DIY acacia wire

An interesting home-made as an interior decoration can be done in a matter of hours and from improvised materials. This workshop will show in detail how to make acacia from wire with your own hands. Acacia will not be ordinary, but the one that grows on the expanses of the savannah.


To make acacia, prepare:

  • a coil of wire - 15 m;
  • round pliers.

Take a wire 1.3 mm thick. This thickness is enough to withstand the entire structure with a height of 80 cm, and it is convenient for working with round-nose pliers. It will be difficult to work with a thicker wire, and a thin one will not support the weight of the crown of a tree.

Step 1. Take a piece of wire. From one end with pliers, begin to bend the loops. Bend them, slightly departing from one another. At this time, bend the wire in circles. If you position them too tightly, gently stretch the wire with your hands. When the crown is quite lush, cut the wire, leaving a tail length of 55 cm.

Step 2. Make two more such blanks and tie them together with a ladder, interlacing the free ends of the wires. It will be one branch. Make a few more of these branches.

Step 3. Bound your existing branches with each other, slightly departing from the previous fixed branch. The ends of the branches are intertwined to form a tree trunk.

Step 4. To make the tree trunk a little thicker, gradually weave one wire at a time, and leave its ends at the base of the tree free. After weaving a sufficient number of wires, twist the free ends at the base into two three wires. Cut off the excess piece of wire, and bend the ends of the wires with a narrow loop.

Step 5. Straighten the roots and check the stability of the tree. Correct the roots if necessary.

Acacia wire is ready!

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