 W - fluorescent, 300 W - halogens.

For the corridor

There is very little space in the corridor, moreover, no one here will read books. To illuminate this room is enough and single-lamp lamp. Modest forms are chosen for the corridor - these can be small suspensions or near-ceiling options in the modern or high-tech style. Romance will make small models of Tiffany, Provence, which simply must be combined with wrought-iron hangers - a great idea for the corridor.

In order not to miscalculate, it is better not to choose demanding art deco or crystal products - this is too much for a corridor.

For the nursery

Children's room needs interesting and simple variations of the lighting device. Crystal chandeliers in the interior of this room are definitely irrelevant, unless you raise a prince. But the original high-tech, modern options are suitable for decorating a child’s boy, a romantic Provence or Tiffany for a child’s girl.

Chandeliers in the bathroom

If you make out a rich bathroom, then you can not do without a chandelier. And it can be an art deco chandelier for the bathroom, which combines the classic art deco black and white tones. A chandelier in the oriental style will suit the bath in the same oriental style or luxurious baroque. In the elegant aristocratic baths, even cascading crystal chandeliers are appropriate. If you need to choose a product of modern style, then you should pay attention to the options Ikea. There are a lot of stylish offers in the IKEA catalog, the LED variation is especially good.

Be bold in design

The main rule in the choice of chandeliers, take into account the dimensions of the room, so long suspensions are not placed in a room with low ceilings, and small ceiling lamps will be lost in a large space.

Do not be afraid to choose a chandelier, which is a little out of style throughout the interior.

Huge forged models in dark colors or suspensions with a mirror ball are too complaining. But now you will not surprise anyone with a Tiffany or Oriental style lamp in a minimalist apartment design. Classic interiors refresh with something unusual in the spirit of modern or original Ikea chandeliers. The selection of each element in one style speaks more about the boring character of the owner of an apartment or house, rather than about subtle taste.

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